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Young Beauty Supply

+1 630-378-0574
437 N Bolingbrook Dr, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Young Beauty Supply

Young Beauty Supply has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In terms of strengths, it is mentioned that they have a great selection of products and have everything in one place. This indicates that they offer a wide range of beauty and hair products, making it convenient for customers to find what they need. Additionally, one comment mentions that they appreciate Young Beauty Supply being part of the community, suggesting that the store has built a positive presence in the local area.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted by customers, primarily centered around rude and unhelpful employees. Multiple comments mention encounters with rude employees who make derogatory comments and are dismissive towards customers. This negative customer service experience can leave a lasting impression and deter customers from returning to the store.
Furthermore, one comment suggests that the staff can be unhelpful to customers and not acknowledge them upon entry. This lack of interaction can make customers feel ignored and undervalued, leading to a negative shopping experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the perception that Young Beauty Supply is overpriced. One customer specifically mentions that they felt the store was charging more for their products compared to other options in the area. This could deter price-conscious customers from shopping at the store and drive them towards more affordable alternatives.
Additionally, there are comments suggesting that the store has declined over the years in terms of customer service. This highlights a potential issue with consistency in delivering a positive shopping experience. If the decline in customer service continues, it could further impact the reputation and success of the store.
Overall, Young Beauty Supply's strengths lie in their wide selection of products and their presence in the community. However, their weaknesses, such as rude and unhelpful employees, high prices, and declining customer service, can significantly impact the overall customer experience and the success of the store. It is important for Young Beauty Supply to address these weaknesses by implementing better customer service training, improving employee attitudes, and potentially reevaluating their pricing strategy to ensure a more positive and welcoming shopping experience.

Best AGS Reviews

You read that right, "Employee's". I am a representative for a company and when I spoke to both employees to show them the products I am selling they said the owner is not here so I handed my business card and started looking around their store where one of the rudest comments came from both employees and one said, "don't look you don't have to look, leave" and the other lady came and said "we don't want your product you can leave". Given that they are not even the store owners as such to make such a decision.
I was simply looking at what they sell and how our product compares since I stopped in their store. I went to the other beauty supply stores in the area and all of them were very nice and welcoming. I am shocked at how rude they are especially in times where retail stores are losing sales. You'd expect some stores to step up their customer service. Not in this stores case unfortunately. It seems the employees don't care if the store closed because it's not their liability.
I would advise to shop at 'Nicole's beauty supply' on rt. 53 next to Walmart. Better customer service and more attentive to their customers.
STAY AWAY FROM YOUNG BEAUTY!!! I had to put this one star review in before I even walked out the door. No help for 15 minutes. No hello. No interaction of any kind for FIFTEEN MINUTES, despite being well staffed, and even when they walked past me to go to the back room.
There's a reason why Nicole's Beauty Supply on 53 is better. She actually acknowledges you when you walk in the door unlike this dump.
If you're also looking for black owned, go to either Creative Beauty in Romeville or Empire Beauty in Bolingbrook. Legacy Beauty supply on Jane's Ave in Woodridge is currently under new management, but they've always treated me with kindness. Please spend your money where the people are at least happy to the jobs you pay them to do.
Never coming back.
I always leave with a bad feeling after visiting this store. I came today to look for a upart. I saw one I liked and wanted to buy it. I asked the lady if they had it and she opened up one cabinet. Peeked for like 2 seconds and told me they didn’t have it. I asked if she could look a little more and she said no that she already looked. She was rude and cold for no reason. I will not be wasting my money at this overpriced store with rude people. I will rather drive out to sams beauty in melrose park or buy things online and will never be visiting this treacherous store again. Close your business if you will be rude, unwilling to help, and cold for not reason. I was extremely polite and glad I didn’t stoop to her classless level by giving her the attitude she deserves.
I enjoy coming here, they are always pleasant and have what I need every time. I appreciate their business and being part of the community.
They have a great selection of products. However, the staff can be rude and very unhelpful to customers.
I love going to get my hair and nail supplies from Youngs!
They're good for hats hair and anything that you need They have everything there one place
If you are looking for good customer service it’s definitely not here. They do have everything. But they are very rude. They are getting rich off black people and are rude to us. They don’t speak they don’t try to help you. Very disappointed. Us to be one of my favorite beauty supply stores in the area. Definitely declined over the years.

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Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments


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