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Quick Facts About Venetian Nails

Venetian Nails has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Firstly, a strength mentioned is their professionalism and courteousness. Customers appreciate the friendly and efficient service provided by the staff, and they often do not have to wait long for their appointments. Additionally, customers have mentioned that their nails always look fabulous and receive compliments after leaving the salon. This indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who can provide high-quality nail services.
However, there are also several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One recurring complaint is the poor longevity of the nail services. Multiple customers have mentioned that their manicures or pedicures, especially those done with gel polish, started to peel and chip within just a few days. This is concerning as customers paid a significant amount of money for these services and should expect their nails to last longer. The salon needs to improve the durability of their nail services to meet customer expectations.
Another weakness mentioned is a lack of attention to detail and poor communication by the technicians. Customers have complained about nail technicians not informing them when the service is complete, not properly cleaning around the nails, and even ignoring specific requests for nail shape and color. Attention to detail is crucial in the nail salon industry, and these issues suggest a lack of professionalism and care on the part of the technicians.
Furthermore, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the management of the salon. One customer mentioned feeling rushed and dismissed by a technician who did not address their concerns about the quality of their ombre nails. Another customer was disappointed with the owner's response when they requested lotion during their manicure. These incidents reflect poorly on the salon's management and suggest a lack of customer-centricity.
Unfortunately, there are also claims of discriminatory behavior by the staff, with one customer alleging that they were treated rudely and unhelpfully because of their race. If true, this is a serious concern and reflects extremely poorly on the establishment. Discrimination has no place in any business and should be thoroughly investigated and rectified.
In terms of positive feedback, customers have praised the salon for its availability and efficiency, especially during busy periods like Valentine's Day. The lavender manicure with hot wax received high praise from one customer, suggesting that the salon has the capability to deliver excellent services when everything aligns properly. Additionally, customers have mentioned the cleanliness of the salon and the helpfulness of the staff, indicating that there are positive aspects to the salon experience.
In summary, Venetian Nails has strengths in terms of professionalism, efficiency, and the ability to create fabulous-looking nails. However, they have several weaknesses that need to be addressed, such as the poor longevity of nail services, lack of attention to detail, and issues with customer communication and management. The allegations of discriminatory behavior also need to be thoroughly investigated and resolved. Overall, improvements need to be made to enhance the quality of the services provided and ensure a positive and inclusive environment for all customers.

Best AGS Reviews

So I have been coming here for a couple of months now after the place I used for years across the street continued their rude behavior.
I'm so glad I finally switched to this Spa. Not only are they professional and courteous, but they are much quicker (I don't even make appointments here and the longest I've waited was 5 min).
The best part is my nails are always fabulous and I ALWAYS get compliments after leaving here. ????
I went this place with my friend last week. We both received gel manicure and spa pedicure with gel polish. Both of our manicure started to peel and chipped off within 3 days!!! We paid over $100 per person for the mani & pedi and it lasted only 3 days!!! This is unacceptable! I would definitely not recommend this place!
Today I am a very unsatisfied customer I asked for a service of dip ombre nails with a pedicure ,my pedicure was excellent my ombré nails were not at all. I told her that I was not satisfied with them she tried to convince me that they were perfect. Because I had natural nails. I was her last customer and I know she was rushing me out. I describe myself being a great customer and a tip well I also explained myself to the front desk and she did say that they were not correct as well. I still have black nail polish from the previous polish and they were bumps in my nails and the ombré was not correct what to do I don’t know but unfortunately I have to leave a bad review . I am very upset I have a very important place to be on Monday and my nails look this way . My service was $113 and I left unsatisfied .I did not tip her and will not be coming back unfortunately. So sad but true. The best tech is Kim the owner and always booked.
The place is categorized as a spa but there was no spa feeling today.
Beautiful place but my nails did not look nice . I even told the check out girl I would pay for it but I wasn’t happy she didn’t even offer to fix or take the paint off that was on the top of my finger . The technician didn’t even tell me I was done , thank your or anything just showed me to put my hands here ( on table ) and left me at table . Finally the owner ( I think ) said your done . After sitting for a while. They don’t even lotion your hands like a place a was at in NC.
When I asked about lotion he said they don’t do it . After he did say do you want lotion …. But by then it wa awkward didn’t want to impose as he was giving out samples of drinks to some people heard him say that they only give to regular people not someone randomly in . You would think they would be nice as you are giving them your business and would want you to come back . I just didn’t get a good vibe here .
I came in with a friend and my friend was sitting in the waiting room well I got my toes done. I choose 2 colors from the samples and
Told the lady I just wanted the yellow one. When she brought over the polish it looked more orange and I told her I wanted a more yellow one. She told me this is the color you choose so I told her I would please like a color that is more yellow and I don't want orange. She went to the front to grab a different color. My friend later asked what happened during your pedicure?. Because the lady look really irritated when she came back to the front.....I asked the lady to make my toe nails short and round no sharp edges and she didn't listen. I just said f it and let her finish. For some dumb reason I let her do my nails which aren't half bad but I feel like she was lazy and didn't care. She didn't clean around the nails. I wear black socks and there is still black lint. On my finger nail there where black dots we just cover with stickers.. it looks like I did it at at home only I could do it better.. I have to come home and cut my toe nails. I won't be back. I'd rather do them myself and say the $80
It's Valentines day, I thought I wouldn't be able to get a manicure for me and my mother anywhere. They had availability and they were very good with timing and were extremely efficient. Also they were super nice. The front desk girl was extremely professional. My lavender manicure with the hot wax was absolutely amazing!!! I recommend Kim! Going back in 1 month because I was so impressed.
I recently moved and it took me a while to find a salon in my new area. This is my second visit to Venetian Nails and I am very happy. I've seen Heidi both times and her work is excellent. I've got 5 kids at home and a ton of home important projects that I'm working on and my nails held tough! While I do wish they had a larger variety of Dip colors, I've been able to play with the colors they do have. The salon is clean and pretty the staff is kind and helpful. I can only speak to the Dip service since that is all I have experienced.
This people are mischievous. Very disrespectful . My Sister lost her wedding ring and they didn’t even care to look for it . They asked her to remove it and yet while leaving she forgot her ring and we came back in the morning and they will not even try to be helpful. Just talking rudely to us because I guess we are black. Her Fiancé and wedding ring all gone . Huge amount of money.

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