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Topline Nails & Spa

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9302 Whittier Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Topline Nails & Spa

Strengths: 1. Attention to detail: Customers appreciate the attention to detail demonstrated by the nail technicians, particularly Lee who used builder gel on natural nails. 2. Skillful nail technicians: Multiple customers mentioned that all the nail technicians at Topline Nails & Spa do a great job and they have never had any issues with the quality of their work. 3. Good customer service: The employees at the spa are described as kind and attentive to customers' needs. They regularly checked in with customers to ensure their satisfaction and were willing to make changes if necessary. 4. Reasonable prices: Many customers found the prices at Topline Nails & Spa to be reasonable, especially considering the quality of the services. 5. Expertise in acrylic fills: One customer specifically mentioned that their acrylic fills consistently came out perfect, with no imperfections or flaws in the gel. 6. Quick service: Several customers mentioned that they did not have to wait long for their appointments, even without making prior reservations. The nail technicians worked efficiently and were able to complete services in a timely manner.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor lash service: One customer had a negative experience with lash extensions, as the lashes fell out within two days and the results did not meet their expectations. The reviewer also criticized the host for rushing the lash technicians and the overall unprofessional appearance of the host. 2. Inconsistent gel design: Although the nail technician did a good job overall, one customer mentioned that there were minor issues with the gel design, highlighting some areas that were not up to their expectations. 3. Failure to meet customer preferences: Another customer expressed disappointment with their nails, claiming that the technician did not follow their request for natural, thin nails. This resulted in an unsatisfactory experience and the customer opted not to return. 4. Dirty and crowded environment: One customer described the spa as dirty and very crowded, implying that the cleanliness and comfort of the space may be a concern for some visitors. 5. Pricy services: While some customers found the prices to be reasonable, others felt that the services were overpriced, particularly in the case of the individual who paid $150 for nail forms and hologram and did not feel it was worth the cost. 6. Appointment delays: One customer mentioned that their appointment was delayed and the technician was occupied with another customer, causing them to wait longer than expected.
In conclusion, Topline Nails & Spa showcases strengths in attention to detail, skillful nail technicians, good customer service, reasonable prices, expertise in acrylic fills, and quick service. However, there are weaknesses in the lash services, inconsistent gel design, failure to meet customer preferences, a potentially dirty and crowded environment, pricy services, and appointment delays.

Best AGS Reviews

First time visiting this location, I am beyond satisfied with my nail services today. Lee was amazing using builder gel on my natural nails. I appreciate her attention to detail. I did not get my pedicure techs name however she also did an amazing job everyone asked me along the way how I felt about my service and if I needed anything changed.
My go to nail spot ! All their nail techs do a great job. Never had any issues
i spent $120 for my lashes, and i had huge chunks of lashes that fell out within 2 days. Sally did my lashes and she was the sweetest person, however the host who wore yoga pants and a crop top with her nasty belly ring hanging out kept coming into the room every 5-10 mins asking the lash techs when they will be done. She kept rushing the lash techs and obviously her coming in and rushing them was (1) NOT RELAXING (2) the lash tech cannot do their best. Sally only took and hour on my lashes and IT CAME OUT HORRIBLE!!!!! there was no structure to my lashes with RANDOM wispys here and there. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DONT COME HERE FOR LASHES, itll fall out SOOOOO EASILY.
P.s: PLEASE ask your hosts to dress up better, it makes the place look trashy.
Love this place. Had my nails done by Alan and my feet done by Tee. Alan did a very good job. He works fast and does an excellent job. Tee does great work as well. I love this place. They are very reasonable also.
The customer service is very appreciated on this end. Employees are very kind too. The nail technician did my nails good. It's just minor details on the gel design that were not so great.
Very disappointed with my nails, I told Monica that I like natural, thin nails and she did not make them the way is asked, in top of that I paid $90 dollars for the service. That was my second and last time there.
This place is dirty and very crowded!
It's a little on the pricey end but I don't mind because my acrylic fill comes out perfect every time. A normal gel fill is $35. I don't mind paying for perfectly filed, smooth acrylic, no bumps, bubbles, or warps in the gel. Perfectly polished! My nails look good every time. They are a lil crowded but I never make an appointment and usually never have to wait more than 5 minutes. Customer service is the usual for a nail shop but the work is damn good!
I made an appointment with Jennifer at 1230pm its now 1255 and she's with someone else microblading..she ended up charging me 150 for nail forms and hologram..i honestly don't think its worth it!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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