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TK Nail & Salon

+1 801-955-3440
3612 W 4700 S, West Valley City, UT 84118 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About TK Nail & Salon

TK Nail & Salon has several strengths that contribute to their positive reputation and loyal customer base.
Firstly, the salon is known for its exceptional customer service. Customers appreciate the staff taking their time and not rushing through appointments. This attention to detail extends to the nail technicians, who ensure that customers are satisfied with their choices and communicate with them throughout the process. The salon's commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring a comfortable environment is praised by multiple reviewers.
Additionally, TK Nail & Salon is commended for its experienced and skilled staff. The salon has a small team, which allows for personalized service and attention to each customer. The technicians are described as taking their time and being thorough with their work, ensuring that customers receive high-quality and long-lasting results. Reviewers specifically mention skilled technicians such as Linh, the owner, and her husband, as well as Kim. This expertise contributes to the overall positive experience customers have at the salon.
Hygiene and cleanliness are also emphasized as strengths of TK Nail & Salon. The salon is described as very clean, and this cleanliness adds to the relaxing environment. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers appreciate the salon's adherence to safety protocols and measures. This attention to cleanliness, combined with the skilled and experienced staff, contributes to a sense of trust and comfort for customers.
Reasonable prices are another strength of TK Nail & Salon. Customers find the prices fair and affordable, making the salon accessible to a range of individuals. This affordability is a positive aspect for customers who value quality services at a reasonable cost.
The salon's ability to accommodate different preferences is another strength. Reviewers mention both new technicians and experienced staff who are able to meet customer needs and requests. This flexibility allows customers to receive the service they desire, whether it be a skilled technician they have been going to for years or a new technician fresh out of nail school.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments, although they are relatively minor. One customer mentions that the salon has a small staff, which can result in the need for appointments. However, this can also be seen as a positive aspect, as the small staff allows for personalized service and attention.
Another customer mentions that the aesthetic of the salon might be off-putting, but encourages others not to let that stop them from visiting. While aesthetics can be subjective, it is worth noting that some customers may have a different preference in terms of the salon's physical appearance. However, the overall positive experiences and excellent service provided by the staff seem to overshadow any potential weaknesses related to the salon's appearance.
In conclusion, TK Nail & Salon has several strengths that contribute to its reputation as a top-notch establishment. Their dedication to exceptional customer service, skilled and experienced staff, cleanliness, reasonable prices, and flexibility in meeting customer preferences make them a preferred choice among many individuals. While there are minor weaknesses mentioned, the overall positive experiences shared by customers outweigh them.

Best AGS Reviews

You need an appointment because they have a small staff (and COVID) but they take their time! I never feel rushed and I always get the best massages. No limp hands here! I've been coming for 3 years since I moved to West Valley.
I had a new technician today, fresh out of nail school, who did a great job. She took a bit longer than normal and was worried her flower designs weren't matching enough, but she was wonderful! I would see her again.
TK is where my mom & I have been going for years. They're always so kind & they take their time to do a good job. They really get to know their customers & just want to make them happy.
Extraordinary service! They are very experienced and go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. Very clean salon. Reasonable prices. Linh the owner and her husband are both fantastic. Kim who works in the shop is excellent also. I feel very comfortable and always happy with my nails!
This is a 5 Star Salon Google did not record all my stars!!
Janet did an excellent job for my first time being here. Customer service skills here are GREAT. They take the time to make sure you are satisfied with your choice in nails. They communicate with you & make you feel very comfortable. Your treated very fairly & i am definitely coming back. Thank you!!!
I will never again go to any other nail salon Lin the owner is wonderful she is a sweet lady she's all about her customers and if you ever have a problem with anything done with your nails she will fix it no cost no explanation needed just give her the opportunity to make it right and she will. Great environment & very relaxing.. thank you for such great service you truly are appreciated.
I went to TK Nail yesterday to get my nails done. I went in for a fill. LIHN and her staff are truly amazing. LIHN did my nails perfectly. When I had questions I made sure to ask her before going on to the next step. Case in point, I asked if it would be possible to get my acrylics shorter and she said yes. Fyi, I wanted my arcylics really, really short.
She is so delicate with my nails that they never, ever hurt after the appointment unlike other nail salons.
She is very through and takes time to do your nails right the first time. You never feel rushed or under pressure to pay and leave.
I will NEVER go anywhere else.
Plus, the environment was extremely relaxing. Some times I catch myself falling asleep while she is doing my nails. I trust her that much and so should you!!!
Update ---
The picture you see below are my latest nails from TK Nail & Salon. I decided to go with the coffin style this time and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely love them. Linh always, always and I mean always takes her time with each customer so that they leave the salon feeling like a million bucks.
We love you Linh! Thank you for all of the hard work you put into our nails each and every day.
They give the best pedicures. They take their time with their massage and spa and make sure u feel real good. Love coming here. Don’t let the aesthetic of the place stop you from coming. Lin and Fi are amazing.
I've been coming here for 8 years. I've been treated with professionalism. I have had virtually no nail issues and have been made to feel as part of the family. ????????????????????????? I thoroughly enjoy my nail visits.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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Monday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Friday 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM
Sunday Closed

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