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The Ridge Marketplace

92 Farmington Rd, Rochester, NH 03867 United States of America
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Quick Facts About The Ridge Marketplace

The Ridge Marketplace has several strengths that make it an attractive place for shopping and dining. One of its strengths is the continuous addition of new stores and restaurants. This shows that the marketplace is constantly evolving, keeping up with trends, and offering customers a variety of options. The comment specifically mentions a desire for Trader Joe's to be added, indicating that the marketplace listens to customer feedback and tries to accommodate their preferences.
Another strength of the Ridge Marketplace is its convenient location. Being only 5 minutes away from the commenter's house makes it highly accessible, saving time and making it easier for them to do their shopping. The ability to get most or all of the shopping done in one stop is also mentioned, which is beneficial for busy individuals who prefer efficiency. The presence of lunch or dinner options further adds to the convenience factor and saves customers from having to go elsewhere for a meal.
Market Basket, one of the stores in the Ridge Marketplace, is praised for its cleanliness, nice customer service, and helpfulness. This positive experience resonates with other commenters, highlighting the strength of the marketplace in providing a pleasant shopping environment. The addition of a Petco is also mentioned, with the comment expressing satisfaction with the cleanliness, helpfulness, and rewards program of the store. This indicates that the marketplace accommodates a variety of needs, including pet supplies.
The Ridge Marketplace also offers entertainment options, as mentioned in the comment about movies for kids and fun activities during warmer weather. This shows that it caters to families and provides a space for leisure and enjoyment. It adds value to the shopping experience and makes the marketplace more than just a place for running errands.
The affordability and cleanliness of the marketplace is another strength highlighted in the comments. The affordability is mentioned in terms of finding great manager specials and overall cheap prices. This appeals to budget-conscious buyers who are looking for good deals. The cleanliness of the stores and parking lots is praised, indicating that the marketplace maintains a hygienic environment that enhances the overall shopping experience.
While the Ridge Marketplace has several strengths, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One of the weaknesses is the increasing prices and decreasing quality at Market Basket, a popular grocery store within the marketplace. This suggests that the marketplace may not have full control over the pricing and quality of individual stores, which can impact the overall shopping experience for customers. The commenter even states that they travel to a different location to shop at Trader Joe's, indicating a need for improvement in the grocery options available.
The comment mentioning the difficulty in finding and using drive-thrus in the restaurants highlights another weakness of the marketplace. Bad traffic is also mentioned, which can be a deterrent for customers looking for a stress-free shopping experience. These flaws in traffic flow and restaurant accessibility can have a negative impact on the overall convenience and ease of the marketplace.
Additionally, the comment mentioning the lack of civilization to the north suggests that the marketplace may not be fully developed or may lack certain amenities in certain areas. This can be seen as a weakness as it limits the options available to customers and may not fully meet their needs.
In conclusion, the strengths of the Ridge Marketplace include the continuous addition of new stores, convenient location, variety of shopping and dining options, cleanliness, affordability, and entertainment offerings. However, there are some weaknesses such as increased prices and decreased quality at certain stores, difficulties with drive-thrus and traffic flow, and limited amenities in certain areas. Overall, the marketplace seems to offer a positive shopping experience with room for improvement in certain areas.

Best AGS Reviews

Love the Ridge Market Place. They keep adding new stores or restaurants. Hoping to see a Trader Joe's go in!! Love the stores that are there though and in warmer weather there's movies for kids outside and fun stuff to do. Go check it out!
The location of the Ridge Marketplace is very convenient for me because it's only 5 minutes away from my house. I like that I can get most or all of my shopping done in one stop as well as grab lunch or dinner if I need to. I would definitely recommend The Ridge for your shopping needs.
Market Basket was my go to for many years. Recently the prices have increased while quality has decreased. I find myself traveling to Newington to shop at Trader Joe's a couple of times a month.
T-Mobile is my favorite at Christmas I always have a good time getting my goodies, talking to everyone that works there this store can't be beat by any other you guys are the best Merry Christmas ????⛄????⛄????⛄????⛄????⛄
Market basket is good. Drive thrus are hard to find and use in the restaurants. Bad traffic. It does have everything you need in one area that's nice
Grocery shopping Market Basket very clean store nice customer service very helpful. I go to the Petco for food for my geckos customer service awesome very nice very helpful the store is clean sanitary, I can't spend just 5 minutes in here the Petco. Definitely would recommend this pet store I like the rewards they're very helpful. You got the new Eastern Paradise I believe it is restaurant very good food also very good customer service you get plenty for your buck. All the way around the place is very parking lots very clean and roomy. Go shopping the clothes over there also very clean store good customer service definitely a good place to visit all the way around.
I always love going here, cheap, clean, and friendly staff, And you can find some great manager specials all the time
Just a big marketplace. Has a few good restaurants and beer/wine & booze. Traffic is alright. Odd pattern on the NW side. Some of civilization not found to the North.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance