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Stylish Nails

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310 N Clippert St Suite 1A, Lansing, MI 48912 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Stylish Nails

1. Friendly and professional staff: Several comments mention that the staff at Stylish Nails are friendly and provide good customer service. This can create a positive atmosphere and make customers feel comfortable.
2. Attention to detail: One customer specifically mentions that their technician did an amazing job and paid attention to detail. This indicates that the salon offers high-quality services and strives to meet customer expectations.
3. Professional environment: A comment states that the environment at Stylish Nails is very nice. This can contribute to a pleasant experience for customers and create a relaxing atmosphere during their visit.
4. Not pushy: A customer highlights that the salon staff does not push customers to have additional services done. This demonstrates that they respect customer decisions and do not engage in aggressive upselling tactics.
1. Poor service and attitude: Numerous comments mention poor service and a negative attitude from the staff. Instances of rudeness, rushing appointments, and not addressing customer concerns are mentioned. These experiences indicate a lack of professionalism and attentiveness from the salon staff.
2. Subpar products: One customer complains about the quality of the products used at Stylish Nails. The comment mentions that the gel nails started chipping after just two days and the regular pedicure resulted in streaky toes. This suggests that the salon may be using cheap or low-quality products.
3. Appointment management issues: Multiple comments express frustration over appointment-related issues. One customer had their appointment disregarded upon arrival, while another mentions that the salon did not fix a chipped nail for a previous customer. These incidents of poor appointment management indicate a lack of organization and consideration for customers' time.
4. Inconsistent results: Some comments mention inconsistent results in the services provided. Customers mention nails being uneven, having bubbles, or chipped paint shortly after the treatment. Inconsistency in delivering quality results can be a significant disadvantage for a nail salon.
In conclusion, Stylish Nails has strengths in terms of friendly and professional staff, attention to detail, a professional environment, and being non-pushy. However, they suffer from poor service and attitude, subpar products, appointment management issues, and inconsistent results. These weaknesses can result in negative customer experiences and may deter potential customers from returning or recommending the salon.

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