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Quick Facts About Stop 4 Nails

Stop 4 Nails place has received a mix of both positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this establishment, we will examine the comments provided.
One recurring theme in the comments is the poor customer service and attitude of the technicians. Multiple customers have mentioned that the technicians were rude, unprofessional, and did not fulfill their requests properly. This indicates a weakness in the customer service aspect of the salon. As a customer-oriented business, it is essential for the technicians to have good communication skills, listen to their customers' needs, and provide satisfactory service. This is especially important in a beauty salon where customers are paying for a service that is meant to make them feel relaxed and pampered. The negative experiences described in the comments suggest that the staff at Stop 4 Nails are failing to meet these expectations.
Another weakness that emerges from the comments is the lack of cleanliness and hygiene practices at the salon. One customer mentioned that a technician used the same gloves for a pedicure and then proceeded to touch their face without changing the gloves. This is a major violation of basic hygiene standards and can pose a health risk to customers. Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions is crucial for any salon to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers. The comment indicates that Stop 4 Nails may have a weakness in adhering to proper hygiene practices, which can be a major deterrent for potential customers.
Furthermore, there are comments about instances where customers experienced physical discomfort and bleeding during their nail services. This indicates that some technicians may not be properly trained or may not have the necessary skills to perform their tasks safely and effectively. Inflicting pain on customers and causing injury is completely unacceptable and highlights a major weakness in the technical expertise of the salon.
A lack of managerial involvement and accountability is also mentioned in one of the comments. The customer expressed their dissatisfaction with the manager's attitude and stated that they did not feel welcome or valued as a customer. This suggests a weakness in the managerial approach to handling customer concerns and fostering a positive work environment. A good manager should be responsive, supportive, and should ensure that customers are treated with respect and receive satisfactory service. Furthermore, the lack of alternative contact information for providing feedback or lodging complaints suggests a lack of transparency and accountability on the part of the management.
On the positive side, there are a few comments from customers who have had satisfactory experiences at the salon. These customers mentioned that they were happy with the service they received and felt that the technicians were attentive and careful in providing their services. While these positive experiences indicate strength in terms of the technical skills of some of the staff members, the negative comments overshadow these strengths.
Based on the information provided in the comments, it is clear that Stop 4 Nails place has several weaknesses. These weaknesses include poor customer service, rude and unprofessional behavior of technicians, lack of cleanliness and hygiene, inadequate technical expertise resulting in physical discomfort and injury, and ineffective management. These weaknesses can significantly impact the reputation and success of the salon. In order to improve, Stop 4 Nails must address these weaknesses by enhancing customer service training, enforcing strict hygiene protocols, ensuring proper technical training for all employees, and implementing effective management practices that prioritize customer satisfaction.

Best AGS Reviews

I will never go to this place again and I’m working on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I don’t know what has changed in the 2 years we have gone here but our last experience (last month:November 2022) was horrible. I took my daughter to do her nails for her 13th birthday and the technician she was with had the worst customer service and etiquette. We asked to start her nails over because the length the technician did was too short. My daughter tried to tell her but it was not being understood. I came and asked to restart because you’re charging us $65+ so we would like the nails to be what we’re asking for. The technician was visibly upset being rough and speaking in their language to her coworkers. As she’s doing this, another technician tells my daughter she needs to tell her nail tech exactly where she wants the length. It felt like she was scolding my kid oh behalf of her colleague. As she starts over, I tell her where my daughter wants the length AND SHE GOES TOO SHORT AGAIN!! I try to keep my composure but the nail technician continues to speak her language and says in English to her coworkers “I say here (points to the nails) you short , I say here (points to the nails) you short”. So I know she’s talking about us. My final straw was when my daughter winces and I look, she’s bleeding because the technician has ripped her skin from the carelessness and rough handling. They tell me, this is normal and it’s not bad, it happens. Wrong. When I get my nails done elsewhere, they do not rip my skin and I have sensitive soft skin. I ask to speak with the manager, she makes me wait until she’s done. I tell her I want another technician to handle my daughter’s nails and manager tells me the technician doesn’t understand English which is why she is handling it the way she does. The manager eventually takes over and the former technician storms off. I ask the manager for the owner’s information and she provides me with no alternative way to provide my feedback and negative experience. All she says is the owner’s name is Phu Than but Phu has no contact information.
Save yourself the trouble and find a new salon to go to unless you have rapport with a specific technician. We’ve usually had the manager do our nails but she was not available and went with the person in the picture. Worst experience ever.
made my fingers bleed and horrible job on my nails that she got some gel on the side and didn’t fix it. Never coming here again. i was in pain the whole time she was working on my hands because of how harsh she was on my hands ???? so really NO stars for me 0/5
I have been a client at Stop For Nails along with my My Mom, sister in law and Mother In Law for many many years. Today was my last day there. The environment was not friendly. Everyone looked very unhappy to be at work. Kim’s attitude was very unpleasant. I didn’t feel welcome on the contrary they look upset every time a client comes in and wants a service. They just lost 4 really good clients that have been loyal for many years. Manager should definitely make some changes.
El peor lugar, fui a que me hicieran mis uñas y le dije a la dueña que me habian lastimado mi dedo y no hizo nada y ahora traigo mi dedo muy mal no recomiendo para nada este lugar.
The worst place, I went to get my nails done and I told the owner that they had hurt my finger and she did nothing and now my finger is very bad I do not recommend this place at all
Bad service Today!!
I’ve never had issues with this place. They’re always so nice to me. But today it wasn’t like that. the lady tries to remove my acrylic nails very quickly without being careful and hurt my finger.
I’ve gone here twice, and that was it for me. The first time they were great. The second time they tried to brush off what I requested, which was to remove the gel I already had, and do the basic pedicure. She started to do my pedicure and got hot towels & when I asked if she understood to remove the gel, she gave me attitude, and did a half job on my pedicure. Don’t go here. They’re always empty for a reason.
I had foot surgery 3 months ago so I thought it was time to get a pedicure.
The lady was extra careful and kept asking me if it was ok what she was doing.
I'm happy with the results and service.
I’ve never had issues with this place. They’re always so nice to me and from what I’ve noticed clean. Today it wasn’t like that. I went in to get my eyebrows waxed. The lady that helped me was cleaning after a pedicure she had done. When she came to ask me if I was ready she walked right behind me and started grabbing everything with the same gloves she used for the pedicure. I thought she was going to take them off but she didn’t. Before I could say something she had touched my face. I feel really grossed out and I hope I don’t catch anything from this girls lack of cleanliness and hygiene.

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