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Stay Groomed Barber Shop

+1 510-684-8721
24326 Mission Blvd Ste.#7, Hayward, CA 94544 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Stay Groomed Barber Shop

Stay Groomed Barber Shop, as indicated by the comments, has several strengths that make it an attractive choice for customers.
One of the main strengths mentioned by multiple reviewers is the talent and skill of the barber, Kev. Customers appreciate his ability to deliver high-quality haircuts and styles. He is described as meticulous, caring, and patient, ensuring customer satisfaction. Kev is praised for his ability to understand and execute specific requests, such as mullets, fades, and intricate designs. His talent and versatility make him a reliable choice for customers with different hair styling needs.
Another strength highlighted by the reviewers is the cleanliness and professionalism of the barbershop. Customers mentioned that the shop is clean and well-maintained, creating a comfortable and hygienic environment. The owner is described as professional, friendly, and respectful, which contributes to a positive customer experience. The shop's adherence to safety measures during the ongoing pandemic is also appreciated. This attention to cleanliness and professionalism enhances the overall impression of the barbershop.
Additionally, Stay Groomed Barber Shop is commended for its ease of booking appointments. Customers mentioned that appointments can be easily made, implying that the barbershop has a system in place to streamline the scheduling process. This convenience is highly valued by customers who prefer to plan ahead and avoid waiting times.
Affordability is another strength associated with the barbershop, with one reviewer stating that the prices are good. This affordability, combined with the positive reviews regarding the quality of services, attracts customers who are conscious of their budget but still value a great haircut.
Another strength of the barbershop is the personable nature of the barber, Kev. Reviewers appreciate his friendly demeanor, his ability to engage in conversations, and the overall chill atmosphere he creates. This friendliness and easy-going nature contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers.
Despite these strengths, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be gleaned from the comments. One reviewer mentioned the importance of making an appointment, as the barbershop operates on an appointment-only basis. While this can be seen as a strength for those who prefer to plan their haircut in advance, it may be a drawback for individuals who are looking for a more spontaneous or last-minute haircut. The barbershop may miss out on potential customers who prefer walk-ins or are in urgent need of a haircut.
Moreover, one reviewer expressed disappointment with their previous barber, which made them seek out a new one. While Stay Groomed Barber Shop was able to fix the customer's haircut, it highlights the potential challenge of attracting customers who have had negative experiences elsewhere. The barbershop will need to consistently prove its ability to rectify and improve previous botched haircuts to gain the trust of such customers.
In summary, Stay Groomed Barber Shop has several strengths that make it an attractive choice for customers. Its talented and versatile barber, clean and professional environment, ease of booking appointments, affordability, and personable atmosphere contribute to a positive customer experience. However, the requirement of appointments and the challenge of attracting customers who have had negative experiences elsewhere may pose minor weaknesses for the barbershop. Overall, Stay Groomed Barber Shop appears to be a reliable option for customers seeking high-quality haircuts and styles.

Best AGS Reviews

Just relocated from the East Coast and I was worried I’d struggle to find a good barber. Lucky me, I found an amazing one. From the ease of booking an appointment to the obvious talent, and safety measures taken in month 97 of the never ending pandemic. Kev is as invested in making sure you look good as you are! Stay Groomed Barbershop is the only choice, if you want a pristine cut, worth every single dollar. And don’t forget to tip if y’all gonna be booking my barber up :)
Great barber! I asked for a Mullet and he made it happen. I wasn’t sure how to explain the cut but he was very patient and would ask me after ever inch cut off “Check that out.” and it came out perfect. This man is very talented and can cut whatever style you need. Go see for yourself if you have any doubts.
third time coming here and it doesn't disappoint. definitely the only place i get my hair cut and by appointment only. request kevin he's line up and everything super clean he is my one and only go to guy. thanks kevin
Kev is a very meticulous and caring barber who works with his customers to insure their satisfaction!! Highly recommend my new 'regular barber'!
Kev is amazing guy. It was my first time coming to his shop after trying many barbers. His place is so lit. He is very professional and his dexterity is awesome.
I just found myself a home.
You're highly appreciated kev
I was looking for a barbershop close by my house and quick because were going out of town for my son's birthday this weekend and he wanted his hair faded with two designs on it ... luckily I ran into #staygroomedbarbershop whilst looking for someone available before Saturday...and since I'm such a last minute person .Kev came in so handy & did EXACTLY what my son wanted and even better my baby still can't stop taking selfies of himself he loves it .the shop was clean . Owner was professional & friendly and respectful & patient even though I was about 8 mins late to the appointment... but we will DEFINITELY BE COMING BACK AS REGULARS
I just went here for the first time today. Kev was nice enough to slide me in, but it's by appointment only. My first time going to a barbershop and he made it hella chill. I definitely plan on coming back to him. His prices are good too. I'm going to recommend him to my friends.
My previous barber messed up my haircut and progress. I requested the sides to cut and for the top be left long. They cut it way too short and the sides were very uneven. I hated the look and wanted to look for another barber to fix it. While browsing alternatives online, I randomly found this place. Nearly 300 reviews and 4.9 stars. I thought that with those reviews and with a single $, it must be cheap and good.
I wanted to desperately fix it and so I did. One disclaimer though is that you will need to book an appointment. Online it doesn’t say you have to, but you do need to book one by calling Kev.
So I walked there and I was fortunate enough to find Kev outside finished with another appointment. Since I didn’t make a appointment, Kev had no obligations to give me a cut, but luckily he was kind enough to help me. I was extremely lucky that time.
Inside, I told him my situation and that I wanted it fixed by evening the sides out but leaving everything else the way it was. Kev listened and quickly evened it out and listened to my wishes.
The results looked good and both my sides were very even and the top was not touched. For once, I felt like I had a barber that understood what I wanted. Kev was also genuinely a cool dude and was great with making conversations with customers.
10/10, I recommend you guys giving Kev a try. He is a great barber and for a price of 30$, his services are well worth it. I plan to go back and have it cut when it grows longer. Just remember to make an appointment first, or else he may not be so eager to help you out like how he helped me.
Thanks Kev, and I hope to see you soon!

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