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Spa Nails

+1 386-775-6288
2440 S Volusia Ave, Orange City, FL 32763 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM

Quick Facts About Spa Nails

Spa Nails Strengths:
1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and professional staff at Spa Nails. Customers appreciate the warm welcome and the attentive service provided by the nail technicians, particularly Van.
2. Skilled nail technicians: Many comments highlight the skills and talent of the nail technicians at Spa Nails. Customers are pleased with the results of their nail treatments and commend the technicians for their ability to fix and shape their nails to their liking.
3. Comfortable and inviting atmosphere: Several commenters mention the pleasant ambiance of Spa Nails. They appreciate the salon's size, not too big or too small, which creates a cozy and comfortable environment for customers.
4. Long-standing employee: Macy's comment emphasizes the fact that Van has been working at Spa Nails for 11 years. This longevity indicates that Van is experienced and knowledgeable, which contributes to the excellent service provided at the salon.
5. Range of services offered: Spa Nails offers various services, including nail treatments, pedicures, waxing, and eyebrow shaping. Customers appreciate the wide array of options available to them and express satisfaction with the quality of these services.
6. Positive family-oriented experience: Spa Nails is praised for being a family-friendly salon. Clients mention that their family members, including husbands and fathers, also enjoy the pedicure services. This demonstrates that Spa Nails can cater to a diverse clientele.
7. Long-lasting manicures: Many customers mention that their nails last for weeks after visiting Spa Nails. This suggests that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques, resulting in durable and long-lasting manicures.
8. Attention to detail: Customers appreciate the meticulousness of the nail technicians at Spa Nails. The comments showcase the technicians' ability to listen to specific requests and meet the clients' desired nail shapes, colors, or designs.
9. Positive word-of-mouth: The comments highlight the satisfaction of the customers and their willingness to recommend Spa Nails to others. Positive word-of-mouth is a strong indicator of the salon's excellent reputation and customer loyalty.
Spa Nails Weaknesses:
1. Busy salon: Several comments suggest that Spa Nails is often busy, making it necessary to schedule appointments in advance. While this may be a reflection of the salon's popularity and success, it could potentially make it challenging for new customers to secure a convenient time slot.
2. Limited availability: There is no mention of the operating hours or days of Spa Nails in the comments. This lack of information may make it difficult for potential customers to plan their visits or find a suitable time to schedule an appointment.
3. Lack of specific pricing information: None of the comments provide specific pricing details for the services offered at Spa Nails. This lack of information makes it challenging for potential customers to assess whether the salon's prices align with their budget or compare them to other establishments.
In conclusion, Spa Nails is praised for its excellent customer service, skilled technicians, comfortable atmosphere, wide range of services, and positive family-oriented experience. The salon receives high recommendations from customers and is known for its attention to detail and long-lasting manicures. However, potential weaknesses include the salon's busy schedule, limited availability, and lack of specific pricing information.

Best AGS Reviews

Snowbird from NE and looked for place nearby with great reviews and found Spa Nails. They got me and my daughter in on a rainy Saturday. Very friendly and professional. Had a great experience. Highly recommend
Before and after : van did an amazing job fixing my nails another place done. She is very sweet. I am very pleased with how my nails turned out!
Sooooo today I visited 2 other nail shops before coming to spa nails. I didn’t like the vibe of the other two nail shops however spa nails is very nice and comfortable not to big not to small. Van welcomed me and understood that I am very particular about my nails. She listed to how I wanted them shaped and fix’s the shape of my nails as well. Morel of the story IM VERY HAPPY I THINK I FOUND A NEW NAIL HOME
Hi my name is Macy and i went to this nail salon around 5 yesterday with my mother. my birthday is coming up and i’m been trying to find a nail salon to be my go to with good prices for the nails i get. I have never gotten nails in this area that don’t have anything wrong with them and i can’t say that anymore. I would like to say thank you Van. She has been working there for 11 years and I am so blessed to have been serviced by her. She is such a sweet lady and would put a smile on your face any day. I highly recommend her if you want to be happy with your results. I am a 16 year old girl and I’m glad to say i’ve found my place. Thank you for your time Van, See you next time!! ❤️
Love Spa Nails in Orange City! They make sure sure you have a great experience, and everyone is so friendly. Van does the best eyebrows EVER! Their Merry Christmas to Me was a family pedi!
Highly recommend an appointment, as the salon stays very busy. Have always had a great experience at Spa Nails. Even the hubs and Dad go for pedis. The chrome, ombre and glitter options are awesome and Vann's waxing is always on point. My nails last for weeks and I don't go anywhere else if I can help it! Nice little bonus discount for paying with cash. 5/5 stars for sure.
Another hit today! Vann, Tony, Kiera and the team never disappoint!
I wanted nails to match my purse for my wedding and Van did an amazing job! My fiancé for a pedicure and he loved it! Such happy service, will def be going back!
Vin did such an amazing job and she is the sweetest nail tech I’ve had in years. Very talented ????

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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Monday 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM
Tuesday Closed
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Thursday 10:00 AM - 06:30 PM
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