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Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon

+1 618-316-7006
333 Potomac Blvd, Mt Vernon, IL 62864 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon

Overall, the comments regarding Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon are a mix of positive and negative experiences. Let's start by discussing the strengths of the place.
One of the most common positive comments is about the delicious food. Many customers rave about the taste of the steaks, specifically recommending the Ribeye steak. It is mentioned that the portions are remarkable, and the steak itself is bigger than expected. The pork chop dinner is also highly praised for being tender and flavorful. The grilled chicken Caesar salad and catfish bites are mentioned as excellent options as well.
The service is another strength of Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon. The wait staff is described as stellar, entertaining, and top-notch. Customers appreciate their courteousness and fast service, even when the restaurant is crowded. Several specific waitresses are commended for their exceptional service, such as Danielle and Melissa. The promptness of drink orders and the attentiveness of the staff is mentioned positively.
The entertainment factor is highlighted in one of the comments, stating that the wait staff provides a fun and entertaining experience. This adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience for some customers.
The affordability is also mentioned as a positive aspect of Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon. Customers find the prices reasonable, especially considering the quality and flavor of the food.
Now, let's discuss some of the weaknesses that are mentioned in the comments.
One of the major points of criticism is the quality of certain dishes. One customer mentions that the ribs were not falling off the bones and were not as tender as expected. Another customer mentions that the mashed potatoes were encrusted and unpleasant due to being exposed to the heat lamp for too long. Some customers also find the steaks to be mediocre and mention issues with the cook. One customer specifically mentions their steak being thin, fatty, and not cooked to their liking. Another customer's steak was rare even after sending it back to the kitchen.
Some customers have negative comments about the overall ambiance and COVID-19 safety measures. One comment mentions that the restaurant was packed, with zero masks being worn by staff or patrons. The lack of spacing for comfort and COVID precautions is highlighted as a weakness. Additionally, one customer mentions that their table was wet upon arrival and they had to clean it themselves with provided paper towels.
Another weakness mentioned by some customers is the crowded seating. They feel that the restaurant can be packed, leading to less comfortable dining experiences.
In conclusion, Show Down Steakhouse & Saloon has strengths in terms of delicious food, stellar service, entertainment, affordability, and cleanliness. However, there are weaknesses when it comes to the quality of certain dishes, inconsistent steak cooking, overcrowded seating, lack of COVID-19 safety measures, and cleanliness issues with wet tables. These factors should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to visit the restaurant.

Best AGS Reviews

This was absolutely delicious. The steak was bigger than I expected. The portions are remarkable. Side salad good. Bread and cinnamon butter was perfect. Highly recommend the Ribeye steak. Reasonably priced and wonderful flavor. As you will notice…. It was all eaten.
The star rating is not reflective on the service we received. The service by the wait staff was stellar and entertaining. Although, as we left, one waitress thought we were dine and dashing. Alas, we did not. We had pay our bill.
Now, why the one star you may ask? Well, look at the photo. You might think, ‘wow, that’s pretty good looking Jack Link’s,’ but you’d be wrong. Those were at once in their life ribs. Nothing was falling off those bones. The mashed potatoes were no saving grace either. The potatoes were encrusted in their own hardened layer from suntanning under the heat lamp for far too long.
My fellow patrons ordered steak, and thought their meals were pretty mediocre.
I would not return.
Such a great experience all around! The food was phenomenal and our waitress Danielle was fabulous! I had the pork chop dinner with mashed potatoes and a salad, best pork chops I have never had hands down. Everyone else has steak and it was so tender! Slightly overcooked (ordered medium rare, got about a medium) but we were not disappointed. I would highly recommend Show Down to anyone
Melissa was the best, such great food with our party of seven. Top notch service and food was perfect cant thank her enough after a 11 hour drive we wanted some grub and beer it was phenomenal. Hope she gets to see this and know how she was. Wish this place was closer to home.
Came in at 11 on a Thursday and was seated right away. Drinks were served promptly and I got a beer which was ice cold. I ordered the maxwell burger, which had cheddar, bacon, and BBQ sauce on it. Wife ordered the filet and broccoli. Filet was cooked perfectly and tasted great. Burger was done just how I asked and was fresh and hot. Would reccomend to anyone in the area. Waitstaff was undermaned but kept up with everything very well.
4-5 star pricing, 2 star quality (apps, bread and Staff saved from a 1).
Packed seating, and staff, zero masks any where, no spacing for comfort or covid.
Table was wet with water, luckily they leave a spool of paper towels for you to prep your own table.
Staff was courteous and service was fast, even with full house.
Hot fresh bread , came to table to get you salivating.
All dressings and dips came in little to go cups.
0) $9 Potato Skins qty 6 & $8 Cheese sticks qty 8
Good quantity, and flavor, looked and tasted great, came out fast and hot. (Much better than average bar)
Dinners: all 3 ordered medium rare.
1)$24 - 14oz Rib eye, mash potatoes, Salad, small beer $4
got large beer (no charge),
Salad was skimpy but a typical side salad.
potatoes tasted dirty and overly seasoned like it was spilled, it does have skins, which normally I like but...I just can't describe how nasty it tasted, I couldnt eat them.
Steak was thin, fatty, and rare, sent it back, came back out rare...I'm done. They did remove mine from bill.
2) $13 Angus sirloin 6oz, mashed, broccoli, tea $2.59
Looked good and cooked right. Wife said her steak and broccoli were good but she wasn't a fan of the mash either.
3) $9 Kid sirloin and fries, tea $2.59
Good amount of big fries (bigger than the steak)
Steak, medium...guess it's fine, kids don't complain.
Steak place 1/4 on Steak cook correctly.
Won't be going back.
2 dinners (1 adult 1 kid), 2 apps, 3 drinks $53.19 (without tip)
Grilled chicken ceaser salad was excellent! Same with catfish bites and I enjoyed the chili as well. Friendly staff and clean restaurant
One of the best steak meals we've had in awhile! All of the food was delicious..steaks, mashed potatoes, side salad, blooming onion, green beans, and the rolls, as well as the sweet tea.
Service was exceptional.
Arrived around 4 pm on a weekday, restaurant wasn't crowded, but seemed to be layed out nicely.

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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Monday 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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