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Shaving Grace Barber Shop

+1 480-947-4746
4408 N Miller Rd #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Shaving Grace Barber Shop

Shaving Grace Barber Shop has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customers, highlighting several strengths that make it a reputable establishment. The key strengths of Shaving Grace Barber Shop can be summarized as follows:
1. Skilled and Talented Barbers: Customers consistently praised the barbers at Shaving Grace Barber Shop for their exceptional skills and talent. Boris, in particular, was frequently mentioned as an extremely attentive and efficient barber who demonstrated care and attention to detail. This indicates that the barbers at Shaving Grace Barber Shop possess the necessary expertise to deliver high-quality haircuts and shaves.
2. Clean and Professional Environment: Many customers noted that the shop had a clean and professional environment, combining modern touches with an old-school vibe. This suggests that Shaving Grace Barber Shop prioritizes cleanliness and professionalism, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for its clients.
3. Consistency in Service: Several customers emphasized the consistency in service they experienced at Shaving Grace Barber Shop. This demonstrates that the shop maintains a high standard of quality in its haircuts over a long period of time. The fact that one customer mentioned visiting for over 10 years without ever receiving a bad cut highlights the reliability and consistency of the barbers' skills.
4. Attention to Customer Needs: The barber at Shaving Grace Barber Shop, Gina, was specifically noted for taking the time to provide a consultation to a customer who was unsure of what style to choose. This demonstrates a commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs, ensuring that they leave the shop feeling satisfied with their haircut.
5. Reservation System: Customers mentioned that it is easy to reserve a haircut at Shaving Grace Barber Shop. This implies that the shop has implemented an efficient and user-friendly reservation system, allowing customers to easily schedule appointments and avoid long waiting times.
6. Positive and Friendly Atmosphere: Customers consistently referred to the barbers at Shaving Grace Barber Shop as kind and nice. This indicates that the barbers prioritize creating a positive and friendly atmosphere for their clients, contributing to an enjoyable overall experience.
While Shaving Grace Barber Shop has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are a few potential weaknesses that could be addressed:
1. Higher Price Tag: Some customers noted that Shaving Grace Barber Shop has a higher price tag compared to other barber shops. While customers acknowledged that the price is justified by the high-quality service, it may deter price-sensitive individuals who are looking for more affordable options.
2. Cash-Only Policy: One comment mentioned that Shaving Grace Barber Shop accepts cash only. This could be a potential inconvenience for customers who prefer using other payment methods such as credit or debit cards.
In conclusion, Shaving Grace Barber Shop possesses several strengths that set it apart from other barber shops. These strengths include skilled and talented barbers, a clean and professional environment, consistency in service, attention to customer needs, an easy reservation system, and a positive and friendly atmosphere. However, the higher price tag and cash-only policy may be considered weaknesses that could potentially affect customer satisfaction. Overall, Shaving Grace Barber Shop appears to be a reputable establishment that provides high-quality haircuts and shaves.

Best AGS Reviews

Boris is the man. Came in off the street because the place looked clean and professional. Boris was efficient, attentive, and demonstrated real care and talent. I gave him a vague description of what I wanted and he maximized it. His attention to detail was obvious. He didn’t rush the shave and gave me high value for my money and time. The place is clean with modern touches and old school vibe. This kind of service is why you pay for a real barber. Cut and shave for $70. Cash only and you won’t hesitate to tip.
Been going for a couple years now Al always takes care of me. Solid cut, massage, and hot towel. Easy to reserve a cut too.
Barbers were all really nice! I had a great experience there.
Truly kind barbers. It is a higher price tag as compared to other barber shops, but you do get what you pay for...a professional that takes their time to achieve the cut you desire.
Boris is an excellent barber. Best haircut I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!
Amazing haircut I just loved the way this fade looked with my curly hair!
Doesn't matter what barber I use. All are very talented and always enjoy the results. Consistency is important to me when getting my cuts. Been going here for over 10 years. NEVER once did I get a bad cut
Went in not knowing I should get and Gina was nice enough to give me a consultation which really helped me make up my mind. I love the vibes in there thank you guys for this fresh fade, I will definitely be back! My wife thinks $60 tip was too much but in my opinion she deserves every penny!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Wednesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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