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Running With Scissors

+1 812-460-1515
2114 Lafayette Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47805 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors salon has several strengths that make it a recommended place for getting a haircut. One of the main strengths is the highly skilled and professional staff, exemplified by stylist April. Customers praise her for her talent and ability to understand their preferences and deliver the desired result. She is friendly, easy to talk to, and takes the time to ensure that every customer receives a clean and polished look. This expertise and attention to detail contribute to the overall positive experience and customer satisfaction.
Another strength of the salon is its affordability. Customers mention that the prices are relatively cheap, making it an accessible option for people on a budget. This affordability, combined with the efficient service, allows customers to get a good haircut without breaking the bank. Many appreciate the fact that the salon takes walk-ins and provides quick service, ensuring that customers can get in and out efficiently.
The salon also values creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for customers. They treat their customers well and make them feel like a valued guest. This is highlighted by the comment that they treated someone's daughters "like a princess". The friendly and welcoming treatment contributes to a positive salon experience and makes customers feel appreciated and satisfied.
In addition, Running With Scissors has received positive feedback for their handling of children's haircuts. Stylist Donna is praised for her ability to keep kids calm and make the experience enjoyable. This indicates that the salon is family-friendly and understands how to handle the specific needs of children. Providing a positive experience for children can be a challenge, so this aspect of their service is a notable strength.
However, the salon does have some weaknesses that should be addressed. One concern raised in the comments is the salon's lack of experience with cutting black hair. A customer expressed dissatisfaction with the haircut they received for their black child, stating that the salon was not as experienced as they had expected. This indicates a potential weakness in the salon's expertise with diverse hair types. To address this, the salon could consider providing training or hiring stylists who have experience with a wider range of hair textures. This would ensure that all customers, regardless of their hair type, receive a satisfactory haircut.
Another issue mentioned in the comments is the acceptability of only cash payments. While some customers may not mind, others find this inconvenient or unexpected, especially in an age where digital payments are more common. It would be beneficial for the salon to offer alternative payment methods, such as card payments or online payments, to accommodate the preferences of a wider range of customers.
Lastly, one comment warned against a particular stylist, Chris, for giving a subpar haircut with uneven and choppy bangs. This indicates that there may be some inconsistency in the quality of work among the stylists. Ensuring that all stylists receive proper training and supervision would help maintain a consistent level of quality across the salon.
In conclusion, Running With Scissors salon has several strengths that make it a recommended place for getting a haircut. These include talented and skilled stylists, affordability, quick service, a pleasant atmosphere, and expertise with children's haircuts. However, the salon should address weaknesses related to their experience with diverse hair types, the acceptability of only cash payments, and maintaining consistency in the quality of work among stylists. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can continue to provide excellent service and improve customer satisfaction.

Best AGS Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a great salon and had my son's hair cut by a talented stylist named April. The experience was fantastic, and I highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a professional and skilled haircut.
April was simply amazing. She was friendly and easy to talk to, and she really took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for in a haircut. She listened carefully to our preferences and offered her own expert opinion to ensure that we got the best possible result.
The haircut itself was perfect. April was very skilled with the scissors and she worked quickly and efficiently to give my son a clean and polished look. He looked fantastic when she was finished, and he was thrilled with the result.
One thing to note is that the salon requires an appointment, so make sure to call ahead to schedule. Additionally, they only accept cash payments, so be sure to bring some with you.
Overall, I would highly recommend this salon and April to anyone looking for a great haircut. The experience was fantastic, and we will definitely be back in the future.
They were all amazing and treated my girls like a princess and it was so cheap! We love them
This is one of my son’s worst experiences. They were not as experienced with black hair as I thought. They faded horribly and couldn’t reach the standards of a successful haircut and satisfied customer. If I were you and had a black child I wouldn’t recommend this barber shop.
Get in quick, get done quick and very affordable, yet still get a good haircut.
Donna is wonderful. She also did a wonderful job with our son's very first haircut. She kept him calm and talked to him the entire time making it a very nice experience
I like this place because they take walk-ins & you're not in there a long time. They get you "in & out" quickly!! Thanks
Don’t let Chris cut your bangs, my bangs are extremely choppy and have random long pieces. They are extremely uneven.
Best hair dressers in town.Super friendly .

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended
  • Cash-only


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