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Posh Poodle Pet Grooming

+1 619-462-3043
7970 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Posh Poodle Pet Grooming

Strengths of Posh Poodle Pet Grooming:
1. Excellent customer service: Many customers praised the friendly and professional staff at Posh Poodle Pet Grooming. They appreciated how the groomers listened to their instructions and took great care of their dogs. This indicates that the grooming salon values its customers and makes an effort to provide exceptional customer service.
2. Skilled groomers: Several comments highlighted the grooming skills of the staff at Posh Poodle Pet Grooming. Customers were pleased with how their dogs looked after the grooming session, even in cases where the dogs had matted hair. The groomers were able to effectively clean and groom the pets, leaving them with an impressive haircut and a fresh scent.
3. Personalized approach: Posh Poodle Pet Grooming appears to take a personalized approach to each dog's grooming needs. Customers mentioned that the groomers asked for their preferences and instructions before proceeding with the grooming. This shows that the salon values the individual needs and desires of the pet owners.
4. Positive atmosphere: Multiple comments emphasized the welcoming and inviting atmosphere of Posh Poodle Pet Grooming. Customers mentioned feeling a connection as soon as they walked through the door and appreciated the way their dogs were greeted. This indicates that the salon creates a pleasant environment for both pets and their owners.
5. Improvement in dogs' behavior: One customer mentioned that their dog's behavior had improved with each visit to Posh Poodle Pet Grooming. This suggests that the groomers handle the dogs with care and patience, creating a positive experience for them.
Weaknesses of Posh Poodle Pet Grooming:
1. Lack of attention to instructions: One negative comment criticized Posh Poodle Pet Grooming for not following the customer's instructions regarding the haircut of a Pomeranian. The customer's dog was shaved instead of being trimmed, leaving the dog without enough fur to keep warm during the winter season. This indicates that the salon may not always pay close attention to specific instructions from pet owners.
2. Lack of knowledge about dog breeds: The same comment about the shaved Pomeranian expressed frustration with the groomers' lack of understanding about dog breeds. The customer mentioned that it is common knowledge among groomers that Pomeranians should not be shaved, especially in colder weather. This suggests that some groomers at Posh Poodle Pet Grooming may not have a thorough understanding of different dog breeds and their specific grooming needs.
3. Inconsistent quality: While most comments were positive about the grooming results, one comment expressed disappointment with the grooming outcome for a Cocker Spaniel. The customer mentioned that their dog looked like a "dirty mop" before the grooming session, but after grooming, the dog only had a nice smell and haircut, rather than being thoroughly cleaned. This suggests that the quality of grooming may vary and could be inconsistent for different dogs.
In conclusion, Posh Poodle Pet Grooming has several strengths, including excellent customer service, skilled groomers, a personalized approach, a positive atmosphere, and positive effects on dogs' behavior. However, there are also some weaknesses, such as a potential lack of attention to instructions, a lack of knowledge about certain dog breeds, and inconsistent quality in grooming outcomes. These weaknesses indicate areas where the grooming salon could improve to ensure the satisfaction of all customers and the wellbeing of the animals in their care.

Best AGS Reviews

My Experience! Being first time Going!Was Awesome! Connections was evident walking threw the front door! The dog was greeted as if he was human& my dog took right too her! They listen to you on how your dog is& No all the ways to handle your dog! I really recommend this
Posh Poodle to everyone! I was recommended
& Very
Thank ful of there services
I had my husband take my 2 dogs for a grooming one of them is a puppy Pomeranian. (pics below) My husband told them to trim as short as possible. They literally SHAVED !! SHAVED!! not trimmed my poor dog! Luckily he wouldn’t stay still & they weren’t able to cut his face. Like seriously? It's literally fall and my dog will literally have no fur to keep him warm, not that he’s an outdoor dog but he still needs to stay warm period. I understand they were instructed to trim him short but if you’ve been a groomer my guess would be you know dogs. You do not by no means ever do this to Pomeranian especially going into winter. Please be warned with your beautiful fur babies. They don’t know what they are doing!!!
I love taking my dog to this place. The groomers are so nice and very professional. They handle my dog with great care and even give a report on how Bubba my Parson Terrier does with each appointment. He has gotten better with every visit. If you are looking for an amazing place that really has a love for dogs this is the place. I will never take my baby anywhere else.
Loved how my dogs look! One of my dogs' hair was very matted so I didn't think it was possible to make him look so good! They made sure to ask me what I wanted for both my dogs I took! Highly satisfied & prices weren't bad either! They clean them up really nicely! 5 stars because usually my dog would come out from the groomers shaking but today, he was happy! & it was my other dog's first time! So they made sure to be patient with her & it showed!
Does great grooming and treats your dog like it's there own
Best dog groomer in the area!!! The owner Beth is the sweetest woman, and she always makes sure that my little baby is always looking his best. He recently was sprayed by skunk, and Beth made sure that he looked and smelled better than when I dropped him off!!! I will never go anywhere else!!!
One of my cockers looked like a dirty mop, when they were done with both my dogs, they smell nice and left with an awesome hair cut.
They always do an amazing job with my dog. They are super friendly and professional. Highly recommend giving this business a shot if you need your pet groomed. They listen to you and your pet needs and take wonderful care of your pet.

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