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New Light Hair Salon

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2346 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214 United States of America
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Quick Facts About New Light Hair Salon

New Light Hair Salon has a mix of positive and negative comments that highlight its strengths and weaknesses. To analyze the salon thoroughly, we will examine its strengths, weaknesses, and overall customer experience.
Strengths: 1. Skillful Stylists: Several customers praised the salon for having talented and knowledgeable stylists. They appreciated the precision of their haircuts and the ability to achieve the desired look. The stylists were also commended for their expertise in hair care and color, providing valuable suggestions and recommendations.
2. Extensive Portfolio: The salon impresses customers by showcasing their work on Instagram. This allows clients to see the results of previous clients, explore various color options, and use them as references when communicating their desired look.
3. Consultation and Transparency: Customers appreciated the detailed consultations provided by the stylists. They felt that the salon staff listened to their preferences, discussed pricing openly, and provided guidance on hair maintenance. This transparency ensured that there were no surprises in terms of charges and enabled clients to make informed decisions.
4. Customer Loyalty: Several customers expressed their long-standing loyalty to New Light Hair Salon, citing excellent service and efficiency. This indicates that the salon has built a strong reputation and has consistently delivered satisfactory experiences to their clients.
Weaknesses: 1. Hygiene Standards: One customer complained about poor hygiene standards at the salon. They observed a stinky bathroom, combs filled with other people's hair, and an apron covered in hair. Despite requesting a new apron, the hairdresser continued to use the same dirty one. This lack of cleanliness can be off-putting for customers and affects their overall perception of the salon.
2. Inconsistent Service and Miscommunication: Another customer had a negative experience due to miscommunication and inconsistent service. They requested specific instructions from the owner, Joe, but were later surprised to see Joe cutting someone else's hair. Additionally, the customer felt neglected during their appointment, as Joe did not check on them for an extended period. This lack of attention and failure to execute the desired balayage resulted in disappointment.
3. Factory-Like Atmosphere and Lack of Skill: One customer expressed disappointment in the overall service provided by the staff. They felt that the salon operated more like a factory than a hair salon, with rushed hair washing, rough handling during blow-drying, and an inability to deliver a satisfactory haircut. They also noticed the lack of basic amenities like towels.
4. Limited Payment Options: Several customers mentioned that the salon only accepted cash payments. While this may not be an issue for everyone, it could be inconvenient for clients who prefer alternative payment methods such as credit cards or digital wallets.
Overall Customer Experience: Despite receiving positive feedback and loyal customers, New Light Hair Salon falls short in terms of hygiene standards, consistency in service, and professionalism. The negative comments mention unclean equipment, miscommunications, unsatisfactory execution of requested hairstyles, and a factory-like environment. These aspects significantly impact the overall customer experience and may deter potential clients from visiting the salon.
In conclusion, while New Light Hair Salon has strengths in skilled stylists, a comprehensive portfolio, transparent consultations, and customer loyalty, it is important to address its weaknesses. Improving hygiene standards, ensuring consistent and effective communication among staff, elevating the overall salon atmosphere, and diversifying payment options can all contribute to a more positive and satisfactory customer experience. By addressing these weaknesses, New Light Hair Salon can enhance its reputation and attract a larger customer base.

Best AGS Reviews

This is my favorite salon I’ve ever been to. I’ve had different people do my hair each time, since I don’t have a stylist, and my haircut always comes out to exactly how I want— sometimes even better than i expect! Joe is super knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to hair care and color, and I trust his opinion and work. The prices, service, and work is perfect!!
I've been there twice now for a cut and color (low maintenance ombre balayage) and they have not disappointed. I love that they have their work on Instagram - it shows the results and I can see color options and reference what I'm looking for.
I asked for the second photo linked with preferably no bleach as it was a darker color and I’ve never bleached my hair before. But they bleached and went lighter than I wanted. Asked the lady who did my bleach not to touch my roots, and she tried to avoid my roots thankfully. This is the aftermath after 3-4 weeks.
Great salon! I've been going here for over 5 years, and I refuse to go anywhere else. I've only gotten my hair cut here, but am planning to get it colored at some point. Best believe I'm not going anywhere else. Joe runs a great salon here, and they're always so quick and efficient regardless of how busy they get.
100% recommend!
Heard about New Light from a friend who lives in the area. I loved my lavender balayage results. Joe does a great job of consulting you on how to achieve the look you’re going for, the exact price point, and how to care/maintain your hair. There were no surprise charges. Just show them a photo of what you want. The whole staff works as a team to get your hair done.
The salon has very poor hygiene standards, with a stinky bathroom and hair combs that were stuffed with other people’s hair ( possibly from 2020) when being used on me. The apron that was offered to me was also covered with other people’s hair, and despite requesting a new one, the hairdresser just shook it in front of me and used it again.
The service provided by Joe was very disappointing. I asked for his haircut and he said he doesn’t give haircuts, only to be caught later cutting someone else’s hair. He said he will give instruction about the color to his staff and they will do it. They filled my head with aluminum foil and they were very “gracious” when applying bleach on my hair.
Joe did not check on me during the appointment and I was left with bleach and color on my hair for over an hour. I had to tell them several time to check with Joe so they can wash my hair. The balayage that I requested was not executed correctly and it was not a balayage at all.
The staff members were working like they were in a FACTORY and not in the hair salon. The “ professional hairdresser” was unable to blow dry my hair at my liking. She struggled for good 30 minutes.
Furthermore the salon was lacking in basic amenities such as towels, instead using dark color rags. They accepted only cash payment, also handed an envelope and requested you leave a tip inside for the staff.
Overall, this salon provides very poor service and lacks basic hygiene standards, making it a place to avoid for anyone looking for a good salon experience. I refused to take before and after pictures and prayed to God that I wouldn’t get a disease from that filthy hair salon.
This salon was recommended to me by a friend & im glad she did because I loveeee it. Everyone is very professional & they always make my hair look and feel amazing!
Washed my hair in like 5 min so rush , and when blowing my hair kept pulling on it and combing it so ruff . Haircut was awful asked for layers and got choppy hair wouldn’t recommend any of the women working there , don’t seem skilled . First and last time going .

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