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6134 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211 United States of America
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1. Pedicure services are highly praised by one customer who finds them worth the price. 2. One customer had a positive experience with a particular nail technician and loved the result. 3. Some customers find the prices reasonable or are willing to overlook them for good results. 4. The customer liked the appearance of their nails after getting them done. 5. The salon uses SNS gel, which is a popular choice among customers.
1. One customer had issues with the cleanliness and attention to detail; the tech did not resolve the issue of paint left around the edges of their nails. 2. A customer had a terrible experience with their nails, citing larger than actual fingernails, uneven nails, and poor paint application. They also mentioned bad customer service, as their complaints were not taken seriously. 3. A customer had a bad experience with a fill-in service, with a technician not understanding their requests and not delivering the desired result. The customer also found the price to be high for the poor quality. 4. Another customer received terrible service with uneven and lopsided nails and had to pay extra to have them fixed. They specifically mentioned chair 3 as the problem. 5. A customer had a negative experience with the staff, including being seated in the wrong chair consistently and encountering unprofessional behavior, such as yelling in another language. They also mentioned seeing police outside the salon after their visit. 6. A customer had a negative interaction with the manager, who was rude when asked to fix a nail design. They also mentioned a lack of knowledge and mistreatment when called out for mistakes. 7. One customer experienced a long wait and poor communication, with their nails not being attended to despite waiting for 20 minutes. 8. A customer had a negative experience with a staff member named Jenny, who treated them unfairly and asked them to leave the salon.
Based on the comments provided, Nails Fashion place has some notable weaknesses. There are multiple complaints about poor service, including issues with cleanliness, improper nail application, mistakes not being fixed, and a lack of attention to customer needs and desires. There are also complaints about unprofessional behavior from staff members, such as yelling and mistreatment. Additionally, the prices are mentioned as being high for the quality of service provided in some cases. However, there are a few positive comments about specific nail technicians and the pedicure services offered.

Best AGS Reviews

Went in to get nails painted it was okay except stuff left around the edges. I asked the tech if she could clean it up she put some liquid on my nails but it did not resolve the issue.
Me and my friend went and got our nails done and her nails are just horrible they are bigger than her actual fingernails the nails are not the same size on the other hand and the paint is everywhere my nails the paint is awful mine was a fillin so there was not much to do shaping an how they put them on so I got lucky but overall very terrible service an customer service Because we asked them multiple times to fix the mess ups and they just kept insisting that they were fine and clearly they look horrible
I love their pedicures! A little pricey, but worth every cent. I typically bring my own OPI color, just in case I chip but have never needed it. They recommend every 2 weeks, but I'm so busy that I can go 3 to 4 weeks.
went and got my nails done by a nice lady and LOVED them but wasn’t a fan of the price but i didn’t care that much because i really liked how they looked ???? went a few weeks later for a fill in and they were terrible. i had a guy do my nails which already told me i wouldn’t like them. he couldn’t understand anything and the nails were uneven and he literally did what he wanted to do and did not listen to what i asked for. then i was charged $70 for a FILL IN
My nails look terrible! Uneven, lopsided, acrylic left on my nails, all different shapes when they were supposed to be coffin. I have to pay to have these fixed immediately! Chair 3 serviced me and she knew this work was terrible.
I switched from Katie's downtown out of convenience. Now that I have been going here for over a year... i realized they will always sit me in number 2 station and then number 3 would have to fix his mistakes. I will not be returning. I always tip 10 or better depending on how much the service each person. He completely ignored my simple request like square not rounded nails... and to file the natural nail that lifts underneath. Instead just laughed and gave negative energy (all of them). Also walked up on me yelling in their language while i was sitting down. When i asked him to stop yelking over ny heas... i was told he wasn't talking to me. But i didn't care at that point it was all aggressive. After i paid and left police was sittibg outside.....Now i understand why they always dead when i go in... the reviews aint lying
Terrible service. Manager was so rude when asked to do the nail design properly. They don’t have enough knowledge in the nail shop and they treated badly when called out for the wrong nail design. I don’t recommend this place at all!
6/27/21 I arrived early being the second customers I sat and a male employee begin to soak my sns gel off my nails after waiting for 20 minutes and watching the employees help others and not check my soak I ask when will I get my nails to finish two or more times I was told hold on honey finally I asked why am I the only one not having my nail done Jenny said you not my customer I said but I'm a paying customer and I waited for a second while she proceeding to do another customer who had just walked in with her daughter and said I'm going on vacation can you help me and this customer was white lady Jenny began to yell and say I was a troubled customer and that I could just leave I ask why are you asking me to leave I just asking to be treated fair Jenny told me to leave remember this white lady had just walked in not only was I treated unfairly as I listen and watched she treat everyone with color bad talk down just nasty I have photos of how she left my nail the service is very poor and I highly don't recommend anyone to

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