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Nails by Mimi, LLC.

+1 256-851-1699
3604 Mastin Lake Rd NE, Huntsville, AL 35810 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Nails by Mimi, LLC.

Strengths of Nails by Mimi, LLC.:
1. Skillful and Neat: Multiple comments praise both Emily and Mimi for their skill and attention to detail when it comes to doing nails. This suggests that the technicians at Nails by Mimi, LLC. have a strong ability to produce aesthetically pleasing and well-executed nail designs.
2. Good Customer Service: Many comments highlight the positive attitude and good customer service provided at Nails by Mimi, LLC. This indicates that the salon is focused on creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for their clients, which is essential for building customer loyalty.
3. Fast Service: Emily is specifically mentioned as being quick when it comes to completing nail services. This could be a major selling point for clients who value efficiency and do not want to spend a lot of time at the salon.
4. Experienced Staff: Several comments mention that clients have been visiting Nails by Mimi, LLC. for many years, which suggests that the salon has a dedicated and experienced staff. Longevity in the industry can be an indicator of skill and expertise.
5. Positive Recommendations: The salon receives positive recommendations from multiple clients, indicating that they have a strong reputation in the community. Word-of-mouth referrals can be a significant strength for a business, as they often lead to new customers.
Weaknesses of Nails by Mimi, LLC.:
1. Declining Customer Service: One comment mentions that the owner, Mimi, has recently displayed a decline in customer service. This can be a major weakness for the salon, as negative customer experiences can deter potential clients and lead to a loss of loyal customers.
2. Unprofessional Behavior: Another comment mentions that Mimi has been rude, changed prices, and even closed early without notice. Such unprofessional behavior can significantly damage the salon's reputation and customer relationships.
3. Lack of Consistency: While the majority of the comments mention positive experiences with Emily and Mimi, there are also positive recommendations for other technicians, such as Gennifer and Vivian. This suggests that the quality and consistency of service may vary depending on which technician you visit. Inconsistency can be a weakness as clients often expect the same level of service regardless of who is performing the treatment.
4. Limited Services: It is mentioned that Vivian specializes in pedicures exclusively. While this may be viewed as a strength for clients specifically seeking pedicures, it could be a weakness for clients looking for a wider range of services. Limited service offerings may result in missed opportunities to attract a diverse clientele.
5. Negative Reputation: The comment about Mimi's decline in customer service and unprofessional behavior could potentially harm the salon's reputation, particularly if negative experiences are shared online or through word-of-mouth. A negative reputation can be difficult to overcome and can lead to a loss of business.
In conclusion, Nails by Mimi, LLC. has several strengths, including skilled technicians, good customer service, efficiency, and positive recommendations. However, they also face weaknesses such as declining customer service, unprofessional behavior, inconsistency in service quality, limited service offerings, and a potentially negative reputation. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to maintain and grow their customer base.

Best AGS Reviews

Emily is amazing! She always do my nails! I just left and I’m beyond satisfied! She’s very neat, good customer service and good communication! She knows what she’s doing! And she is also quick! Love Emily !!!
I have gone to Mimis for over 15 years but the last few years she has turned into a total b*!tch. Horrible customer service , refusing to fix nails l, changing prices, cursing people out, closing hours early. Each time I go back it gets worse. Her daughters are really good but I really can’t stand that lady and her trifling self.
Mimi is the bomb! I love her so much! Been with Mimi for years, she has always treated me good! And always #1 on my nails love you Mimi and Happy Valentines Day Boo????????????????????????????????#1 Nail tech???????????? Always Satisfied!!????????????????????????
I LOVE MY NAILS. Definitely go see her.
Go visit Gennifer!!! Not only is she totally professional, she is patient with you and she is a HELLUVA MASTER when it comes to acrylic nails!!!! She is so great I want to keep her all to myself, but I'm going to have to go on share her with the world!!!! Top Notch Service!!! Thank you!
Jennifer is the best nail tech ive ever had go
See her ????????????????
She is the baddest nail tech I know… I have known her for over 27 years and she has been doing my nails since I met her… I have recommended everyone I know to come see her and they had done just that… I wouldn’t recommend anyone else… she caters to your wants and needs when it comes to your nails and her creativity when it comes to designs, artwork is out of this world….I mean she is bad to the bone when it comes to nails… I can go on and on about my friend… She also is the sweetest person I know and I Love her too.
I have been coming to Nail's by Mimi since I was around 12 or 13 when it was call Tip Top nails. Mimi is a great nail artist and she treats everyone like family. Emily is another great nail tech to go to. But the gem of the whole place is Vivan. She does pedicures exclusively and is the best. She doesn’t rush and will give your moneys worth.

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