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Nails By Chris

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1733 Gornto Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Nails By Chris

Strengths of Nails By Chris place:
1. Professionalism and Friendliness: Many commenters mentioned the level of professionalism and friendliness they experienced at Nails By Chris place. The salon staff, including Johnny, Michelle, and Chris, were praised for providing great customer service and making the customers feel comfortable.
2. Level of Skill and Speed: Customers were impressed by the skill and speed of the technicians at Nails By Chris place. The commenter who had Johnny as their technician specifically mentioned that he was great and fast with their nails, resulting in a satisfying outcome.
3. Clean and Sanitary Environment: Multiple customers commented on the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of Nails By Chris place. They appreciated the efforts made by the staff to maintain a clean environment, which is important for a nail salon to ensure the safety and well-being of its customers.
4. Detailed Pedicures: Customers were particularly satisfied with the detailed work on pedicures provided by Nails By Chris place. They mentioned that their feet felt smooth and soft after the service, indicating a high level of care and attention to detail.
5. Willingness to Ensure Customer Satisfaction: According to a commenter, Chris, the owner of Nails By Chris place, goes above and beyond to make sure customers leave satisfied with their nails. This commitment to customer satisfaction is a strength that helps retain loyal customers.
Weaknesses of Nails By Chris place:
1. Incidents of Injury and Lack of Resolution: Unfortunately, there were comments from customers who experienced injuries during their visit to Nails By Chris place. One customer mentioned that their finger was swollen and turned purple after the manicure, but Chris, the manager, did not take any action or provide any remedy for the situation. This lack of resolution and concern for customer well-being is a significant weakness.
2. Inattentive and Unsanitary Technician: Another commenter had a negative experience with a technician named Rose. They mentioned that Rose was constantly on her phone, almost cutting off their finger, and had a filthy station and work tools. Additionally, Rose reused tools without proper sanitation, which is a major violation of hygiene standards in a nail salon. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism and attention to sanitation.
3. Inconsistent Nail Services: Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the nail services they received at Nails By Chris place. One customer mentioned that their nails were done unevenly and the polish was not applied properly. Another customer mentioned that their nails were cut shorter than they wanted without their consent. These inconsistencies in delivering the desired nail services are weaknesses that can be addressed through better communication and attention to customer preferences.
4. Confusing Pricing and Additional Charges: There were complaints regarding the pricing and additional charges at Nails By Chris place. One customer mentioned being charged $60 for a service that was initially stated to cost $40. Another customer was disappointed with the additional charge of $5 for an almond shape nail. These instances of unclear pricing and unexpected charges can make customers feel dissatisfied and hesitant to return.
5. Lack of Timeliness in Drink Service: While most customers were satisfied with the overall experience at Nails By Chris place, one commenter mentioned that they had to wait until their nails were almost done before receiving the drink they had requested. This indicates a lack of timeliness in providing additional services and amenities to customers, which can be improved to enhance the overall customer experience.

Best AGS Reviews

For my first time using this salon I was amazed by the level of professionalism but also friendliness I was shown at this salon. I had the fortune of being saddled with Johnny who made easy conversation and was extremely great and fast with my nails and I love them!
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I have used multiple of the nail salons in Valdosta and this is where I prefer to go above all the other one's I have tried.
Nails by Chris next to the mall!!! Only!!! I will not use the one on Inner Perimeter.
Warning this place is almost always busy, which speaks for itself, but Chris and his staff does a great job at getting everyone cared for.
The place is very clean and from what I have seen sanitary!
Michelle is the best at caring for all customers and making sure everyone is comfortable and has something to drink.
I have gotten Manicures with dip polish, and Pedicures with either gel or regular polish.
They do really detailed work on Pedicures and making sure your feet feel smooth and soft. Most of the staff communicates pretty good, and Michelle is readily available to assist if they don't.
If you aren't happy Chris will go above and beyond to make sure you leave satisfied with your work.
Technician cut into my finger well give me a manicure. She hurt each one of my fingers during the manio, but my ring finger was swollen for a week, it was purple for four days, and when I talk to the manager whose name is actually Chris about this, he didn’t want to do anything about it, in-spite of me showing him my finger. all he could say was sorry. Most nail places have anti-fungal treatments to put on your nail if a mistake occurred on their end but they do not have any.( after paying for my nails, feeling pressured to give the technician a tip) he had the nerve to encourage me to go out and buy my own supplies to make my finger feel better.
DO NOT waste your time at this nail salon. I had Rose do my acrylic set. She sits and talks on her phone the whole time, almost cutting off my finger. Her station and work tools are incredibly filthy and she would reuse tools that I saw her use on the client before me without any sanitation. She told me it would be $40 for the set and charged me $60. I always tip, but based on my experience, she didn’t deserve a dime let alone to charge $60 in services. Didn’t do my nails as requested either, I won’t be back. Photo is of her station.
I had Nail Tech Spike and initially, he started off polite however he started to get annoyed because I asked him what was the liquid that he was applying to my nails before the acrylic. Then, he asked if I would like anything to drink, I said water and thanked him. It didn't come until my nails were dang near done. On top of that $30 for acrylic full set and REGULAR polish is a bit much. Especially considering my nails are uneven, he hit my cuticle with the e-file a couple of times, and the polish is uneven. You can see through them and I'm not talking about at the tip of my nails. He also said short is the length I had to have for the $30... which is fine but these are EXTREMELY short. My natural nails were longer than this and he cut them down! Oh and when I asked about an almond shape nail, he said that would be an additional $5. Did I mention that I'm the only one in the salon at the time who was told to pay BEFORE my nails were finished? Yeah no, I'll never go back. There may be some awesome techs there but that wasn't my experience.
They did have beautiful decor but that's not why people go to get their nails done.
Chris and the rest of the team is awesome! They are really great doing your nails and also your brows. Friendly staff, a very comfortable ambiance higy recommended!
Almost every time I've gone, I've had exactly what I wanted done. Only 2 times have I left not 100% happy...maybe 95%. But if I'd spoken up, it might have been better. I'm just so very shy and hate confrontation. I still go there and know I'll at least enjoy the experience. My Christmas natural, dip nails are going on a solid 3 weeks now and look good still without lifting.
All the workers at this location are very nice. I’ve gotten two gel pedicures from Norma, who I HIGHLY recommend! I treated myself to an ombré grill set done by spike. I will be back to see them!!

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