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Nails 2K

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1339 Gateway Plaza, Midwest City, OK 73110 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Nails 2K

Nails 2K Place is a nail salon that has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, let's analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, several comments mentioned positive customer service experiences. One customer who visited with their son from Virginia praised the great customer service they received during their visit. Another customer commented that everyone at the salon is nice and accommodating. These comments indicate that Nails 2K Place values their customers and strives to provide a positive experience.
The salon also received compliments on the quality of their work. One customer mentioned that their nails are always on point and that the salon takes care of the health of their nails. Another customer specifically praised a nail technician named Tony for his amazing designs. These comments indicate that the salon has skilled technicians who can deliver great results.
Additionally, a customer mentioned that the salon can accommodate walk-in customers without a standing appointment. This flexibility in scheduling suggests that Nails 2K Place is willing to accommodate customers at their convenience.
On the other hand, the comments also highlight several weaknesses that may impact the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction. One customer had a negative experience with their manicure, stating that it was the worst they had ever had. They expressed dissatisfaction with the technician not following their requests for a lighter color and tips only. They also mentioned uneven and bumpy nails, along with unwanted glitter. Another customer expressed disappointment with their pedicure and manicure, stating that the nail technician struggled to understand their requests, rushed through the services, and caused discomfort during the pedicure. This negative experience suggests a lack of attention to detail and poor communication skills among some of the technicians.
Furthermore, a customer mentioned that their nails chipped after having them done by a different technician than their preferred one. This inconsistency in quality may suggest a lack of training or oversight within the salon.
Another aspect that was mentioned negatively was the loud music. One customer specifically mentioned that the music playing was very loud, which may indicate a lack of consideration for customer comfort.
In terms of facilities, one customer noted that there was only one visible TV and that the seating arrangement did not allow for easy viewing. This could be seen as a weakness in terms of the salon's ambiance and the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Nails 2K Place shows some strengths, such as positive customer service experiences, skilled technicians, and flexibility in scheduling. However, there are also notable weaknesses, including inconsistency in service quality, difficulty in communication, discomfort during services, and a lack of attention to detail. The salon should address these weaknesses to enhance the overall customer experience and improve their reputation.

Best AGS Reviews

Worst manicure ever! My nails are thick and she didn’t even do what I asked. I asked for a lighter color and wanted my tips only like I had when I came in. I also didn’t want glitter and there is glitter on 4 of my 10 nails. They are uneven and don’t match up at all and very bumpy! I do not recommend
I’m visiting my son from VA. We read the wonderful reviews & decided to give them a try. The customer service was great! I got the gel manicure on my natural nails & he got a super deluxe pedicure. We will definitely return!!
Went there yesterday. First time here. Walk in waited 5 minutes. The lady I got could not understand me, so had to ask others to translate for her. Wanted a mani and pedi. White nails with glitter thumbs and big toes. Also, white and ombre glitter on toe nails. The nail tech painted my nails on my toes all white and then when tried to do the glitter it looked terrible. So she had to redo my big toes after asking someone else for help. Also she kept holding my toes tightly with her long nails and it was painful. I told her several times and had to tell someone else to tell her she was hurting me. This experience is not a good way to get new customers to be regular customers. Then she rushed through my Manicure just with dipping only and left alot of clear coat all over my nails and dipping powder under my nails. My skin along my nails are so dry. Used lotion 4 times already trying to help. Very disappointed. Makes you wonder if they have a Manager or owner who cares. Definetely lots of cameras in this place and did not care to see that. Only one TV on one wall can see if sitting in those chairs. People sang loudly to the music playing. Music was very loud. 2 hours later and $115 later. Not happy.
I love this place!! They make me feel like I’m family!! I love coming here! My nails are always on point!! They really do take care of you! They especially care about the health of your nails! (Unlike 90% of the okc nail shops) any 2K nails THE BEST IN OKLAHOMA CITY HANDS DOWN!! ????
Best nails salon!!! Everyone here does such an amazing job. Tony is amazing at his designs!
The lady who did my nails did an AMAZING job! Everything I asked for she did. And the lady that was next to her was doing an older ladies nails was so kind and so patient with her! I will definitely go back!????
The first time I went I had Lee do my nails & she did an amazing job. I went back last Sunday & someone else did them, I don't remember his name, because Lee is off on Sundays, now three of my nails are chipped. I won't let him do my nails anymore only Lee from now on.
I love my nail spot! Everyone here is so nice. They get you in even if you don't have a standing appointment. Wish I could show you my toes.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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