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1844 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Nail Tops

Nail Tops Place is a nail salon that receives mostly positive reviews from customers. The strengths of the salon can be seen in the comments that highlight the quality of the work, cleanliness of the salon, excellent service, friendly staff, range of beverage options, and the skillfulness of the nail technicians. These positive aspects contribute to the overall satisfaction of customers and create a pleasant and enjoyable experience.
One recurring theme in the comments is the consistency of the quality of work. Customers mention that they have never been disappointed and have always received stellar quality work. This consistency indicates that Nail Tops Place has well-trained and experienced nail technicians who are capable of delivering high-quality services consistently.
Additionally, the cleanliness of the salon is mentioned as a strength. Customers appreciate the clean environment, which creates a comfortable and hygienic atmosphere. A clean salon not only contributes to the overall experience but also ensures the safety and well-being of the customers.
The excellent service provided by the staff is also mentioned as a strength. Customers mention that the staff is friendly and strive to offer excellent service. This positive customer service contributes to a positive overall experience and makes customers feel valued and appreciated.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the range of beverage options available. This small gesture shows that Nail Tops Place goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their customers.
Furthermore, customers appreciate the skillfulness of the nail technicians. While they mention the need to communicate clearly about what they want, they express that the nail technicians are able to deliver the desired results consistently. This indicates that the technicians at Nail Tops Place have the expertise and ability to meet the specific requests of their customers.
On the other hand, there are also a couple of negative comments that mention the weaknesses of Nail Tops Place. One customer had a bad experience with a powder dip manicure, mentioning that the technician cut their cuticles excessively and did not properly complete the dip job. This negative experience indicates a potential weakness in the attention to detail and technique of some of the technicians at Nail Tops Place.
Despite this isolated negative comment, the majority of reviews indicate a highly positive experience at Nail Tops Place. The comments consistently mention the great work done by the nail technicians, with specific compliments for individual technicians like Heather and Philip. Customers express satisfaction with their nails, lashes, and brows, showing that the salon provides a range of services that meet customer needs.
In addition, customers appreciate the professionalism, affordability, and efficiency of the salon. This highlights another strength of Nail Tops Place, as customers value these attributes in a nail salon. The positive experiences mentioned in the comments also indicate that Nail Tops Place is able to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making customers feel comfortable and valued.
The comments also mention the personalized and creative service provided by nail technician Terry. This indicates that Nail Tops Place is able to accommodate specific requests and preferences, suggesting that they value individuality and creativity.
Finally, the comments mention the hospitality of the owners, Marvin and his wife. Customers appreciate the personalized treatment they receive, indicating that Nail Tops Place values building a relationship with their customers and creating a sense of family.
In conclusion, Nail Tops Place has several strengths that contribute to the overall positive experience of customers. The high-quality work, cleanliness, friendly staff, excellent service, range of beverage options, skillful technicians, professionalism, affordability, efficiency, and personalized treatment all contribute to the satisfaction of customers. While there is a minor weakness mentioned in one comment regarding attention to detail and technique, the majority of comments indicate a highly positive experience at Nail Tops Place. Overall, the strengths of the salon outweigh the weaknesses, making Nail Tops Place a recommended choice for nail services.

Best AGS Reviews

I've come here several times over the years and have NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. I've always received stellar quality work whether it was a mani, pedi, gel, dip, or even a detox!
I enjoy coming here. It's always clean, the people are friendly and they always strive to offer excellent service.
Be sure to ask for a choice of beverages, you might be pleasantly surprised with the options available! ????
I wish I had pics of past appointments to add to this post because I've loved them all, but here's one of my absolute faves! Thanks Kim!
The nail technicians there are very skillful you just have to tell them exactly what you want and I pull it off every time
I love this place, I’ve been going here for 2 years. I don’t have time to for fill ins since I’m a mom of two. But every time I go just to have a mini spa day ;
I’m treated with respect and I love how they leave my nails. I’ve been see by different nails techs but I love it here ????
It's hard finding a really GOOD and EFFICIENT nail spot that does GREAT work! However, I'm very pleased with this place. Heather does really great work. Actually, all of them do. Thanks guys for getting my nails, lashes and brows RIGHT! Like every time!!!
I went here because it was close. I wont be returning. My powder dip manicure was really bad. She absolutely butchered my cuticles. Both my thumbs were bleeding and scabbed for a week. The dip job was sloppy and not complete. 1st dip should be white powder, then 2 dips with color powder, then 1 tip with white powder, then smooth then top coat. She used color powder only and just 2 dips. They are already chipping after a week.
The owner, Philip did my nails...THEY LOOK GREAT!! He is so sweet & does an AMAZING job! Full set of acrylic nails w/gel $40.00. He was SO GREAT (20yrs doing nails) so I tiprd $10.00!!!
Randy thank you thank you thank you !!! He paid attention to every detail and made my hands and feet feel and look absolutely fabulous. Every time I come over I get an over the top experience. If I could give a higher 5 star rating I would, because they definitely deserve it. Thank you for being professional, affordable and efficient
I will follow Terry to the ends of the earth ????. I followed her to this shop as she is the only nail tech who can do my nails the way I want and not how she wants. She is very creative as well. I will not dare leave out the owners Marvin and his lovely wife. Such great hospitality and you are more then a customer they treat you like family always checking to see if you are comfortable. Much ❤️ Joy????

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