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My Nails & Spa

+1 478-452-0268
2601 N Columbia St, Milledgeville, GA 31061 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About My Nails & Spa

Strengths of My Nails & Spa:
1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and attentive staff at My Nails & Spa. Customers feel welcomed and cared for during their visit, creating a positive and enjoyable experience.
2. Skilled nail technicians: Customers have praised the nail technicians, such as Christie, Austin, and Simon, for their fantastic work. They are able to deliver the desired results and listen to what the customer wants, ensuring satisfaction.
3. Comfortable environment: The salon creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, making customers feel at ease. This is especially important for those who may be nervous or visiting for the first time, as their needs are handled with care.
4. Positive community reputation: Multiple comments mention that My Nails & Spa is loved by the community and has a good reputation. This suggests that the salon has built a strong customer base and has developed trust among its clientele.
5. Waxing services: One comment specifically mentions a positive experience with eyebrow waxing. This suggests that My Nails & Spa offers a range of services beyond just nails, expanding their offerings and catering to different customer needs.
Weaknesses of My Nails & Spa:
1. Restrictive nail design options: One negative review mentions that there were many rules regarding the nail design options, making the customer feel limited and uncomfortable. This suggests that My Nails & Spa may not provide as much creative freedom as some customers might desire.
2. Attitude of a nail technician: There is a comment mentioning a negative experience with a nail technician named Mandy. The customer felt that Mandy had a nasty attitude and made them feel uncomfortable. This indicates a potential issue with customer service from certain staff members.
3. Lack of attention to detail in some areas: One comment mentions that a towel was not provided for a customer wearing a dress, which is typically expected in a nail salon. Additionally, there is mention of a problem with adjusting the water temperature during a pedicure. These instances suggest a lack of attention to certain details that could enhance the overall experience for customers.
4. Inconsistent experience: While the majority of comments are positive, one customer mentions not having the best experience. It is unclear whether this is an isolated incident or a consistent issue, but it indicates that the salon may have room for improvement in ensuring consistency in customer experiences.
Overall, My Nails & Spa seems to have several strengths including excellent customer service, skilled technicians, and a positive community reputation. However, there are potential weaknesses in terms of restrictive design options, occasional negative customer service experiences, lack of attention to detail, and inconsistent experiences. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction.

Best AGS Reviews

I'm in town just for the day and needed to kill some time but also desperately needed my nails done! I read the reviews for this salon and few others, and decided to try this one. I'm so happy I did!! Christie did both my sns and my pedi, and she did a fantastic job!! She listened to what I wanted and delivered just that!! Everyone there is friendly and attentive. If I lived closer, this would be my go to salon. I may have to create a reason to be in this area the next time I need my nails done????
Our experience was really great. The staff was pleasant, attentive and really wanted our time there to be fantastic. I really appreciated that they wanted me to have what I wanted, yet still guided me with thier professional opinion. My mother's wants as well as her needs, being a diabetic and recent cancer survivor, were handled with the utmost care. Simon, thank you for a wonderful time and a great experience. See you guys soon. Yah khai
It was my daughter's first time getting her nails done. She was so nervous, but they made her feel happy and comfortable and her nails look SO good! We couldn't be happier. My nails look great too.
I have never had a bad experience at My Nails. Austin always makes sure that every customer is pleased and honestly loves what he does! This place of business is awesome and loved by our community!! The work done here is just gorgeous and I’ve never had a bad nail :))
Have you ever wanted to feel pampered and cared for when you go to the nail salon? Well, if you do this may not be the place for you. I came and wanted to do a design. However, there were so many rules to what I could and couldn’t get done to my own nails. When I started asking questions regarding the colors I want to get or even when I wanted to take off a color because I didn’t like how it looked. The nail technician, Mandy, gave me a nasty attitude. I guess expressing what you want is to difficult and causes trouble. This made me feel uncomfortable and like I was being a bother. When I go to the nail salon, I want to get the best experience so I can keep going back. I don’t want to go and feel like me asking questions or changing my mind is being a nuisances. Normally, they’ll give you a towel to put over your lap if you have a dress. (That wasn’t given to me.) Even, when she was doing my family members toes. Just putting the water in and adjusting it for her was a probably and she was a child. Maybe she was having a bad dad maybe not enough help or maybe she just didn’t like me. Either way I didn’t have the best experience.
Love this place! They always do my nails super well and I always leave satisfied!
Absolutely ???? satisfied with the service I received today!!! Christy waxed my eyebrows correctly and perfectly the way I like it without any problems!! She was quick yet thorough in ensuring all stray hairs were plucked and removed without me even having to ask!! My eyebrows look amazing and I didn't have to cry on my ride home because of a horrible service lol. My Nails and Spa is awesome!!
Simon gave me the best pedicure I have ever had! I will ask for him next time!
Tom was awesome. He took time to make sure everything was done right!
Leo is the bomb! Attentive, funny and all around the best!
John is my new favorite! He can really get an ingrown toenail without hurting me.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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