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Mt Angel Market & Deli

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395 N Main St, Mt Angel, OR 97362 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Mt Angel Market & Deli

Mt Angel Market & Deli has both strengths and weaknesses according to the comments provided. It is important to evaluate both positive and negative aspects to get a comprehensive understanding of the business.
Starting with the strengths, one comment highlights that the store is open 24 hours, which is a convenience for customers who may need to shop outside of regular hours. This can be beneficial for those who work late shifts or have busy schedules. Additionally, the comment mentions a good selection of snacks, drinks, and hot grab-and-go food. This indicates that the store caters to various customer needs, providing a range of options for different preferences. The cleanliness of the store is also praised in one comment, suggesting that Mt Angel Market & Deli maintains good hygiene standards. This can create a pleasant shopping experience for customers, as cleanliness is an important factor in choosing where to shop. Another positive aspect mentioned is the quality of the deli food. Having delicious deli food can be a significant strength for the store, as it provides a standout product that customers appreciate.
Furthermore, one comment mentions the affordable price of milk, which is priced at $4.99 per gallon. Offering competitive prices can attract price-sensitive customers and encourage repeat visits. Additionally, the comment highlights the friendly staff, indicating that the employees maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the store. This can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The comment about the burritos covered in foil being the best in the city suggests that the store has a reputation for offering a standout item that customers favor. Providing superior quality products can help differentiate Mt Angel Market & Deli from other competitors.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One major concern is the reported rude behavior of the staff. Multiple comments mention negative encounters with the staff, describing them as unfriendly, disrespectful, and having bad manners. This can be off-putting to customers and can create a negative impression of the store. Poor customer service can lead to a decrease in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations. Another weakness highlighted is the poor service experienced by one customer. Consistent poor service indicates a systemic issue within the business, which can further deter potential customers. Additionally, one comment mentions that the store does not belong in Mount Angel, implying that it does not align with the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the town. This indicates a potential lack of integration with the local community, which can impact the store's reputation and success.
Another weakness mentioned is the unwelcoming nature of the store. Customers report feeling ignored and not receiving basic greetings upon entering. This can create a negative first impression and discourage customers from returning. Additionally, one of the comments recommends going elsewhere, specifically mentioning a competitor, Roth's, which is a few miles away. Suggesting an alternative store indicates a perception that the competitor offers a better overall experience, including friendlier service. This can be a significant drawback for Mt Angel Market & Deli, as it indicates potential customer loss to competitors.
In conclusion, Mt Angel Market & Deli has both strengths and weaknesses. Some of its strengths include being open 24 hours, offering a good selection of snacks and hot grab-and-go food, maintaining cleanliness, providing quality deli food, and offering competitive prices. However, it faces weaknesses such as reported rude staff, poor customer service, potential lack of integration with the local community, unwelcoming atmosphere, and losing customers to competitors. It is important for the store to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Best AGS Reviews

This is a terrible little store. Mount Angel is such a beautiful little town, and this store does not belong in Mount Angel. I have a medical exemption for wearing masks. I walked in one day to get a couple of things, and the older lady that works there yelled at me for not wearing a mask and told me I needed to put one on. She wasn’t willing to listen to me and made it very clear that they don’t care about their customers. I told her I can shop somewhere else, and she motioned her hand to the door. They are extremely rude people. I will no longer be shopping there.
Open 24hrs! Good selection! Hot Food! Friendly Staff! Milk $4.99/gal
Great variety of snacks, drinks, and hot grab n go food. The staff are friendly and keep the place sparkly.
Never have I had good service. Staff is always rude.
It’s mom and pop and they do not give “mom and pop” title justice.
Hi how are you how’s a long ways.
Every time I’m in here I’m sorry I came in. Debated on stopping here tonight and I’m once again sorry I did.. I just don’t understand bad manners..
The best burritos you can get in that City they're the ones covered in foil so good
Always really clean. Good product and selection
Deli food is amazing, good selection of drinks and snacks to get you through your work day!
Gotta agree with the reviews regarding the staff. I walked in, got a look from an older gentleman way across the store, then as I stepped forward, another guy is peeking over something staring at me! No hello, how can we help, etc. Very unwelcoming. I walked right out. They will never get my business! Highly recommended! Go elsewhere. Maybe it's a little out of your way, but Roth's is just a few miles away and offers a whole lot more plus friendly, welcoming service!

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