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Monroe Beauty Supply

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3415 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43606 United States of America
Open Today: 09:45 AM - 07:50 PM

Quick Facts About Monroe Beauty Supply

Monroe Beauty Supply has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, let's break down the comments and assess each aspect of the store:
Strengths: 1. Variety of products: Several comments highlight that Monroe Beauty Supply has a wide range of products available. They are well-stocked, which suggests that customers can find a wide selection of beauty supplies at this store.
2. Good deals: One customer mentioned that the store offers good deals on certain items. Although they mentioned that buying in bulk is often required, it indicates that there are opportunities for customers to save money.
3. Availability of specific products: A customer specifically mentioned a product they were looking for, indicating that Monroe Beauty Supply carries a diverse selection of products, including more niche or hard-to-find items.
4. Positive customer service experience: Despite some negative comments about customer service, there were a few positive reviews stating that the store has great customer service. This suggests that the experience may vary depending on the staff member and the specific circumstances.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor visibility of prices: A customer commented that the placement of the register makes it difficult to see the prices of items. This lack of visibility can be inconvenient and frustrating for customers, especially if they want to compare prices or make informed purchasing decisions.
2. High prices for non-bulk purchases: One customer reported being charged exceptionally high prices for not buying in bulk. This suggests that the store may not offer competitive prices for individual items, discouraging customers from making smaller purchases.
3. Lack of cleanliness and safety: Multiple comments mention that the store is messy, and there are safety concerns due to boxes and clutter in the aisles. This creates a negative shopping experience and may even pose risks to customers' well-being.
4. Unknowledgeable staff: Several customers express dissatisfaction with the staff's lack of product knowledge, particularly regarding black hair and beauty products. This deficiency in expertise can be frustrating for customers seeking guidance or advice.
5. Negative customer service experience: Multiple comments indicate that Monroe Beauty Supply has poor customer service. Customers claim that staff members are unfriendly, unhelpful, and even racist towards black customers. This negative treatment creates a hostile shopping environment and can deter customers from returning.
6. Inconsistent store hours: One customer mentioned that the store did not open at the advertised time of 9:45. This inconsistency can be inconvenient and inconvenient for customers who plan their shopping trips around store hours.
After analyzing the comments, it is evident that Monroe Beauty Supply has several areas for improvement. These include improving customer service, increasing product knowledge among staff members, prioritizing cleanliness and safety in the store, and ensuring consistent opening hours. By addressing these weaknesses, Monroe Beauty Supply can strive to provide a positive shopping experience and attract and retain customers.

Best AGS Reviews

I give one star because their register is so high up you cannot see the prices. Then, as you look at these items they give you a good deal EXCEPT you must buy in bulk in most occasions to get the deal. I did not realize the complete difference until I swiped and left .
I was charged exceptionally high for not buying in bulk. Watch them !!!! They did this on purpose I believe.
This store does not have good customer service.
My husband and I have purchased items that unknown to us,were old.
The place is messy, and dangerous with boxes and clutter everywhere.
The staff is Not knowledgeable about products or even black hair! They're just in the hood.
Went to find a product by Lekair called Frenchee scalp and hair conditioning grease. No one seems to sell it anymore..if anyone has a clue tap in please
They definitely don't open at 9:45!!!!
Wonderful products, great customer service
Please for what you need and ask the staff you take you directly to the product.
They treat black people terrible. The owner is very rude. The customer service is thumbs down. They do have a variety of products. But the are not very friendly or helpful there. The workers act like your bothering them or make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. The place also need to be clean. The isles have safety issues, you can trip very easily if your not watching where your walking. I won't be going back.....
Very well stocked.
Be back later, need specific type of comb.

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