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Mid-K Beauty Supply

+1 203-624-4554
176 Dixwell Ave, New Haven, CT 06511 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:50 PM

Quick Facts About Mid-K Beauty Supply

Mid-K Beauty Supply has several strengths that contribute to its success as a beauty supply business. Firstly, customers consistently praise the staff for their friendliness and knowledge. The staff members are willing to go the extra mile to assist customers, even going as far as googling a product if they are unsure about it. This dedication to customer service enhances the overall shopping experience and contributes to customer satisfaction.
In addition, the expansive and uncluttered building space is another strength of Mid-K Beauty Supply. Customers appreciate the ease of navigation and the wide range of products available. The store offers an impressive selection of wig and extension hair styles, as well as a vast array of weaving and braiding hair. Furthermore, the broad spectrum of colors for all the quality hair products is also highly valued by customers. This diverse selection caters to a wide range of beauty needs, attracting a diverse customer base.
Moreover, the store's relocation to a bigger space in Hamden with ample parking demonstrates the growth and expansion of Mid-K Beauty Supply. This relocation allows for better accessibility and convenience for customers, which is a significant strength for the business. The presence of local vendors' products further adds value for customers, enabling them to support both the store and the local community.
Despite these strengths, the business also faces weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. One common complaint is the discrepancy between the advertised closing time and the actual closing time. Customers have reported that the store closes earlier than stated on their website, causing inconvenience and frustration. Addressing this issue by ensuring that the closing time is consistent with the website information is important to improve customer satisfaction.
Another weakness stated by some customers is a perceived lack of appreciation for black shoppers. Several individuals have expressed feeling ignored and undervalued upon entering the store. The behavior of certain staff members, including a co-owner, has been described as rude and condescending. This creates a negative and unwelcoming atmosphere that may discourage customers from returning. Addressing these customer concerns, implementing diversity training for staff, and prioritizing equal treatment for all customers is crucial to rectify this weakness.
Another weakness mentioned is the need for the store to rethink its return policies. Customers have recommended a review and update of these policies to better accommodate customer needs and provide a more satisfactory shopping experience. Evaluating the existing policies and making necessary changes can contribute to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
While the store has made positive changes in terms of customer service since its relocation, there are still areas that need improvement. Some customers have expressed concerns about the focus on security over customer service. Despite the store's high traffic and large loyal customer base, customers feel profiled and uncomfortable due to the presence of a clerk at the door. Striking a balance between strong security measures and providing a welcoming and attentive customer service experience is essential for the store's continued success.
Overall, Mid-K Beauty Supply has several strengths that contribute to its popularity, such as friendly and knowledgeable staff, a wide range of products, and convenient location. However, weaknesses such as inconsistent closing times, concerns about unequal treatment of customers, and the need for improved return policies should be addressed to enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best AGS Reviews

This beauty supply business is heaven! The staff were friendly & knowledgeable. If they weren't certain of an item they Googled it. No missing the mark‼️The building space is expansive & uncluttered.
There's an amazing selection of wig & extension hair styles. The aisles of weaving & braiding hair is insane. And the broad spectrum of colors for all the quality hair products is giving life.
Ladies & Gentlemen this is where you need to go first for all your beauty supply needs.
I have always received good customer service. Their website says they close at 7 pm. But actually they close at 6:50 PM. They don’t honor their times and customer service has gone down the tube. I understand everyone has a life outside of work but when you run a business, it’s a business. I no longer live in the area but any other service business I have gone to, they understand that that their customers are the backbone of their business. But I guess for the owners of Mid-K, customers don’t matter. They were rude in telling me they close at 6:50pm although their website says 7pm. Change your website so people don’t waste their time coming to your facility and have to face of the brutish manner that they are told that “it’s 6:50, we are closed”. I can choose where to spend my money. I now have to reconsider if Mid-K is the place to spend my money for their no-customer service.
To all BLACK shoppers- DONT shop here. YOUR business is not appreciated or valued. From the moment You walk through the door- NO ONE greets you! “they” stand around watching you shop like prison guards. The co-owner ringing you out has a disgusting attitude toward customers. and if You ask a question about a product, they answer you in a condescending tone as if you should already know the answer! I kindly put the supplies back and walked out. No purchase made! They ought to reconsider what community of ppl they pander to.
I have been going to this store since I can remember. They always have everything you need . The have recently relocated to a bigger store on the same street but in Hamden with more parking They sell a huge variety of ethnic products and a lot of local vendors products as well. The owners are not as rude as they were in the past. The workers have always been nice, very helpful and friendly. They do need to rethink they're return policies.
They have whatever you are looking for to maintain your hairstyle. They carry a lot of ethnic products, but their wide selection makes it a good choice for anyone in the Greater New Haven area. The outside might look a little meh, but the store is clean and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
It seems like since they're new establishment the owners and workers are much more polite and courteous. It's a warm and friendly atmosphere
Must have Miss Jessie's products, including Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo, Baby Butter Creme, and Conditioner (trial size not available). Selected full sized (Ms. Jessie's) items are located behind the sales counter. The trial sizes are great & make gift bag. They trial sizes, $199-$2.99) are located at the front of the store, near cashier. (*Not too many local hair supply stores carry Ms. Jessie's hair products. For full line go Ms. Jessie's website and request Mid K store manager to order requested items. You are buying local and should not have to pay for shipping and postage costs.)
Also, affordable selections of human hair wigs, shampoos, conditioners, skull caps for men, sleep caps, and shower caps. Really huge selections.
My only concern is that there is more interest in security than customer service. No one should have to feel as if they are a potential shoplifter. Thereb is always a clerk at the door, not to greet you, or ask you if you need assistance. It's to profile you. There needs to be a balance between providing superior, professional, and attentive customer service to the general public along with implementing strong security measures to prevent theft.
This is a high traffic store which is generating a lot of business. This means there are ALOT of loyal customers. Yet, the customer service needs much improvement. The photo of the store I posted with this review has over 68,000 views, and this review has 100 views.
Staff is helpful. Clean store. Usually busy.

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Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments


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