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Luxury Nails and Spa

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411 Ben Hur Rd F, Baton Rouge, LA 70820 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Luxury Nails and Spa

Luxury Nails and Spa place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Below is an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses:
1. Affordable prices: One commenter mentioned that the price at Luxury Nails and Spa was lower compared to other places they usually go to. This indicates that they offer competitive pricing, which can be a strength for attracting customers.
2. Good pedicure service: One customer mentioned that their pedicure service went well. This indicates that Luxury Nails and Spa has competent staff members who can provide satisfactory pedicure services.
3. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: One commenter mentioned that the staff at Luxury Nails and Spa were friendly and welcoming. This creates a positive atmosphere for customers, making them feel comfortable and valued.
4. Patient and caring staff: One customer mentioned that the staff member who attended to them was patient and took great care of them. This indicates that the staff at Luxury Nails and Spa are attentive and provide individualized customer service.
5. Positive experience for birthday celebration: One customer mentioned that they had a positive experience for their birthday celebration. This indicates that Luxury Nails and Spa can accommodate special occasions and provide a pleasant experience for customers.
1. Inconsistent service quality: Multiple comments expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service received at Luxury Nails and Spa. Customers mentioned issues such as unprofessional behavior, messy nail work, rushed service, uneven filing, and crooked shapes. This indicates a lack of consistency in service quality, which can be a significant weakness.
2. Lack of attention to customer requests: One commenter mentioned that the staff member did not listen to their request to not file their nails but proceeded to do so anyway. This indicates a lack of attentiveness and disregard for customer preferences, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.
3. Inability to fulfill design requests: One customer mentioned that the staff member could not fulfill their original design request and instead did something different without proper consultation. This reveals a weakness in their ability to execute specific designs and communicate effectively with customers.
4. Rushed and disorganized service: Multiple comments mentioned feeling rushed during their appointments and experiencing a lack of organization in the salon. This indicates a weak operational aspect of Luxury Nails and Spa, which can negatively impact the overall customer experience.
5. Inconsistency in nail polish application and finishing touches: One customer mentioned issues such as uneven application of polish, bubbles in the white polish, and inconsistent smile lines for French tips. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and quality control during the nail polish application and finishing processes.
In conclusion, while Luxury Nails and Spa has strengths such as affordable prices, friendly staff, and positive experiences for certain services, they also have weaknesses including inconsistent service quality, lack of attention to customer requests, inability to fulfill design requests, rushed service, and issues with nail polish application. These weaknesses can negatively affect the overall customer experience and may lead to customer dissatisfaction and a decline in returning customers.

Best AGS Reviews

Today was my first and last time going to this nail shop, I was really excited to go after reading the reviews and calling prior (2/6/22) to ask if they could do designs, upon being told yes and that an appointment wasn't need I came in today (2/7/22). I showed them the design, shape, and length I wanted. The guy who did my nails made a couple of comments that made me unsure of whether or not he could do the design I asked for originally asked for and I offered to change my design and he said that it was okay and I didn't need to change it- first red flag. Throughout getting my nails done I told him I noticed one of my nails was shorter than all of the other ones and I didn't want my nails to be that short. He basically ignored my statement and said "it's okay, I'll file them,"- this was the second red flag. When he began to do my design I knew he couldn't do it, but he decided not to make that known until after curing the first part of the design on my nails. I know not all shops can do certain designs which is why I came with back up options prepared, but instead he did whatever he wanted on my nails after finally telling me he couldn't do the original design- this was the final red flag. The shape isn't even sharp and it's very crooked on a few of my nails, the French isn't executed well and to be frank messily done, and the design looks like my youngest sister did it. I'm giving them two stars versus one because my pedicure went well and the price wasn't as much as places I usually go to, but I guess you get what you pay for.
they did not go in order of people who came. started on me and then started servicing two others. i have came here plenty of times and the normal process was not given to me when i normal get a refill. i only
got one coat of nail polish and they did not file it afterwards at all. i’m pretty sure it is because the shop began to get over filled but that does not mean shorten the service i am paying for. will not be returning.
I had made an appointment with this place for myself and my best friend as she was going to be surprised with an engagement that day. We came in and the first guy was friendly, and he did my nails. But the lady that did my friends nails didn’t say much of anything. She continued her conversations with her coworkers but barely said a single word to my friend almost ignoring her completely. The guy doing my nails ended up doing all the chatting with both me and my friend.
He was nice, but didn’t listen when I said “please don’t file my nails at all because I just did that yesterday.” He filed them anyway and left them with pieces hanging that tore off and they caught on the nail polish and any fabric… they didn’t get buffed well which was annoying. And as you can see in the pictures the polish was done very messily and even though I was super careful they chipped because of how he filed my nails. They were so quick, I think it took all of 5-7 minutes for the entire thing. They literally had one other client and yet they so clearly wanted to get rid of us as quickly as possible. I got charged before they did the polish which I’m sure is probably normal, but then I even kindly gave them a $20 tip! And they STILL did a rough job…
I did a lot of research before choosing a place and landed on this place based on reviews… I will not return here and wish to god I could get my money back, especially the large tip which was not earned by any means… I spent all that money for a good time with my friend and ended up with mostly bad service and chipped nails that I had to remove the polish and re-file the SAME DAY just to fix…
Customer service was okay but I’m not satisfied with my nails. I wanted coffin French tip and the shape isn’t as neat as I wanted it. I wish that they applied the nude polish at least twice before they put the French tip on because you can see the acrylic tip. I notice that the shapes of most nails are crooked due to filing being done at the end. The nails are pretty thick because the acrylic wasn’t filed down before polishing. The sides of my nails don’t have polish and the white polish has bubbles in it. The smile lines for the French tip are also crooked. From a distance they look ok but I’ll be going to another salon to get them fixed. Overall not satisfied and will never return
I was hoping for a relaxing spa day with my mom but as soon as we walked in they were barking orders at where to sit and to find a color. The guy doing my nails was doing 3 people at once so it felt very rushed and I was not happy with the results. He also wasn't very kind to me when I told him I wanted thin nails and he said it wasn't possible. I never leave reviews but I left feeling unhappy with lumpy nails ???????? worst place I have been by far and I have gone all around for many years now
My first time visiting Luxury Nails. The service was awesome the guy that waited on me was very patient and took great care of me. I don’t get color I just want my feet cared for. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. Great vibes and energy I’ll definitely be back soon :)
Extremely happy with our nails! Me and my daughter came here to have our girls day Mani/pedis for my birthday and absolutely loved our experience. Highly recommend.
The services are too rushed. I received a pedicure and my nails weren’t even filed and my big toe was uneven. This was my second time giving them a chance. Once when they first opened which left my pedicure and manicure messy that only lasted a day. I only went here today because the place I normally go to is closed on Sunday. No longer will they get my services

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