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Quick Facts About Lee Nails & Spa

Lee Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths of Lee Nails & Spa is the skill and artistry of certain nail technicians. Commenters mentioned specific nail technicians like Nick and Tony who consistently provided excellent service and achieved desirable results. This suggests that there are talented and experienced staff members at the salon who can deliver high-quality nail services.
Another strength mentioned by a commenter is the efficiency of the eyebrow waxing service. This commenter was able to get a quick and thorough eyebrow wax during their lunch break. It indicates that Lee Nails & Spa is able to provide efficient and satisfactory service for certain treatments, which can be appealing to customers with time constraints.
However, the weaknesses of Lee Nails & Spa highlighted in the comments outweigh the strengths. Multiple commenters expressed their disappointment with the overall service and quality of their experiences. One commenter had acrylic nails that started coming off within three days, and the salon did not inform them about the short durability of the service. This suggests a lack of product knowledge or transparency from the nail technician.
Furthermore, customer service appears to be a weakness of Lee Nails & Spa based on the comments. One commenter expressed their dissatisfaction with the way they were treated when they called to complain. The phone attendant was disrespectful and refused to address their concerns. Additionally, another commenter mentioned poor customer service from the salon owner. The owner dismissed the customer's dissatisfaction and did not take responsibility for the technician's mistake.
Sanitation and professionalism are also areas of concern for Lee Nails & Spa. One commenter suggested that health and sanitation issues need to be addressed by city officials. This raises concerns about the salon's commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment for customers. Additionally, another commenter witnessed a technician using inappropriate language towards another staff member, which is unprofessional and can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for customers.
Price transparency and the ability to rectify mistakes are additional weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One commenter received a subpar manicure but was unable to get it fixed until days later due to the salon's limited availability and unwillingness to address the issue promptly. Another commenter expressed disappointment with their manicure, as the technician did not follow the requested style and shaved the nails down excessively. These experiences indicate a lack of attention to detail and a failure to meet customer expectations.
In conclusion, while Lee Nails & Spa has some strengths, such as talented technicians and efficient service for certain treatments, the weaknesses highlighted by the commenters, including poor customer service, sanitation concerns, lack of transparency, and inability to rectify mistakes promptly, suggest areas for improvement.

Best AGS Reviews

This is by far the absolute worst experience anyone could offer or could receive! To sum things up I’m beyond disappointed. The pictures above are those of a full set of acrylic nails that began to come off 3 days after I received them in the shower!! So…. If their product/service was inferior it would have been nice for my tech to state, This is a 3-4 day job and you will not be eligible for a fill in!
I called the salon with my complaint and I was completely disrespected by by the woman that answers the phone! She attempted to make it as if I wanted a free service after paying $55 just days prior. She arguably went into “”You pay again, if you want fix!” “No money back we fix, you pay!” How about I just don’t come back!
The city of Munster health officials need to come and investigate. Health and sanitation is surely at stake and considering they have issued their credentials to operate the should step in!
FYI my cousin received the same service and had the same results!
Do not go to this salon unless you are willing to pass donations!
I absolutely this place. I get my fill ins every two weeks. I ask for my favorite Nail Tech Nick! He is at station 7. He has done my nails the last 5 times for events I have had to go to! He gave me Galaxy Nails today! I am obsessed!!!!
I popped in on my lunch break hoping I could get a quick eyebrow wax for a wedding this weekend. There was one customer ahead of me but I only waited less than 10 minutes. She was quick but thorough and I mentioned how another place did a poor job and she said she never rushes eyebrows. I think I found my new eyebrow place! Thanks so much!
Although I've been coming to this place for almost 3 years now, today is visit left me very disappointed in my service. I came in wanting to get a American manicure, which is the same as a French manicure only the white part is a little less white and more natural looking. I sat down and I told my tech what I wanted, he convinced me that I needed a full set and he would use powder, I thought he was going to be using a dip powder, he did not. When I left the salon I came out with only the white part on my entire nail, I said something to the owner, I'm assuming she was the owner because she never does nails or anything like that, and I told her that I was very disappointed this is not what I wanted, and she basically told me that he didn't understand what I said, an indicated that he did a good job doing my nails...I'm sorry that's kind of poor customer service in my opinion, I still paid the full price for my nails even though I don't really like them, and I'm going to have to paint over them.
I’ve come here for many years and this last time was the worst service. I took my mom here for a manicure and pedicure. They were short staffed, which I totally understand. While my mother and I were getting our toes done, the male technician said something to the main woman who greets the guests. We did not understand them, but we could tell that they were arguing. After the woman walked away the man said “f***ing b**ch”. My mother and I looked at him in shock. He apologized, but he had no excuse for that language and behavior. We will not be returning to this nail shop.
Tony does my nails and Kevin does my daughters they both doing amazing job . We Will continue to keep them in business 100% satisfied⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️????
I won't go back there. I didn't like the way she was yanking my hands and she burnt my skins a few times. I showed her a picture of what i wanted. It was suppose to a french manicure, well the manicure part did not happened, instead she did it like she was doing a full set. Then on top of that she shaved the nails all the way down leaving me no nails. She shaved them so far down it ran into my nails and she shaved my nails down also instead of just doing an actual manicure.
I do apologize "LEE NAILS" but one star for me. And then to make the situation even more uncomfortable they were talking and i couldnt understand what they were saying. Thats not a way to make your customers feel comfortable. Try again and do better "LEE NAILS". And I got charged $50 for this ????????????????????????.
$60 for this!! Take your money elsewhere. I went in there yesterday afternoon and by the time the woman was done I noticed the mess ups. Unfortunately I was on a time crunch so I couldn’t stay to have them fix it. They close at 4pm on Sundays so I couldn’t go back until the next day. Well I called to complain and the woman who answered was rude. She said that I should have said something and they couldn’t fix it until Wednesday. They accept walk ins so Im wondering why I have to wait until then?! I will be going in to have them fix it and NEVER going back!

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