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Quick Facts About Kim's Pro Nails

Kim's Pro Nails has a range of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
1. Availability and Convenience: Customers appreciate that Kim's Pro Nails accepts walk-in clients and accommodates last-minute appointments. This shows that the salon is accessible and flexible in meeting customers' needs.
2. Friendly and Engaging Staff: Many comments mention that the staff at Kim's Pro Nails are friendly, funny, and engaging. This contributes to a positive experience for customers and creates a welcoming environment.
3. Quick Service: Multiple reviewers mention that the service at Kim's Pro Nails was fast. This could be appealing to customers with time constraints or those who prefer efficient service.
4. Competitive Pricing: One comment specifically mentions that the prices at Kim's Pro Nails are amazing. This indicates that the salon offers competitive pricing compared to other nail salons in the area.
5. Positive Results: Some reviewers express satisfaction with the outcome of their nails. They mention that Kim's Pro Nails delivers good results and brings their desired nail designs to life.
1. Lack of Attention to Detail: Several comments highlight issues with the quality of the nail work. Customers mention that the technician did not trim or shape nails properly, resulting in uneven lengths and chipped nails shortly after the service.
2. Cleanliness and Maintenance: Multiple comments mention concerns about the cleanliness of the salon. Customers note sticky and messy nail polishes on the shelves, a strong nail polish smell upon entering, and unhygienic practices by the nail technicians. These observations paint a negative image of the salon's cleanliness standards.
3. Lack of Communication and Customer Service: Some reviewers express disappointment in the communication and customer service they received. They mention feeling ignored, hurt, or intimidated during their visit. In one instance, a customer noted that the nail technician spoke in their native language, potentially making the customer feel excluded or talked about.
4. Shortage of Staff: One comment mentions a long wait time due to a lack of sufficient staff. This can be frustrating for customers who expect prompt service and may result in a decline in customer satisfaction.
5. Inconsistent Nail Shapes and Quality: A reviewer comments on the odd shape of their nails and the presence of dips in some nails. This suggests inconsistency in the quality of work performed by the technicians at Kim's Pro Nails.
To address these weaknesses, Kim's Pro Nails should consider implementing the following improvements:
1. Implement thorough training and quality control measures to ensure technicians consistently deliver high-quality nail services, including proper nail trimming, shaping, and attention to detail.
2. Maintain strict cleanliness standards throughout the salon, including clean and organized shelves, sanitized tools, and a clean, pleasant environment for customers.
3. Provide effective communication and customer service training to the staff to ensure customers feel valued, included, and comfortable during their visit.
4. Hire additional staff or manage scheduling to minimize wait times and ensure customers receive prompt service.
5. Regularly assess and improve the skills and techniques of the nail technicians to ensure consistency and high-quality results.
By addressing these weaknesses and capitalizing on the strengths, Kim's Pro Nails can improve their overall customer experience and reputation.

Best AGS Reviews

I’m in town visiting a friend and am glad I was able to do a walk-in after being told appointment only at the other shops. Overall nice experience, went in for a pedi. I didn’t like how the nail tech did not trim my nails. I had to ask for it and then he didn’t shape them afterwards. The folks were nice, I ease dropped while they spoke in Vietnamese, it was nothing mean just your typical grocery talk etc.
Me and a friend came here as walk ins because we needed our nails done last minute and they were the only ones taking people in a convenient time for us. We both were getting our nails done and the same time by the same man and don’t get me wrong we had a great experience there. He was super friendly and funny and he was fast it’s just the work wasn’t the best. He made them super flat and thin which caused my friends nail to chip literally the next day. One hand has linger nails then the other because he eyed the length instead of properly measuring and the paint job was rushed so it looks sloppy. Again we had a great time we just would never come back to get our nails done again. You can clearly see the difference in length especially on the middle fingers.
I should have listened to the reviews and not stepped foot in this salon. It is very dingy and dirty inside. When you first walk in you get smacked in the face by the strong nail polish smell. The nail polishes on the shelves lining the walls are all sticky and messy with polish on the outside of the bottle. I had an appointment for 1:00pm. I was greeted by a women and told her I had an appointment. I was told to check in on the IPad and then chose my gel polish. While looking at gel polishes a man came up to me and asked me my name and what I was here for. I told him my name and what services I was getting. He then told me to sit down at station 5. After sitting down an older guy came and began doing my nails. This is when it began to get worse. The man did not cut my natural nails before putting on the tips for the acrylics. Before he began applying the acrylic he dipped the brush into the liquid and then took it out and proceeded to use his none-gloved bare skin fingers to separate the bristles of the brush and ring out the liquid. Then he began applying the acrylic and after he was finished he did the same thing as before, ringing out the brush with his bare fingers before putting it back in the holder. After this, he started filing my nails. He was filing the underside with a metal drill bit and sliced open my ring finger on my left hand. This was extremely painful. He did not apologize or sanitize any of the tools he used after he cut my finger. He looked at the wound and ignored the fact that he cut me. After the nails were done he walked me up to the checkout and proceeded to watch my every step with paying for the service. He then stood there waiting for a tip. I will never be back here nor recommend this salon to anybody. STEER CLEAR! The only reason I am giving them a second star is because my acrylics don't look horrific.
Went to get me a full set. I had a set on that I asked to be taken off because I wanted a new set older gentleman took my nails off and my actual nail came off. He was not gentle at all with my nails and still tried to file them knowing that he ripped the nail off. Never going back again if I can rate it a 0 I would.
So I was shocked that when I spoke to the nail technician several times that he was hurting my fingers; he just shrugged it off as if I was being too sensitive. This was a unnecessary and calluous reaction and the experience with getting my gel set was painful. The communication with me as s as customer was as if I was being intimidated. I did not feel comfortable and although I paid $180 total for several services (gel set, deluxe pedicure, eyebrows waxed, lash extensions) I did not ferl appreciated and I will not be returning as a customer.
They did great with my nails and my kids nails. But they have alot of customers and very little help. I waited a very long time for a simple fill.
I absolutely love coming to Kim's! Kim specifically has been doing my nails for 4 years now and ALWAYS does amazing! The staff there is so kind and are always there to help. They do an amazing job on your nails, toenails, and waxing! I have never had a disappointing visit! They also have amazing prices. If you give them a vision, they bring it to life on your nails. I HIGHLY recommend going to Kim's!
I called on 12-11-21 and was able to get in same day within 10 minutes. I arrived and was greeted and immediately helped. I showed the guy what design I wanted and he said they did not have anything to do a single gold strip to do the design I wanted but he would try something else. However, he was very helpful in choosing the correct dip color. While doing my nails, he was nice but also spoke to the tech next to him in their language, which I find annoying because it was during our conversation and both also speak English. Gave me the impression they were talking about me. So I asked and he said no he said he likes your nails. If that's true why not just say that? He was already part of the conversation we were having. I also talked about how I was going to the Packers vs. Bears game the next day and the tech doing my nails said it would be a very boring game. Rude? He did not even attempt to do the extra design which was literally a single vertical gold line on the ring finger And if you look at my nails they are oddly shaped and have a dip in the middle of some of the nails. This cost me $55. I should have spoke up, but I did not have time to stay and get it fixed.

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