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Joyful Nails & Spa

+1 727-327-1591
710 34th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Joyful Nails & Spa

1. Friendly and helpful workers: Many of the comments mention that the workers at Joyful Nails & Spa are very nice and pleasant to be around. They provide good customer service and make the experience enjoyable for customers.
2. Talented and skilled technicians: Numerous comments highlight the skill and talent of the technicians at Joyful Nails & Spa. Customers are impressed with the results of their gel manicures, with one customer specifically mentioning that their copper chrome color was stunning. This indicates that the technicians have the expertise to deliver high-quality nail services.
3. Attention to detail: Several comments mention the attention to detail displayed by the technicians. They take their time and ensure that the nails are perfect, resulting in beautiful outcomes. This shows that they prioritize quality and customer satisfaction.
4. Convenient and flexible scheduling: One customer mentions that Molika, a technician at the salon, comes in on her day off to accommodate the customer's schedule. This suggests that Joyful Nails & Spa is willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their customers' needs and provide flexibility in scheduling appointments.
5. Accommodating walk-in customers: Another customer mentions that they did not have an appointment but were still able to get their nails done immediately. This suggests that the salon is able to accommodate walk-in customers and prioritize their service.
1. Communication issues: One customer mentions that their design request was too complicated for the artist, indicating a lack of effective communication between the customer and the nail artist. Additionally, another customer mentions that they were charged for services they did not request, and when questioned about it, the worker could not provide a valid explanation. This suggests a possible lack of clear communication within the salon, which can lead to dissatisfaction and confusion for customers.
2. Inconsistency in quality: One comment mentions that the paint job is not always the best, and the customer expects it to look perfect. Another customer states that their pinky toe was messed up during a pedicure, and instead of redoing it professionally, the technician only adjusted it by pressing it down and applying top coat. This indicates a possible inconsistency in the quality of the nail services provided, leading to unsatisfactory results for some customers.
3. Lack of customer assertiveness: One customer mentions that they did not voice their dissatisfaction with the nail design because of nerves, but decided not to return to the salon. This suggests that some customers may feel uncomfortable expressing their concerns or preferences, which can hinder effective communication and potentially lead to unsatisfactory experiences.
4. Unclear pricing practices: One comment mentions being overcharged for services not requested, and the worker could not provide a clear explanation for the discrepancy. This indicates a possible lack of transparency in pricing practices, which can lead to customer distrust and dissatisfaction.
5. Lack of consistency in service providers: While several comments mention the names of specific technicians who provided excellent service, there is no mention of consistent service providers throughout the comments. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the availability or rotation of technicians, which can lead to varying experiences for customers depending on who provides the service.
In conclusion, Joyful Nails & Spa has strengths in terms of friendly workers, talented technicians, attention to detail, convenient scheduling, and accommodating walk-in customers. However, weaknesses include communication issues, inconsistency in quality, customer assertiveness, unclear pricing practices, and lack of consistency in service providers. Addressing these weaknesses can help improve the overall customer experience at the salon.

Best AGS Reviews

I thought my design I asked for was pretty simple but it turned out to be too complicated for my artist. I can’t usually tell people when I don’t like something out of nerves but I think it’s safe to say I won’t be back here. My nails are also angled in a very weird way, some are pointing up and some are pointing down. The workers are very nice but they tried to charge me $117 for services I didn’t ask for and I had to ask why? She couldn’t say and dropped it down to the price I knew it should have been.
I have been here 3 times for a gel manicure and have loved the results every time. The copper chrome color I recently got is STUNNING ???? The girls here are great and do an amazing job.
I love this place! Always a relaxing and fun experience. Molika is my favorite. Always takes her time to make sure my nails are perfect and they are beautiful every time! I don’t even have to specify what I want , she’s just amazing. She even comes in on her day off for my convenience.
Tried it a few times. Not a fan of the work. Cuticle cleaning is good but when it comes to get a good paint job it’s not always the best. I am very picky so I expect it to look perfect. Recently did a pedicure and she messed up my pinky toe by putting my flip flop on. I asked her to check it for me and Instead of redoing it she adjusted it by pressing it down and put top coat. That right there made me realize I don’t wanna come back. If you cared about your work and customers you would have redid it professionally.
Came here on my daughters recommendation, must say I'm impressed toes are well manicured and my eyebrows wax, waxed perfect will be returning.
UPDATE 03/21/23,
Came in for my birthday pampering Mani/Pedi and waxing ,Molika as always did her thing had me pleased ,will be enjoying my nail in my favorite colour pink !!!
Fantastic job! I wish I could remember her name because she worked so hard to make sure I liked my nails.
I came in for a polish change on my toes and nails and it was welcoming that Mardi trimmed, cut, and polished them all so well. She was very pleasant to be around and very friendly. I didn't have an appointment and she got me right in. This will be the only nail salon I go to now. Thank you again for the exceptional service, attention to detail, and quality of work.
The best nail place in St Pete!! Go see Dany, she listens to exactly what you want, takes her time and did a beautiful job!! So happy with my nails :)

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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