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2502 US-50, Grand Junction, CO 81505 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Jon Le - Signature Nails

Signature Nails, owned by Jon Le, receives mostly positive reviews for their nail salon services. Customers praise the skill and professionalism of the nail technicians, with many stating they have been going to Signature Nails for several years and have always received excellent service. The salon offers a variety of services, including custom gel polish, manicures, pedicures, and French manicures. The salon also takes appointments, which is convenient for customers who want to avoid waiting for a nail technician.
One of the strengths of Jon Le - Signature Nails is the skill and expertise of their nail technicians. Customers mention specific nail technicians by name, such as Sydney, who is commended for doing a fantastic job on custom gel polish with designs. The technicians are also described as fast and efficient, with one customer specifically mentioning how quickly the technician completed their nails. This suggests a high level of expertise and proficiency among the nail technicians at Signature Nails.
Another strength of Signature Nails is their ability to cater to customer preferences and designs. Multiple customers mention that they can bring in pictures of nail designs they want, and the technicians are able to recreate them. This level of customization and attention to detail is highly appreciated by the customers and contributes to their overall satisfaction with the salon.
Customers also appreciate the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere at Signature Nails. The pedicure services, in particular, are mentioned as being enjoyable and relaxing. One customer describes the pedicure as the most relaxing experience and mentions feeling amazing during and after leaving the salon. This indicates that the salon provides a pleasant and calming environment for customers to enjoy their nail services.
Additionally, the reasonable prices at Signature Nails are frequently mentioned by customers. Many comment that the salon offers good value for the quality of service received. This affordability is an attractive aspect for customers looking to get their nails done without breaking the bank.
However, not all reviews are positive. One customer expresses dissatisfaction with their experience at Signature Nails. They mention encountering a lack of friendly greeting from the manager upon entering the store and had a negative experience with a specific nail technician named Hector. The customer felt that Hector was not friendly and exhibited a lack of professionalism by answering phone calls while performing the manicure. They also note that the nail color resulted in bumps, which were not properly fixed, and that the customer's overall experience was not up to their expectations. This negative review highlights a weakness in the customer service and professionalism of the salon.
Despite this negative review, the majority of the comments indicate a positive experience at Signature Nails. Customers express loyalty to the salon and recommend it as the best nail salon in Colorado. The long-standing relationships with nail technicians and the consistently high-quality nail work are mentioned as reasons for their continued patronage. This suggests that Signature Nails has built a strong reputation among its customer base.
In conclusion, the strengths of Jon Le - Signature Nails include the skill and expertise of the nail technicians, the ability to cater to customer preferences and designs, the relaxing atmosphere, and the reasonable prices. These aspects contribute to positive customer experiences and loyalty to the salon. However, the negative review highlights a weakness in the customer service and professionalism of one nail technician. Overall, the strengths of Signature Nails outweigh the weaknesses, making it a reputable and popular choice for nail services in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Best AGS Reviews

Stopped by and our girls had their nails done! Sydney did a fantastic job on all 3 of our girls. She did a custom gel polish matte clear with designs that is pretty amazing! Very reasonable price and they take appointments! Sydney is who we booked and the girls are so happy with their nails. If your looking to get your nails done, Signature Nails is worth checking out! Also looked like they do pedicure as well as manicure services! Custom nails Grand Junction Colorado. Best nails. Best pedicure. French Manicure.
Signature nails is the only nail salon I will go to. I’ve always received the best service and kindness. I’ve been going to signature nails for at least 8years now. I can take any picture of nail design I want in and they can always give me just what I want. Pedicure are the most relaxing and make me feel amazing during and after leaving. Highly recommend Signature nails best nail salon in Colorado!!!
They did an excellent job. The lady who did my pedicure was amazing. She listens to what you need like of the pressure is too much or whatever. Super sweet girl. I highly suggest tipping her well. The guy that did my finger nails was amazing and fast. He was pretty nice too.
Bree was super friendly and explained the process to me since it was my first time getting my nails done professionally. They turned out exactly how I wanted them.
Ari painted my sons nails and they came out super cute. Will definitely be going back.
I was VERY SATISFIED with the service and quality of work this nail salon offered. I was coming in out of town and they worked me in. The lady that did my daughters nails was great. Very friendly, knew we had a big occasion and we showed a pic of her dress this lady matched it perfect!! Awesome job! Friendly staff, reasonably priced, great atmosphere! I highly recommend this place! They want to make sure your happy
I came here after my friend Naor who is your regular, recommended this place. I'm not from the area, but I come to GJ often for business, and it's nice to have a local place to do my nails. My overall experience was terrible.
I had an appointment for a manicure and pedicure. Once I entered the store the manager was :” can I help you?” no Hello or any greeting. nothing.
Hector did my nails; I'm not going to grip on him is not friendly. I'm not a friend; I'm a paying customer. The minimum is “Hi, how are you?” he forgot that part. It's ok. I've been to NYC. I will survive as long as you are professional.
While he did them, he answered the spa calls, and he had a mask on, so after filing my nails, he asked me to wash my hands without the soap, and I didn't get the soap part right. He was angry with me for washing my hands with soap. Literally, who are you?
The nail colour resulted in some bumps, which I asked him to fix. It turns out wrong if you are on the phone while you are painting nails. He fixed it by polishing with a square nail bar and put the top coat: no cuticle oil, no hand cream. Off you go!
Then I waited 23(!) minutes with my legs soaked and the water got cold. No drink was offered to me the entire 2 1/2 hours I spend inside.
the only nice professional person in the spa Henry. He was so nice and professional
FYI as a business owner myself, that is the only reason I write this review; I think the spa manager needs to improve the service here ASAP.
I consistently have a wonderful experience at Signature. Lisa is my favorite—she’s been doing my nails a few years now—but I know many of the other staff because they’re so friendly and have done my friends’ nails. My nails are artfully done and never crack! I highly recommend!
I love lara and Hector. Started going to them when my nail tech of 20 years retired they were highly recommended. Always feel welcome and treated great. I have gone to other nail salons and they have destroyed my nails. The nail work is outstanding I highly recommend them.

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