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J & J Nails

+1 727-869-8558
9203 Little Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About J & J Nails

J & J Nails Place is a nail salon that has received a mix of positive and negative comments. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, we will analyze the comments and provide an in-depth analysis of the various aspects.
Starting with the strengths, Stephanie's exceptional skills and customer service are repeatedly mentioned by multiple customers. Stephanie consistently provides high-quality services that meet or exceed customer expectations. This positive feedback indicates that clients can rely on Stephanie to deliver excellent results, making her a valuable asset to the salon.
Additionally, the positive feedback from customers who recommend J & J Nails Place shows that the salon has a loyal customer base, which is essential for any business. The fact that customers take the time to recommend the salon suggests that they have had consistently positive experiences and feel confident in referring others.
The positive experience of having a mommy-daughter nail date is also worth noting. This particular customer specifically mentions that the overall result was amazing and timely, which indicates that the salon is capable of accommodating larger groups and delivering satisfactory service to everyone.
Another noteworthy strength is the positive mention of a male technician who paid close attention to detail and provided a gentle and thorough service. This indicates that J & J Nails Place employs a diverse team with varied skills, ensuring that customers can receive a tailored and satisfactory experience regardless of the technician they are assigned.
Furthermore, the salon offers a variety of services ranging from pedicures to acrylic nails. This versatility allows customers to choose from different options based on their preferences and budget. The affordability of the dip service is highlighted positively by a customer, indicating that J & J Nails Place offers competitive prices compared to other salons in the area.
However, there are also several weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One of the significant weaknesses is the mention of a female technician who used a sharp, uneven, and jagged nail during the service, causing discomfort to the customer. This experience can be detrimental to the salon's reputation, as it suggests a lack of attention to detail and potentially inadequate training for technicians.
Another weakness is the negative feedback from a customer who had difficulty communicating with the salon when making an appointment. The customer mentions that the owner failed to pass on the message to the designated technician, resulting in a lack of organization and potentially inconveniencing the customer. This highlights a need for improved communication and coordination within the salon to avoid such issues.
Additionally, there is a negative comment from a customer who had a disappointing experience with the color selection and the final result of their pedicure. This highlights a breakdown in communication between the salon staff and the customer, resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome. It is essential for the salon to improve its communication skills and focus on fulfilling customer preferences accurately.
Lastly, it is worth considering the negative comment about the overall business, rating it as a 2 out of 5. Although the customer does not provide specific details, this low rating suggests that there may be underlying issues with the overall customer experience that need to be addressed, such as the professionalism of staff or the cleanliness of the salon.
In conclusion, J & J Nails Place has several strengths, including a skilled technician, loyal customers, a diverse team, competitive prices, and a variety of services. However, it also has weaknesses, such as the inconsistent quality of service, communication issues, and potential problems with customer satisfaction. To address these weaknesses, the salon needs to focus on improving communication, enhancing staff training, and ensuring a high level of consistency in service delivery. By addressing these weaknesses, J & J Nails Place can strengthen its reputation and attract more satisfied customers.

Best AGS Reviews

Stephanie is amazing! I always look forward to coming in and walking out with exactly what i want! Never disappoints????
10/10 do recommend !
Mommy daughter nail date. Came out amazing and just in time for our trip to the Wizarding world of Harry Potter.
I've been going there for about 2 years. The sons and owners are great. But a female technician whom sits on the end was digging her sharp uneven jagged nail into my skin during the entire process. Finally Danny had to finish my nails up. I was not happy with the experience here today. Not sure if I'm going back for pedicures I was there from 2:30 til 4:00 too long to be tourchered
Not sure what the man's name was who did my nails but he did an amazing job! Super gentle and thorough. I could tell he payed close attention to detail and I appreciate that so much :)
Yeah I get a pedicure once a year after my previous GF got me a gift certificate. Very relaxing and my feet no longer look like big foot with my flops on.
Really happy with my nails! I treated my sister in law and I so we came here originally for dip because they were the cheapest ($35) in the area. We ended up deciding on acrylic instead because I wanted something a little different this time. Over all they did great. The only thing I have to complain about is that I called a day in advance to make an appt because I didn't want to wait and was told it was better to make one cause they were busy when they opened. We waited maybe 20-30 min after our appt time so keep in mind they maybe busy but overall very satisfied with my service!!
Worst place EVER! I picked a color and I said that’s not the color I chose. They keep saying yes that’s the color. I said well I’m going to change it because that’s not the color. I pick a different one and The result you can see it in the picture. The worst pedicure EVER!
My baby can probably do a better job painting my nails.
Levi is a nice kid but if you want to make an appointment make sure you speak to him directly bc the owner doesn't give him a message or take down the appointment...I give levi a 3 and the overall business a 2...

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