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4497 State Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109 United States of America
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Quick Facts About IFIXUGLY

IFIXUGLY Place is a local barber shop in northeast Ohio that has gained a fan favorite status. It is known for its authentic barber shop feel, skilled barbers, and ability to cut any style of hair. With positive comments praising the shop for its ambiance, talented barbers, and high-quality haircuts, it is evident that IFIXUGLY Place has several strengths. However, there are also some weaknesses to take into consideration.
One of the strengths of IFIXUGLY Place is its ability to create an authentic barber shop experience. Customers appreciate the atmosphere and the barber shop talk that takes place in the shop. This creates a sense of community and makes the experience enjoyable for customers. Additionally, the barbers at IFIXUGLY Place are highly skilled and capable of cutting any style of hair. This versatility is a significant strength of the barber shop, as it ensures that customers can get the haircut they desire. The positive feedback about the barbers' abilities further enhances their reputation.
Cleanliness and professionalism are also strengths of IFIXUGLY Place. Customers appreciate the clean design of the shop and the attention to detail in the haircuts. The positive experiences mentioned in the comments highlight the professionalism of the barbers, as they take their time and provide outstanding work. This attention to detail and dedication to their craft sets IFIXUGLY Place apart from other barbershops.
However, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. One comment mentions a negative experience where the barber did not listen to specific instructions and almost ruined the haircut. While the other barbers in the shop were somewhat fair in fixing the situation, this incident suggests a lack of attention to customer preferences and potentially poor communication within the team. This weakness can negatively impact customer satisfaction and trust in the barbershop.
Another weakness highlighted in a comment is the temporary closure of the shop after a mass shooting inside. This incident raises concerns about the safety of the neighborhood and the barbershop itself. The comment also suggests that there have been neighborhood complaints about drug activity near the shop. These concerns may deter potential customers and raise questions about the security measures and overall reputation of the barbershop. It is important for IFIXUGLY Place to address these issues promptly and take appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment for its customers.
Despite these weaknesses, it is essential to recognize the overwhelmingly positive comments from satisfied customers. The skills and professionalism of the barbers shine through in these experiences, with several customers mentioning specific barbers who provide exceptional service. This consistency in positive feedback suggests that the strengths of IFIXUGLY Place outweigh the weaknesses and that the barbershop has established a strong reputation in the community.
In conclusion, IFIXUGLY Place is a local barber shop that has gained popularity for its authentic atmosphere, talented barbers, and ability to cater to various hair styles. The positive comments highlight the strengths of the shop, such as its skilled barbers, clean design, and professional service. However, there are also weaknesses to consider, including instances of poor communication and concerns about neighborhood safety. Despite these weaknesses, the overwhelmingly positive experiences from satisfied customers indicate that IFIXUGLY Place is a reliable and skilled barber shop in northeast Ohio.

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