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Gcutts Barbershop - River City Marketplace

+1 904-516-4746
13141 City Station Dr #154, Jacksonville, FL 32218 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM

Quick Facts About Gcutts Barbershop - River City Marketplace

1. Excellent haircuts: Multiple comments praise the barbers at Gcutts Barbershop for their outstanding haircutting skills. They mention that their haircuts are clean, well-executed, and leave them looking great.
2. Skilled barbers: Customers appreciate the expertise and knowledge of the barbers, particularly Buster and Aquarius. They comment on their attention to detail and ability to deliver the desired haircut style.
3. Friendly and professional service: Many customers mention the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. They appreciate the warm and welcoming environment of the barbershop.
4. Attention to customer satisfaction: Some customers mention that the barbers go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. They take the time to understand what the customer wants and deliver to their expectations.
5. Positive customer experience: Numerous comments express overall satisfaction with the experience at Gcutts Barbershop. Customers appreciate the teamwork and the efficient, organized nature of the barbershop.
1. Inconsistent pricing: There are multiple comments about pricing discrepancies. Some customers mention being charged significantly more than the advertised prices on the website. This inconsistency in pricing can be seen as misleading and dishonest.
2. Lack of transparency in pricing: Similar to the inconsistency in pricing, customers mention that the prices are not prominently posted inside the barbershop. This lack of transparency can lead to customers feeling deceived or surprised by the final price.
3. High prices for basic services: Several customers express their dissatisfaction with the high prices for basic haircuts. They mention that the prices at Gcutts Barbershop are much higher compared to other barbershops in different cities, making it difficult for them to justify the cost.
4. Limited frequency due to high prices: One customer mentions that the high prices prevent them from visiting the barbershop as frequently as they would like. The cost becomes a barrier for regular customers who may prefer more budget-friendly options.
5. Lack of consistent excellence: While many customers praise the quality of haircuts, some mention that the services are nothing extraordinary or not worth the high prices. They expected a better overall experience, given the premium pricing.
In conclusion, Gcutts Barbershop receives praise for its excellent haircuts, skilled barbers, and friendly service. However, the barbershop faces criticism for inconsistent pricing, lack of transparency, high prices for basic services, and a perceived lack of consistent excellence. These weaknesses may impact customer satisfaction and their willingness to return to the barbershop.

Best AGS Reviews

Mack did an amazing job cutting my son's hair. He went in long and shabby looking and came out looking like a little gentleman. While I was waiting I asked Ms. Aquarius if she was free and she took me to cut a good amount off my long hair. She went above and beyond what I have had any other stylist go in a long time to take care of my hair. Definitely worth taking your time to stop in.
Took my wife here yesterday to get her hair faded; she already had relatively short hair but wanted a skin fade… took about 15 minutes and then we got charged $45 when online pricing says only $15-$25. Why is it almost double the price for a basic hair cut? And why are you not told the price until the very end? Highly unlikely to return, the service was nothing out of the ordinary for that high of a price. Seems they pick & choose who to charge that much. Sad too because she genuinely liked the environment.. do better.
I got a decent fade and beard cut. Nothing extraordinary. Not unsatisfied with either of them or the service. What was disheartening was being charged $50 for services that I pay $25 for in Miami. Nothing different and not a better cut.But twice has much!
Buster the Barber get me right every time!!! Great work and always professional! 10/10 recommend.
I spent my first 6 months in Jacksonville looking for a competent barber, and I finally have. After my 3rd visit to Gcutts, I've decided it's time to leave a review.
I've seen Buster the Barber every time, and I've asked him for a different style each time. He knows what he's doing, and he takes his time doing it right. If you're looking to get a clean fade, Buster is your guy. He is very capable, and also cool to talk to. He has definitely earned my continued service from this barber shop. The only thing keeping me from leaving 5 stars, is I don't agree with the price 100%. It is a little high, which keeps me from going every two weeks like I want to. But that's supply and demand, folks. Keep it up, Buster.
Matt did an amazing job. Super clean cut. Good guy. Seems like he really takes pride in what he does and will take the time to do it right. ???? I am definitely coming back and would recommend.
Aquarius was great such detail and care. Buster on check out was personable and appreciative. Great team work. Overall experience was awesome. I'll be back.
Update...went back and same awesome experience. Buster and team know how to do things right. Top shelf for sure. Thank you for such a great experience.
Website said $15 for regular haircut. Was charged $40. Prices not prominently posted inside. Seems very dishonest. Haircut was good, though, just not worth $40.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Restroom
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Appointments recommended


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Monday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 08:30 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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