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Quick Facts About Elle Nailspa

Elle Nailspa has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting its strengths in terms of quality of service, nail technicians' skills, customer satisfaction, convenience, and affordability. However, there is also a negative comment that points out a lack of skill, unprofessional behavior, and bad customer service. In this analysis, we will delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of Elle Nailspa based on these comments.
One of the main strengths of Elle Nailspa is the exceptional skill and gentleness of their nail technicians. Customers have praised the quality of their manicures and designs, with one customer even getting compliments on her nails for days after her trip to Hawaii. This indicates a high level of expertise and artistry in creating beautiful nails. Additionally, the comment mentioned that the nails were sturdy, suggesting that the technicians prioritize durability as well.
Another strength of Elle Nailspa is their ability to fulfill customer preferences and requests. Multiple customers emphasized that the nail technicians, particularly Le and Helen, were able to deliver exactly what they asked for. This personalized service is significant in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. One customer even stated that they would travel another hour just to have their nails done by Le, demonstrating the high regard they have for her skills.
The salon's ability to cater to different nail treatments is also a strength. Elle Nailspa is lauded for their expertise in dip manicures, gel polish, and acrylic designs. This versatility allows customers to have various options and services based on their preferences.
Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of any business, and Elle Nailspa seems to prioritize it. Several comments mentioned that the customers were always satisfied with their nails and had positive experiences with the salon. This is a testament to the salon's commitment to quality and ensuring that customers leave feeling happy and content.
Convenience is another strength of Elle Nailspa, as mentioned by one customer who was seen immediately, despite arriving early for their appointment. Additionally, the salon's ability to accommodate busy schedules was appreciated by another customer who mentioned that despite the wait, they were willing to wait for a specific nail technician. This indicates that the salon is capable of managing their appointments effectively and valuing their customers' time.
Affordability is also mentioned as a strength of Elle Nailspa. One customer states that the salon is great, speedy, and affordable. This affordability factor contributes to attracting customers and ensuring their return.
However, the negative comment highlights some weaknesses of Elle Nailspa. The customer experienced a lack of skill from a new technician who was unable to achieve the requested design and made mistakes with their nails. The customer's dissatisfaction escalated when they were refused service by another technician and was addressed in a rude manner. These incidents indicate a lack of consistency in skill levels among technicians and a failure in handling customer complaints professionally. The customer's negative experience raises concerns about the salon's quality control and customer service protocols.
In conclusion, Elle Nailspa has several strengths, including skilled and gentle technicians, personalized service, customer satisfaction, convenience, and affordability. These strengths are evident in the majority of the comments, indicating a generally positive reputation. However, the negative comment points out weaknesses in terms of inconsistent skill levels among technicians and unprofessional customer service. To further improve, Elle Nailspa should focus on ensuring consistency in service quality, implementing stronger customer service protocols, and addressing complaints in a more professional and respectful manner.

Best AGS Reviews

I came here to get my nails done for a trip to Hawaii. I got compliments on them for days, in numerous places from local areas to the airport, and on the big island. To say Helen did an amazing job would be an understatement. She was so much more gentle than other nail technicians I've had experience with. They are also super sturdy. I will definitely be coming back.
I got soft coffins, trimmed shorter (personal preference). Marbling using acrylic powder, with gold flakes. Using a picture as a reference definitely helps.
Le did my nails and I am in love ???? ????. She did exactly what I ask for. My nails look so good. I will definitely travel another hr to get my nails by her again. If you plan to stop by ask for her. She is by far the best nail tech I have ever had!!
I have been coming here for the last few months for dip manicure and my daughter gets gel polish only and we are always satisfied with our nails. Le and Helen are so good at making sure we get what we ask for. Just look at what I got today.
I was taken care of by Helen. I'm am extremely happy with her service. Not only did she give me exactly what I asked for, she double checked eat nail. My daughter also got a pedicure that was amazing. I found my nail tech and will be back. Definitely a good spot. Nice atmosphere as well.
Arrived almost 30 minutes before appointment and was seen immediately. It took a while to set up an appointment, but I knew they are busy. I came in to have a previous set removed, and Lee, the gal that did my nails was very gentle and very attentive. She was very friendly and did an amazing job! I will definitely be back!
Elle nails has been my go-to nail place for 4 years now they are great, speedy, affordable, and always listen to what you want.
Chrystine my girl, she is amazing! I will go no where else, this is the spot.
Hospitality and customer service at it's finest, very clean salon, extremely talented nail technicians.
I went in on New Years Eve to get a fill. The nail design I usually get is pretty detailed so I told the new tech I’d prefer going to one of the other people I normally go to. She insisted she knew what she was doing. Long story short she messed up my nails and had No idea how to achieve the requested design. I offered again to go to one of the techs I was familiar with, at this time I was told the wait would be 2 hours which I didn’t have to wait. I requested to pay for my services. Whatever the cost was so I could leave. The tech said she didn’t know what to charge me since she did not complete the service. I paid what she requested. My nails when partially done going into the New Year. A few days go by and I return to this salon and request one of the 2 I had had past experience with and knew they where capable of achieving the design I desired. They were both busy and I volunteered to wait yet again. After about 30 minutes I was approached by a lady I’d never seen and rudely told. If ever I have an issue with a nail techs design I must pay for the full service regardless and they have the right to refuse service to anyone. Mind you, I paid for the lady’s mistake last time the price she gave me. There was 0 need to address me rudely in front of a shop full of people. The lack of skill and unprofessional from the staff was not my fault and I never received my full service. I run a business myself and would never address my customers in this manner. Needless to say I won’t be back, I’m a firm believer in I will never Pay Anyone to Treat Me Badly. Absolutely terrible experience!

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