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Elizs Nails Spa

+1 804-330-3549
7340 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Elizs Nails Spa

Eliz's Nails Spa appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided by customers. One strength is the exceptional customer service provided by the staff. Many customers mention the friendly and personable nature of the employees, such as Teresa, Meme, Mia, Elizabeth, and Christina. They create a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers, engaging in conversations and making them feel at ease during their visits. This level of customer service contributes to a positive overall experience and encourages customers to return.
Another strength is the creativity and attention to detail demonstrated by the technicians. Customers appreciate how the staff at Eliz's Nails Spa are able to take their ideas or pictures and translate them into unique and beautiful designs. This shows a high level of skill and expertise, making customers feel confident in the technicians' abilities. The comments mention excellent execution of designs for both pedicures and manicures, indicating a strong focus on quality and precision.
The quality of the services provided at Eliz's Nails Spa is also highlighted as a strength. Several customers mention that the gel manicures and gel pedicures they received were of higher quality compared to other salons in the area. The technicians take great care to ensure that the manicures and pedicures are done meticulously, paying attention to detail. This attention to detail contributes to the overall satisfaction of customers and sets the salon apart from its competitors.
Additionally, the salon's ability to accommodate last-minute appointments is seen as a positive aspect. Customers mention being able to get an appointment on the same day they called, showcasing the salon's flexibility and willingness to accommodate customers' needs. This quick turnaround time can be a significant advantage for customers with busy schedules or urgent nail care requirements.
However, it is important to note that there are some potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One weakness is the salon's tendency to be busy, even with appointments. While this implies that the salon is popular and in-demand, some customers mention having to wait despite making an appointment. This may suggest that the salon struggles with managing its scheduling efficiently, potentially leading to longer waiting times for customers.
Another potential weakness is the lack of consistency in mentioning specific technicians' names. Some customers express their satisfaction with unnamed technicians, which may indicate a lack of consistent recognition for individual employees. This could be a missed opportunity for the salon to build personal connections and establish long-term relationships with customers by highlighting the skills and personalities of its technicians.
In conclusion, Eliz's Nails Spa possesses several strengths, including exceptional customer service, creativity, attention to detail, and high-quality services. These strengths contribute to positive customer experiences and encourage repeat visits. However, potential weaknesses include the salon's sometimes hectic environment and a lack of consistent recognition for individual technicians. Addressing these weaknesses could further enhance the salon's overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Best AGS Reviews

Teresa is great so is meme EVERYONE here is absolutely amazing. They are fast but not rushed.Teresa is so fun to talk to she makes me laugh. I really love how creative she is I show her a picture and she does her own unique thing. This was my first time but I will be back. I came with my friend Stephanie Thank you ladies for a great 1st time experience.
I had an amazing experience here for my first time!! The woman who worked on me ( I’m so sorry I don’t know her name) was amazing and made me feel very comfortable. I was able to have a wonderful conversation with her the entire visit and she blew me away with my pedicure and did exactly as I asked! She executed the design perfectly. THANK YOU ❤️
I had a great experience at Eliz’s. Both the gel manicure and gel pedicure were done with great care and attention to detail. The quality of both were higher than the other salon’s I’ve been to in Richmond. Mia and Elizabeth were great. I will definitely be back. I recommend making an appointment as it can be busy - even with an appointment sometimes waiting is required.
My second time visiting this wonderful nail salon! I Enjoy my visits each time and am always leaving satisfied! I'm a artist and pretty picky / bougie about what I want and they always accomplish such beautiful work! Don't let other reviews mislead you :) this environment is great and
they do great work!
I called last minute looking for an appointment to get a full set done before a trip and they were able to get me in the same day. Mimi was great and did a perfect job, my nails look great and I’ll definitely be back!
Listen….I’m not one to write reviews, but I need to shout to the roof tops about how OBSESSED I am with my nails! Such a great job and everyone was friendly!
Edit: I just came back from getting a fill and they’re still as great as ever! Christina did my nails last time and not only is she good at what she does, she’s funny too! They were busy but she didn’t rush my nails and took her time to make sure they were what I wanted!
I very happy with the service provided by Ms. Cristina she is very courteous, pleasant with me during my acrilyc nail. Also she use all the sanitizer rules. I honestly recommend her if you want to have an excellent service. Great job Cristina
I’m not used to getting short nails at all but I did what I could with my new job. Christina was great with understanding what I wanted and was very precise with her work. She is very easy to talk to and moving to a new area it’s always hard to find these types of people. Thanks Christina!!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Monday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Saturday 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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