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900 Hayes Dr Ste F, Manhattan, KS 66502 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Element Nails Lounge

Element Nails Lounge is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. In order to provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, the comments from customers will be examined in detail.
One customer commented that they paid $90 for a full set of acrylics with gel, with the expectation that it would last longer. However, by the next day, the tips had already chipped away. This suggests a weakness in the quality of the products or application techniques used at Element Nails Lounge. Additionally, the customer mentioned that their pedicure experience was also disappointing, as the polish was smudged and stuck to their socks. This incident signals a lack of attention to detail and care in the service provided.
Another customer mentioned that the staff were great with her child, but the person who did her pedicure was constantly on her phone. This indicates a lack of professionalism and focus on the customer's needs. The customer states that they did not complain at the time, but it is clear that they were disappointed with the service. This suggests a weakness in the staff's commitment to providing an attentive and satisfactory experience for the customers.
One customer had a negative experience due to the lack of transparency regarding pricing. They went in for a basic pedicure and were recommended gel polish without being informed of the additional cost. This reveals a weakness in the communication and transparency of Element Nails Lounge when it comes to pricing and informing customers about additional charges. This customer expressed regret for not being informed of the added cost at the time the gel polish was suggested.
On the other hand, there are positive comments from customers who had a great experience at Element Nails Lounge. One customer declared that they had a great day at the salon and highly recommended it. They specifically mentioned having their nails dipped for the first time and were pleased with the outcome. This comment highlights a strength in the expertise and skill of the staff, particularly the nail technician at station #1. The positive feedback suggests that Element Nails Lounge has knowledgeable and talented nail technicians who can deliver satisfying results.
Another customer praised the work of a specific nail technician named Tien. They praised Tien for understanding their desired outcome and delivering exceptional results. This highlights a strength in the salon's ability to meet individual customer preferences and provide personalized services. This positive feedback speaks highly of Tien's professionalism, skill, and attention to detail.
A customer also expressed satisfaction with their manicure and pedicure by a nail technician named Ruth. They described Ruth as sweet and skilled, indicating a strength in the staff's ability to provide friendly and competent service. This positive comment suggests that the salon has a team of talented and friendly nail technicians.
However, there are also negative comments from customers that point out weaknesses in the salon. One customer mentioned that although their nail set was done well, there was inadequate clean-up after the application. This suggests a weakness in the attention to detail and thoroughness in providing a finished and polished look. Additionally, this customer mentioned that the prices at Element Nails Lounge were higher than what they were used to paying in their home state. This suggests a weakness in the salon's pricing structure, as customers may feel that the services are overpriced compared to similar establishments.
Finally, a customer expressed dissatisfaction with their manicure experience, stating that they waited 45 minutes past their scheduled time and their cuticles were not properly attended to. This indicates a weakness in the salon's ability to manage appointments and provide timely service. The customer's mention of needing a fill in already suggests that the manicure did not last long, indicating a weakness in the longevity of the services provided.
In conclusion, Element Nails Lounge has both strengths and weaknesses as indicated by customer comments. Positive feedback highlights the skill and professionalism of specific nail technicians, as well as the friendly atmosphere of the salon. However, negative feedback points out weaknesses in the quality of the services, attention to detail, transparency in pricing, and timeliness of appointments. These weaknesses should be addressed by the salon in order to improve customer satisfaction and attract repeat business.

Best AGS Reviews

Paid 90.00 for a full set of acrylics with gel because they told me it would last longer, i got them done on Friday(for a gala) and by Saturday the tips had already chipped away. wont be going back. Would like my nails to last longer then 48hours. Also had a pedicure done, lady told me I could put my socks back on, nails would be fine, polish was all smudged and stuck to my socks when I got home.
Treated my daughter and I to mani/pedis for her birthday. The staff were great with my child but the person who did my pedicure couldn't put her phone down. I wanted to be understanding and didn't complain but after all the money I spent
in there I was disappointed with my service in the end. I don't think I will return.
Went in for basic pedicure. Technician recommended gel polish tas I have brittle nails. Said the gel polish would protect my nails...stronger. no mention of additional costs I don't go to get nails done often, so was surprised that cost for simple 20 minute pedicure was 50.00 i.was told because of gel polish....wish I had been told of additional cost at the time he suggested it.
What a great day I had at this salon. Got my nails dipped for the first time. The lady at station #1 is the best. The whole place and staff were nice and friendly. I highly recommend this establishment.
If you read and take advice from any review please let it be this one. I have been to many nail salons all over Manhattan and this one is by far my favorite. I got my nails done at another salon and they royal messed them up (as you can see by the before photos). I came to element with a dream of my Pinterest worthy nails and they not only delivered, my nail tech Tien killed it. I am so in love with my nails and she was so nice and understanding with what I wanted she really made me feel right at home and listened and took into account everything I wanted. 100/10 making this my spot from now on! Honestly, just look at the photos! Tien KILLED with these she takes such great pride in her work and you can really tell!
I had Ruth do my pedi and mani and she's the best! So sweet and did a great job! Just go in and ask for Ruth! You won't be disappointed!
First time going to a nail salon here is KS. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and care that went into making sure I was happy with my nails. Even though they did a great job, there wasn't much clean up after she finished my dip nail set. Had to come home and clean up around and underneath my nails. Their prices are clearly laid out when you choose what you want but I paid way more than I usually would back home in CA. Paid a total of $75 for a regular pedicure and a dip nail with a tip. They charge extra to take off existing nail work and also extra to shape the nail. Not sure if I'll go back due to the high prices.
I scheduled a manicure. I waited 45 minutes after the the time, scheduled. My manicure apparently did not include cuticle removal. I already need a fill in.

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