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Duran Dominican Hair Salon and Barber Shop

+1 410-771-0888
10039 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Duran Dominican Hair Salon and Barber Shop

1. Skilled haircuts: Many customers have praised the salon and barber shop for providing great haircuts. The owner, Johanna, is particularly commended for her skills in cutting hair and delivering the requested style.
2. Fast hair growth: One customer mentioned that their hair grows faster after getting it cut at Duran Dominican Hair Salon and Barber Shop. This suggests that the stylists are knowledgeable about hair care techniques that promote healthy hair growth.
3. Waxing services: The salon offers eyebrow waxing services, which one customer specifically mentioned as being a service they trust at Duran Dominican Hair Salon and Barber Shop. This indicates that the salon has expertise in providing quality waxing services.
4. Good atmosphere: Some customers have commented on the great atmosphere at the salon and barber shop, indicating that it is a comfortable and pleasant environment for customers.
5. Excellent barber: One customer highly praises a barber named Cuba, specifically mentioning his skill in hair cutting and ability to understand customer preferences. This indicates that there are talented barbers at the salon.
6. Good with children: A customer mentions that the salon is great with cutting children's hair, emphasizing that it was the best experience for their 3-year-old son. This indicates that the stylists are skilled at working with children and providing an enjoyable experience for them.
7. Affordable pricing: One customer mentions that the salon offers a nice haircut at a great price, signaling that the salon provides good value for money.
1. Rude staff: Multiple customers mention encountering rude staff at the salon, particularly the lady at the front desk. This suggests that there may be a lack of professionalism and customer service skills among some of the staff members.
2. Inconsistent quality: One customer points out that the quality of the haircut depends on the specific barber, indicating that there may be inconsistency in the skills of the stylists.
3. Price increase: A customer mentions that the prices have increased, which may be a setback for budget-conscious customers who used to find the salon affordable.
4. Poor communication: One customer recounts a negative experience with the shop owner, mentioning that they were not open to feedback or addressing concerns. This lack of communication and customer service can lead to dissatisfaction and potential loss of customers.
5. Opening late: One customer highlights that the salon sometimes opens late, which can inconvenience customers who want to have their appointments or haircuts promptly. Punctuality is an important aspect that should be improved to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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