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Diego's Hair Salon

+1 202-234-4572
1901 Q St NW, Washington, DC 20009 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Diego's Hair Salon

Diego's Hair Salon has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the main strengths highlighted by multiple commenters is the atmosphere of the salon. It is described as having a "chill atmosphere" and the walls are adorned with pictures of Diego, creating a unique and personalized ambiance. The presence of countless celebrity pictures adds to the overall appeal of the salon. This creates a warm and inviting environment that makes customers feel comfortable and at ease during their visit. Additionally, the staff is praised for being great, friendly, and accommodating. The mention of Esme as a go-to stylist further emphasizes the positive customer experience at Diego's Hair Salon.
Another strength of the salon is the ability to cater to both men and women. While one commenter initially hesitated due to seeing mostly men getting their haircuts, they were pleased to find out that women's haircuts are also offered. This shows that the salon is inclusive and diverse, appealing to a wider range of customers.
On the other hand, Diego's Hair Salon also has some weaknesses that are highlighted in the comments. One commenter compares the salon to a hair Cuttery, suggesting that it may not stand out as a high-end or unique salon. This implies that the salon may lack a distinct identity or specialty compared to other salons in the area.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of attention to detail and service consistency. One commenter shares their experience of requesting a shave during their reservation but having to remind the staff about it. This suggests a lack of organization and attention to customer requests. Additionally, the use of just an electric razor for a beard trim without any towels or aftershave may be seen as a subpar experience compared to other salons that provide a more thorough service.
The presence of an individual sitting in the first chair without any involvement in the haircuts taking place further detracts from the overall experience and creates a sense of awkwardness. This could imply a lack of professionalism or a less organized environment.
Despite these weaknesses, there are several positive aspects of Diego's Hair Salon that should not be overlooked. It is praised as a great local barber shop with a skilled team of stylists. The availability of services such as hair wash and eyebrow/ear detailing adds value to the salon experience.
Additionally, the salon is commended for providing a great cut that follows customer requests. This suggests that the stylists are attentive and capable of understanding and executing specific styles. The reasonable price for a quality haircut in the Dupont area is also seen as a strength, which can attract customers looking for value for their money.
In conclusion, Diego's Hair Salon has strengths in its welcoming atmosphere, skilled and friendly staff, and inclusive services. However, weaknesses in service consistency, attention to detail, and overall professionalism are also evident. By addressing these weaknesses and further capitalizing on its strengths, Diego's Hair Salon can aim to provide an even better experience for its customers.

Best AGS Reviews

This is the first place I ever got my hair cut when I moved to DC two years ago, and I haven’t gone anywhere else since. There’s a chill atmosphere, pictures of Diego the patriarch cover all walls with countless celebrities, and the staff are great (Esme is my go-to). RIP Diego, you are missed.
I was a little hesitant to go as I saw mostly men having their haircut but I was told they also do women's haircut. I had medium length and wanted a short haircut without too much hassle. Esmi was able to give me exactly what I needed. She was good at it and also very friendly. I will go back to see her for a trim.
It wasn't terrible, but wasn't amazing. It's a bit like a hair Cuttery but in Dupont circle. There's one guy acting like a control tower, but not doing a great job as I had to remind them I was there for a shave as I requested on my reservation which didn't seem to matter... My beard trim didn't involve any towels or after shave, just an electric razor.
Then there was the guy sitting in the first chair the entire time I was there. No barber working at that chair, he sat there as others came and went... Guess he just wanted to watch me get my haircut.
It was weird.
Great local barber shop. I didn't have a reservation and I only waited 3min until a chair was available. The woman that cut my hair listened to my request and was able to provide a great cut that followed my request to the t.
A very bad Place to get hair cut . I will not recommend to any younger generation, especially someone who is really particular with their style , please don’t go to this place. You will get disappointed here.
I have to leave the place in the middle of the haircut.
I’ve been coming here for 7 years. Have yet to get a better haircut for the price in the District.
Awesome! I tried many different barber shops after moving to DC and have had some terrible experiences. My luck changed today when I stopped by Diego's. It was a crowded Saturday, yet I only waited 5 minutes. They made sure they clearly understood the style I want before starting. They even gave me the choice of a haircut by scissors or electric cutter. Everyone, including the other customers, was really friendly. I especially liked the ambiance of the shop with the soft Latin music playing, the photos on the walls, and the multi-lingual conversations going on. And the price was very average and reasonable for DC. I'll definitely be returning to Diego's next time.
Most of the stylists there are really good. They will offer wash and eyebrow/ear detail. Cash only place. Probably the best service you can get for $30 in the Dupont area.

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  • Cash-only


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