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Curley’s Barber Shop

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1423 S Dixie Fwy, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Curley’s Barber Shop

1. Quality Haircuts: Many customers comment on the great haircuts they received at Curley's Barber Shop. The barbers are praised for their skill and ability to cut hair perfectly, resulting in satisfied customers.
2. Competitive Pricing: Customers appreciate the fair pricing at Curley's Barber Shop. The affordability of their services is a strength, attracting customers who may be looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.
3. Friendly and Courteous Staff: The barbers at Curley's Barber Shop are described as friendly, polite, and courteous. This positive customer service experience creates a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers, making them feel valued and appreciated.
4. Experienced Barbers: Several customers mention that they have been going to Curley's Barber Shop for several years. This indicates that the barbers have a wealth of experience in their profession, which adds to the quality of their haircuts and keeps customers coming back.
5. Efficient Service: Many customers mention that there is little to no wait time at Curley's Barber Shop. This efficient service is highly valued, as it saves customers time and allows them to get in and out quickly, especially for those with busy schedules.
6. Cleanliness: One customer specifically mentions the cleanliness of the barber shop. A clean and well-maintained environment is important for customers, as it reflects on the professionalism and attention to detail of the establishment.
7. Hometown Atmosphere: The relaxed and friendly hometown atmosphere of Curley's Barber Shop is praised by customers. This creates a sense of belonging and community, making customers feel comfortable and at ease during their visit.
1. Busy Barber: One customer mentions that Dawn, one of the barbers, is very busy and there may be a wait to get a haircut with her. This could be a potential weakness, as customers may dislike waiting for a long time or not being able to choose their preferred barber.
2. Limited Styling Options: While customers praise the quality of the haircuts, there is no mention of any advanced or trendy styling options available at Curley's Barber Shop. This could be seen as a weakness for customers who are looking for more contemporary or specialized hairstyles.
3. Lack of Diversity: It's worth noting that all customers' comments refer to the barbers as "he" or "him," suggesting that the barbers at Curley's Barber Shop are all male. This may not appeal to customers who prefer to have a stylist of a specific gender or are looking for a more diverse range of hairstylists.
4. Limited Testimonials: While there are positive testimonials from customers, there are only a few comments to work with. This limited feedback can make it challenging to fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of Curley's Barber Shop accurately.
In conclusion, Curley's Barber Shop has several strengths such as quality haircuts, competitive pricing, friendly staff, experienced barbers, efficient service, cleanliness, and a hometown atmosphere. However, potential weaknesses include the busyness of some barbers, limited styling options, a lack of diversity in the barber staff, and limited testimonials. Nonetheless, the overall strengths seem to outweigh the weaknesses, making Curley's Barber Shop an attractive option for customers in search of a great haircut at a reasonable price.

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