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Quick Facts About CLASSY NAILS & SPA

CLASSY NAILS & SPA is a nail salon that has received several positive comments from customers. These comments highlight the strengths of the salon, such as the excellent service provided by the nail artists, their attention to detail, and the overall customer experience.
One customer mentioned that they loved their first experience at the salon and specifically praised Ka Thy for her patience and the amazing job she did on their nails. This comment reflects the skill and professionalism of the nail artists at CLASSY NAILS & SPA. Another customer mentioned that they will only be coming to this salon from now on because of the polite and patient service they received. The customer felt valued and appreciated and gave a decent tip to show their gratitude. This indicates that the salon prioritizes customer satisfaction and creates a welcoming atmosphere.
Other comments mentioned the long-term relationship customers have maintained with the salon. One customer mentioned going to CLASSY NAILS & SPA for over 2 years and being taken care of by Kathy. The consistency and quality of service provided by Kathy and the entire staff at the salon are highlighted, indicating that the salon has built a loyal customer base.
The salon's attention to detail was praised by a customer who mentioned that their dip nails were done with great shape and a natural look. However, they also mentioned that the top layer of their nails started to recede and peel within a week, which can be seen as a weakness. This suggests that the longevity of the services provided at the salon may need improvement.
Another customer mentioned that their first visit to the salon was impressive because of the detailed service they received. The nail artist, Sarah, took her time to ensure everything was perfect and even provided a hand massage, which was a pleasant surprise. This indicates that the salon goes above and beyond to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience for their customers.
The salon's commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of their work are praised by a customer who stated that this is the best nail salon they have ever been to. The customer appreciates the care and attention each nail artist gives to their work, ensuring that customers leave satisfied. The salon's consistency in providing a good customer experience is acknowledged by a mother and daughter who have been searching for a nail salon that consistently provides good service. They have found that CLASSY NAILS & SPA exceeds their expectations and have become regular customers at the salon.
The longevity and durability of the salon's gel manicures are mentioned by a customer who states that their manicures can easily last 3 to 4 weeks. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques to ensure long-lasting results.
Overall, CLASSY NAILS & SPA receives high praise for their skilled nail artists, attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and the overall experience provided. However, the mention of the top layer of the nails receding and peeling within a week indicates a potential weakness that needs improvement. Nevertheless, the positive comments outweigh the negative, showcasing the strengths of the salon and its potential for continued success.

Best AGS Reviews

I love this place, I got my nails done here for the first time by Ka Thy and she was great. I loved her so much and she was very patient with me and did an amazing job. I am definitely coming back and booking with her specifically???????????? 10/10
Initially, I loved my dip nails. She did a great job with shape and making them look REALLY natural. Downside, within a week the top layer started to recede and peel. Within 9 days of new nails the whole top layer just pulled away.
They did an excellent job! Will only be coming here from now on. The woman who did my nails was very polite. She took her time and did not rush anything. She was patient and asked how everything looked. I gave her a decent tip. She made me feel important and I appreciate that ????
I've been going here for over 2 years. Kathy has always taken such great care of me! Everyone that works at this shop is amazing, give them a try!
I am wildly impressed! This is my first time in and I will absolutely be back. I went in because it was the top rated in the area and now I know why. I went in for a dip refill and it was the most detail anyone has ever given my nails before. Sarah took her time and really made sure everything was perfect! She even gave me a hand massage which NO ONE seems to do anymore! I love my nails and the service I received ❤️
Best nail salon I’ve ever been to!
This salon truly cares about their customers. Every time I get my nails done, it’s always a great experience. Each nail artist truly cares about the quality of work they put out and they always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction with services.
Been coming here exclusively for over 8 months now.
My mom & I have been to numerous nail salons in search of a consistent good customer experience and Classy Nail & Spa takes the cake.
Many thanks to Sara, Cindy & Kathy for taking care of my mom & my nails with such care!
We truly appreciate you all! ♥️
(& big shout out to Sara for the newest set — black & teal pictured. Dec 2022)
(& newest red pop art by Kathy! Jan 2023) ????
Me and my daughters have been going to Classy Nails for about 2 years now. We keep going back every month. Kathy is amazing. She always does a great job. Not everyone can do ombre like her. She always makes sure I'm happy with my nails. Thank you Kathy for your hard work.
Very happy both times I have gone. Kathy has amazing skill at perfecting what you want. The gel manicures can easily last 3 to 4 weeks. Has a variety of pedicure options to choose from. I will continue to go back. Very happy.

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