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Cannery Corner

North Las Vegas, NV 89030 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Cannery Corner

Cannery Corner is a shopping center that has several strengths and weaknesses. Let's discuss them in detail.
1. Variety of businesses: Cannery Corner boasts a wide variety of restaurants and other businesses. This allows visitors to have multiple options to choose from when it comes to dining or shopping.
2. Large anchor stores: The presence of big stores like Sam's Club and Lowe's in the shopping center attracts a significant number of customers. These anchor stores provide a range of products and services, making Cannery Corner a one-stop destination for shopping needs.
3. Accessible location: The shopping center's location near the I-15 at Craig Rd provides easy access to and from the freeway. This convenience makes it convenient for customers to reach Cannery Corner without any hassle.
4. Clean and friendly environment: Many visitors appreciate the cleanliness and friendliness of the Cannery Corner. This positive atmosphere adds to the overall shopping experience and encourages customers to return.
5. Entertainment options: The proximity of a metroplex theater across the street offers entertainment opportunities for shoppers. This allows them to catch a movie before or after their shopping trip, enhancing the overall experience.
1. Customer dissatisfaction with Sam's Club: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with Sam's Club, stating that they often notice problems and have to bring them to the attention of the manager. While it is positive that the manager seems responsive, the recurring issues may point to a potential weakness in the store's operations and customer service.
2. Potentially dangerous intersection: A customer warned others to be cautious while turning right onto Craig Road from Cannery Corner, indicating safety concerns in the area. This can be a significant drawback for visitors who prioritize safety, potentially discouraging them from frequenting the shopping center.
3. Limited experience of the commenter: One commenter mentioned not shopping at the center frequently due to their personal preference for other stores. This suggests a limitation in terms of attracting a diverse range of customers who may have different preferences.
4. Lack of feedback on local restaurants: While a commenter expressed interest in trying out the local restaurants in the shopping center, they did not provide any feedback or reviews, making it difficult to evaluate the quality of the dining options available.
In conclusion, Cannery Corner has several strengths, including a variety of businesses, large anchor stores, accessible location, a clean and friendly environment, and entertainment options. However, it also faces weaknesses such as customer dissatisfaction, safety concerns, limited customer preferences, and a lack of information regarding local restaurants. These factors should be taken into consideration when assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses of the shopping center.

Best AGS Reviews

It's a great little shopping center. There are a wide variety of restaurants and other businesses. Sam's Club, Lowe's, and a metroplex theater across the street. Easy access to and from the I-15 at Craig Rd.
I am a club member and I feel like I work for Sam's club without pay every time I go in I notice something but I made sure manager was aware and corrected the problems but it's to help all of us for the greater good to be the best that sams club can be because it saved all of us time and money
I really enjoy going to the Cannery. It always clean and friendly people. Or if you like to be to yourself, it's a cool place to have a drink or a smoke. I give this place a 5 star. Haven't stayed in a room yet but I bet it's worth it
Great shopping center! Lots of places to eat, Lowes and Sam's Club.
This is a nice neighborhood shopping center. You can get all the essentials, from Lowes, to Crumbl Cookie, to one of my favorite pizza places Pieology.
On this corner you have too have all your Spidey sense's on.
Because this area is so dangerous especially turing right onto Craig.
????Please be careful ????ʘ⁠‿⁠ʘ
Don't shop here much because I'm not. Lows fan. There are some local restaurants I'm going to try and will let you know.
Went for Mediterranean food. Great price a lot of food. Awesome staff

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