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Bora Bora Nails & Spa

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1315 State route 63, Hamilton Lebanon Rd E, Monroe, OH 45050 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Bora Bora Nails & Spa

Bora Bora Nails & Spa has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the place, we will examine the comments provided.
Firstly, several customers expressed concerns about the quality and durability of their nail services. One customer mentioned having to go back three times in a week to have their SNS nails repaired due to cracking. This suggests that there may be issues with the application process or the longevity of the product used. Another customer stated that their nails broke within a week and felt weakened after having acrylic nails removed. This indicates potential issues with the strength and overall health of the nails after receiving services at Bora Bora Nails & Spa.
On the positive side, there were customers who were extremely satisfied with the appearance and quality of their nails. One customer with a history of dissatisfaction with previous nail services mentioned that they finally loved their nails after getting acrylics at Bora Bora Nails & Spa. They specifically praised the thin and natural-looking results as well as the excellent polish job. Another customer who had SNS nails done mentioned that they were pleased with the service and that the technician went above and beyond to ensure their nails were strong due to their work requirements.
The level of customer service at Bora Bora Nails & Spa seems to be a point of contention. Two customers reported negative experiences with the nail technicians and owner. One customer mentioned feeling unwelcome when they returned for repairs, while another stated that the nail tech seemed visibly upset when redoing their nails. Additionally, a customer complained about the lack of attention and long wait times during their visit.
Conversely, there were also positive comments about the service and attention to detail from the nail technicians. One customer mentioned being greeted immediately and receiving prompt service for themselves and their granddaughter. Another customer praised their nail technician for being friendly, funny, and paying attention to detail.
The overall appearance and cleanliness of Bora Bora Nails & Spa received positive feedback. One customer mentioned that the shop was beautiful, clean, and recommended the salon. Another customer appreciated the spaciousness and cleanliness of the nail salon.
In summary, Bora Bora Nails & Spa has strengths such as providing thin and natural-looking acrylic nails, offering a wide selection of colors, having a beautiful and clean salon, and receiving positive comments about some of the nail technicians. However, there are weaknesses related to durability and quality issues, concerns about the level of customer service, and negative experiences with specific nail technicians. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Best AGS Reviews

I came in for a full set of SNS. I had to come back three times (in a week) to have the nails repaired because they kept cracking. The first time I came in for a repair the tech did not seem happy to see me back. The second time I came in the owner fixed two but told me to come back after the holiday so that particular tech could redo all of my nails because she agreed they looked terrible. The third time I came in the owner was not there but the nail tech that did them was and that’s who was supposed to redo ALL the nails.
I sat down at her station and she was visibly upset that she was doing my nails yet again. She started to redo the nails extremely rough. She was just drilling away, hard enough to feel it burn. Once she finished drilling two of the nails she said “just two?” I told her that they all needed to be redone and that’s what it said in the appointment book. She did another nail, so a total of three nails. She wouldn’t do the whole set over.
Again, the next day they are cracking.
I have been getting my nails done at another salon further from my home for 12 years and have never had an issue like this. I am not rough with my hands, but even so I would be okay if ONE or TWO fingers had an issue but it is all of them. This was a complete waste of $70. Don’t waste your time or money, find somewhere else.
My nails are perfect! I have been getting acrylics for a really long time, and for a really long time I have not liked how they looked. I have excoriation disorder and compulsively pick my cuticles. Acrylics are the only thing that keep me from picking, so I have to have them. I never liked how thick and unnatural the acrylics I’ve gotten looked but the alternative was worse. I LOVE MY NAILS! They are thin, natural looking, not globbed up underneath or around my cuticles, and the polish job was perfection! A++++++
I have came here several times in the past, but after my last visit, this will be the last. I had a gel pedicure and manicure…I also paid for my mother to get the same. Within a few days, both of our nails and toes already looked like they needed to be done again. I came in 6 days after to see if they could fix the polish. They were busy so I scheduled an appointment for 2 days later. I came in for my appointment an everyone was busy. None spoke to me for about 25 minutes. Someone finally came over and kept trying to tell me I needed to pay for another “set”. I said I just wanted them fixed because I spent $250 6?days ago I shouldn’t have to pay again. She then asked if I had an appointment. I said yes…it was at 1:00. She said oh ok…it’s going to be another 15 minutes. At this point I left and went across the street to have that salon fix everything for me
I've only gone to this place 3 times. I hope most of their customers are happy. Two my nails broke within a week, behind the powder stuff. And i felt the burn of the grinder. They did offer to correct the two. I felt like other nails were about to break too, and asked for it all to be taken off. Again, i got burnt. Worse. I wouldn't even be complaining except as i look at my nails 3 days later, they are weakened, won't hold regular polish at all; and just want to keep breaking down into the quick. Which hurts.
This industry will keep making money, as they should. But they should also slow down a little. You won't lose customers, and i enjoyed the first two times. And tipped accordingly.
Arrived today with my granddaughter as walk-ins for acrylic nail fill and polish. Greeted right away, and my granddaughter was started on right away! My wait wasn’t long, and we are both very happy with the results!!
Love my SNS nails , Kate did an amazing job , went above and beyond to make sure my nail set were good and strong since I'm really hard on them due to my work /business. Lots of colors to choose from.. The shop is also beautiful, clean, and I highly recommend them !! My nail color is a dark grey with some light glitter, I believe the color is was numbered "116".
I went on Saturday and one of my nails popped off that night. The shapes are all messed up too - they be looking crooked as heck. Would not recommend, go to any place but this one.
Amazing service and quality! The nail technician was friendly, funny, and paid so much attention to detail. He took his time to make sure my nails looked perfect! They had a huge selection of colors I'd never seen before for the powder SNS nails. The nail salon was spacious, decorated very nicely, and perfectly clean. I'd absolutely recommend coming here. And prices were very reasonable.

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