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Quick Facts About Beauty Secrets Inc

Beauty Secrets Inc, as described by the comments, has several strengths and weaknesses.
1. Wide range of products: Many customers praise Beauty Secrets Inc for carrying a wide range of products that cater to various beauty needs, including makeup, hair care, and wigs. The availability of different brands and options allows customers to find what they need all in one place.
2. Helpful and friendly staff: The majority of comments mention the helpful and friendly staff at Beauty Secrets Inc. This positive customer service experience makes customers feel valued and encourages them to continue shopping at the store. The staff's knowledge and willingness to assist customers with their queries contribute to the overall satisfaction with the store.
3. Reasonable prices and sales: Several comments highlight the reasonable prices and sales on wigs at Beauty Secrets Inc. This affordability attracts customers who are looking for budget-friendly options for their beauty needs. The sales on wigs also offer customers the opportunity to purchase these products at a reduced price.
4. Convenient location: Beauty Secrets Inc is praised for being a local beauty supply store close to home. This convenience makes it easier for customers to access the store and fulfill their beauty needs without traveling long distances.
5. Neat and organized store: One comment mentions that the store is neat, cleaned, and well-organized. A well-maintained store creates a pleasant shopping environment and allows customers to easily find the products they are looking for.
1. Questionable customer service attitude: One comment criticizes the attitude of the Chinese/Asian male owners, claiming that they act rudely and with a sense of entitlement. This negative customer service experience can discourage customers from returning to the store and impact their perception of the business.
2. Inconsistent return policy: One comment expresses frustration with the store's return policy. The customer claims that they were unable to return a product that didn't work for them, even though an employee had recommended it. Inconsistent or unwillingness to accept returns can make customers feel unsupported and dissatisfied with their experience.
3. Confusing policy regarding wig purchases: Another comment raises concerns about the process of trying on and buying wigs at the store. The customer finds it illogical to have to take off the wig to purchase it, especially during a pandemic. This confusion in the purchasing process can create inconvenience and frustration for customers.
4. Lack of product knowledge: One comment criticizes the store for recommending a product that did not work as expected. The customer suggests that the store should stand behind its products or refrain from selling them if the staff is not knowledgeable about their results. This lack of knowledge can undermine customer trust in the store's recommendations.
5. Basic selection: While one comment states that the store has a wide selection of products, another comment describes it as "pretty basic." This suggests that the store may not carry as diverse or unique products compared to other beauty supply stores in the area. This limitation may affect customer satisfaction, especially for those looking for more specialized or niche beauty products.
In conclusion, while Beauty Secrets Inc has several strengths such as a wide range of products, helpful staff, and reasonable prices, it faces weaknesses including questionable customer service attitude, inconsistent return policy, confusing purchasing process, lack of product knowledge, and a basic selection of products. Addressing these weaknesses could help improve the overall customer experience at Beauty Secrets Inc.

Best AGS Reviews

Been going here for over 9 years. Love this place. It always has anything you need, make up, beading hair, wigs, crochet hair, etc. I love it here. The people are always so nice and helpful. The sales on the wigs are top tier. I got two wigs for 60-80$. Love it here????????!!
Local Beauty Supply store. Very close to home. Have been coming here since they opened in WYCO. Has many products for hair care, beauty and much more. Lots of brands to choose from and onsite hair services, such as ( braiding, Loc's). My go to source with reasonable prices. Very nice, knowledgeable sales people. They have a board of shame where they post your pic if you are caught stealing, So stay clear thieves! ????
When companies who are not owned by aborigines open up their businesses in predominantly aborigine (black) neighborhoods they need to be appreciative of any customer who comes into their establishment. All too many times have I been to this establishment and the Chinese/Asian MALE owners acts as if they have an attitude. Simply rude, acting with a sense of entitlement as if asking questions about all those cheaply made products is a problem. I have a right to inquire about anything I put on or into my body. If this bothers you you are probably in the wrong business! Great prices but terrible customer service.
I am reaching out to the community on policy of wigs buying!@ the store
He have the police ????‍♂️ ???? there all the time!
We can try on the wig!
Then we have take it off to buy!
Doesn’t make sense
I tip $2
An don’t like ???? trying on something that got take it off, to buy
It’s pandemic ????
They rang it up ⬆️
We buy!
Show the receipt ???? to officer ????‍♀️
We walk out the door ???? Looking like we justs left spa ????‍♀️ or hair store ????
Why have officer ????‍♀️ there 8/5 if can’t walk out pairing for the wig.
Don’t make sense
Don’t make senses to not have it on as we buy!
Apple ????/ orange ????
Porsha/Porshalovey Latasha
This store meets all of your beauty needs. The store is very neat, cleaned and organized quite well! I am not sure I have been in a store that was more organized with the prices and products listed to the T!! The selections of hair and products are not like any other hair store that I have been in within the area. There are however many hair stores that I have been to but this is hands down one for an A Plus+! For sure check this place out if you're in the area as it's definitely a favorite to not leave disappointed!!
I asked for a recommendation for a particular hair situation. An employee lead me to a product. Got home and it didn't work at all.. Tried to return it and they wouldn't accept it. He patronized me by saying "it was only a suggestion". Stores should stand behind their products or don't sell it if you're not knowledgeable about it's results.. We need to stop letting these people rip us off
Always have my hair products in stock....Everyone is usually friendly, including the security guard!
It’s alright, pretty basic but they cool

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