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Aria Nails and Spa

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5457 Patrick Way, Birmingham, AL 35235 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Aria Nails and Spa

Aria Nails and Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the place, let's examine the different aspects mentioned in the comments.
Strengths: 1. Excellent Pedicure Service: A customer mentioned that they had the best pedicure ever at Aria Nails and Spa. This highlights the strength of their pedicure service and the skill of the technician, Quinn. Providing high-quality pedicures can attract and retain customers.
2. Welcoming and Informative Atmosphere: Another customer appreciated the warm greeting and the informative sign about price increases due to inflation. This suggests that the salon creates a welcoming atmosphere and ensures transparency with their customers.
3. Variety and Precision in Nail Shapes: The customer mentioned being offered a choice between square and square with a hint of round shaped nails. This indicates that the salon provides a diverse range of options for nail shapes, accommodating different preferences. Additionally, the customer appreciated the question, showing attention to detail and precision in their work.
4. Returning Customer and Positive Experience: A customer mentioned having a great experience on their second visit to the salon. This suggests that Aria Nails and Spa has the ability to create a positive impression and retain customers.
5. Nail and Foot Health: A customer mentioned that the salon has been helping them improve the health of their toenails. This indicates that Aria Nails and Spa offers services that focus on not just aesthetic beauty but also the health and well-being of their customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent Quality of Service: One customer mentioned receiving a poor service experience with an older technician. The customer was dissatisfied with the gel pedicure and had to request a do-over. Inconsistency in service quality can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potentially deter them from returning.
2. Lack of Verbal Interaction: A customer mentioned that their nail technician did not engage in conversation and seemed quiet throughout the service. This suggests a lack of communication and interaction between the technician and the customer. Building rapport and ensuring positive customer experience requires active communication.
3. Rushed Service and Poor Nail Results: Four customers visited the salon for acrylic nails and felt that the technicians were rushing through the service. The customers mentioned issues such as unsanitized tools, acrylic applied over cuticles, unfinished coating, and uneven nails. The customers also expressed disappointment with the overall result of their nails. This indicates that the salon may struggle with managing time efficiently and ensuring high-quality results.
4. Hygiene and Cleanliness: One customer mentioned the presence of a water cockroach crawling up the wall behind the technicians. This raises concerns about the cleanliness and hygiene practices of the salon. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for any nail salon.
5. Perception of Taking Advantage: The customer felt that the technicians took advantage of their group because they appeared young and naive. This suggests a lack of professionalism and integrity on the part of the staff. Treating all customers with fairness and respect is essential in building trust and loyalty.
In conclusion, Aria Nails and Spa has several strengths, including excellent pedicure service, a welcoming atmosphere, a variety of nail shapes, and positive customer experiences. However, there are also weaknesses such as inconsistent service quality, lack of verbal interaction, rushed service leading to poor nail results, hygiene concerns, and a perceived lack of professionalism. Addressing these weaknesses and focusing on enhancing the overall customer experience can help Aria Nails and Spa improve their reputation and attract and retain more customers.

Best AGS Reviews

The absolute best pedicure I have ever had!!! I will definitely drive the hour from my house each month to see Quinn! Highly highly recommend her! Super sweet with magic hands????
Amy did my nails. I came in a little after 4:30pm on a Sunday. They close at 5:30pm. There was a little wait but that's expected. Greeted me when I walked in. Amy took her time! I also loved they have a sign right where you sit down to inform about price increases due to inflation so you know what price you'll be paying beforehand. Got a fill in with acrylic and a Cut down, my total was $55. They also gave me a gift for the holidays! First time here, I will be returning. I got square shaped this is the first place to ask me if I wanted square square shaped nails, or square with a hint of round! Loved that question, many places I go to for square shape name never make it into a true
I got a pedicure and full set!! Annie was wonderful along with the lady that did my nails !! This is my 2nd time here and I will surely be back!
Previously had a technician named Irene. She was the absolute best. I think she returned to school. Went in and was placed with a much older technician. I had a gel pedicure, white color. They were beyond horrible. I requested they be re-done. I’ve gotten plenty of pedicures over the years. This is the first time I’ve ever requested a do over. They were just that bad. She should only be washing towels and sweeping the floor. Definitely not doing pedicures and manicures. SMH.
My daughter and I had a girls day and had a great experience at this salon. We will be back
Very relaxing. My toenails show the abuse of over polishing. They have been helping me get healthy toenails again. Very good service.
The work was good just the verbal service will not interact with the customer, I spent over 100.00 and couldn't get the guy who service my daughter and myself a conversation just quiet. then when i did tip him which I felt I shouldn't I did anyways because a service was provided he didn't even say thank you...as a consumer this teaches me not to go back some people will read this and get the same service and still will go back because they don't value their money or themselves either dignity or respect I do.
Three other girls and I went to Aria Nails around 5:30 for acrylics. We called ahead of time to make sure that they had enough time to do four full sets. We walked in and there was a little wait, but that was expected. When we finally got to sit and be worked on, the nail techs were rushing. You can tell they were rushing based on how our finished nails look. My nail tech didn’t get new or sanitized towels or tools to use on me after her last client. Didn’t push back or cut cuticles, she simply put the acrylic over my cuticles. I went in with an idea of round light blue nails, and left with nails shorter than my natural nails when I walked in with just a sheer coating on top. There are also two random specs of glitter that I don’t know where they came from. I was so unhappy with how they looked that I didn’t want to waste my time with the blue. My nails are rigid, uneven, thick, and not the same length. Not only mine, but my whole party’s nails turned out the same way. I believe they took advantage because we looked young and naive. Not only was their work not up to standards, but there was also a large water cockroach crawling up the wall behind the techs. Right after we walked out, they immediately followed and drove away quickly. Certainly not worth the $45. I had previously gotten a pedicure at this place a little while ago and was pleased, but definitely won’t be returning after this. The picture is only of mine, but mine weren’t the worst ones of the group.

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