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American Deluxe Barber Shop

+1 760-757-7740
3861 Mission Ave b7, Oceanside, CA 92058 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About American Deluxe Barber Shop

American Deluxe Barber Shop, like any other business, has its strengths and weaknesses. Based on the comments provided, we can assess some of the key aspects of the barber shop.
Starting with the strengths, it is evident that there are skilled barbers who provide excellent haircuts. Reviewers have specifically mentioned Punit and other barbers who have done a great job cutting their hair. This suggests that American Deluxe Barber Shop has talented staff members who can fulfill customers' requests and provide satisfying results.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the quality of service. Customers have mentioned the genuine and friendly nature of the barbers, which contributes to a positive atmosphere. The fact that the barbers are accommodating and willing to fix any issues further demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction.
In addition to the quality of service, the affordability of the haircuts is also a strength. Reviewers have pointed out that they received great haircuts at a reasonable price. This indicates that American Deluxe Barber Shop offers value for money, which is an important factor for customers seeking affordability without compromising on quality.
Moving on to the weaknesses, the most significant issue highlighted in the comments is the inconsistency in the quality of cuts. Reviewers have specifically mentioned one barber, Mona, who consistently fails to meet their expectations. This suggests a lack of consistency in training or supervision, as it is difficult to understand how a professional barber could consistently perform poorly. This inconsistency can be seen as a weakness and may lead to customers feeling dissatisfied or hesitant to return.
Another weakness that has been mentioned is the shop's opening times. Several reviewers have complained about the shop not opening at the advertised time, which can be frustrating for customers who have made the effort to arrive on time. This lack of punctuality may negatively impact the shop's reputation and result in customers seeking other options in the area.
Additionally, there have been complaints about inexperienced barbers charging higher prices. This indicates a lack of transparency and communication from the shop's side. Customers expect to be informed about the skills and experience level of the barber cutting their hair, especially if it may affect the overall outcome. Charging a higher price for an inexperienced barber can leave customers feeling unsatisfied and questioning the value they received.
Lastly, a comment was made about unprofessional behavior by some staff members. Reviewers mentioned hearing negative comments being made about customers after they had left the shop. This kind of behavior reflects poorly on the establishment and creates a negative atmosphere. Such incidents may contribute to a loss of trust in the barbershop and discourage potential customers from visiting.
In conclusion, American Deluxe Barber Shop has strengths in terms of skilled barbers, quality service, and affordability. However, the weaknesses lie in the inconsistency of cuts, punctuality issues, lack of transparency about inexperienced barbers, and unprofessional behavior by some staff members. These weaknesses should be addressed to enhance the overall reputation and customer satisfaction of the barber shop.

Best AGS Reviews

I asked for a medium skin fade. The only thing barber Mona did right was the skin. Nothing faded at all and there’s nothing medium about it. She cut as far up as she possibly could. Every other barber has given me great service and has cut my hair perfect every time. But whenever I get stuck with Mona it’s always the same situation. I don’t understand how someone who cuts hair for a living could be so consistently bad at it. And this is not an isolated incident I’ve had multiple friends also get haircuts from her and leave extremely unhappy and most of the time you could just have another barber fix it up but it’s so messed up you just have to wait for your hair to grow back. Absolutely unacceptable. I will still go in for the other barbers. But trust me stay away as far as you can from Mona.
I showed up about 15 minutes prior to this barber's posted opening times. There was another gentleman waiting there, as well. I left around 9:15am because the establishment wasn't open or even remotely stirring. This was one of the repeated complaints in the review section, so, I guess I shouldn't have been overly surprised. Really aggravating and disappointing experience.
Side Note: this business has a 4.3 rating supposedly. A little suspect IMO. Regardless, this is not a 4.3 establishment. You don't really know if it's even going to open during it's advertised times. There are too many other barbers in the area to choose from. Ditch this unprofessional shop.
Go see Punit! I tend to throw barbers off with my eccentric requests, but he took it in stride and I ended up with a cut that made me feel sooo cuuute! I got compliments on the fade in the back, too. Great job.
Walked in just expecting a "ok" haircut and walked out happy paying 20$ for mine. These people know how to cut hair and they do a better job than most barber shops in Vegas.
Had gotten a prior haircut from a different barber. Haircut was pretty bad came to American Deluxe and they were super nice and fixed my hair perfectly. Love the atmosphere and how genuine the barbers are. Highly recommend to anyone.
This barbershop has quality barbers. Unfortunately today my son got a haircut with a young lady that apparently was new. She started the haircut and kept asking his partner next to her for advice.He even took over for her for a bit. She didn’t cut the hair how she was told, she took at least an hour to finish the haircut and on top of that she charged a ridiculous amount of $25.
I totally understand the fact she was new, but pleaseeee let the customer know that the person cutting your hair is new, and if military haircuts is all you do let the customer know that too. Waist of time and money.
I will not go back and will not recommend anyone to go there.
This place sucks! Very unprofessional talking bad about us right after we left and could hear the loud Asian lady! The big buff, tattooed guy talking smack as well! Do not recommend this place at all! And never again coming here in my life! I’m very disappointed in this place! First and last time here! Don’t go here, guys! Not even if it’s the only place open!
Great place and great service. No wait when I came in went straight to the Barber chair. The before and after of me is just GREAT. Will be coming back here for sure. Got a haircut and a hot towel shave for under $50. Will be getting all my haircuts and shaves from here NOW. The guy that cut my hair was great. He did an awesome job.

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