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Aicha Hair Braiding

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5123 Old National Hwy, College Park, GA 30349 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Aicha Hair Braiding

Aicha Hair Braiding place has received mostly positive comments, indicating several strengths of the business. One of the major strengths is that the braiders do a great job and provide quality service. Customers have mentioned that they were pleased with the braids and hairstyles they received, and in some cases, they mentioned that they would return to the salon. The fact that customers are satisfied with the results of their hair styling is a testament to the skill and expertise of the braiders at Aicha Hair Braiding place.
Affordable prices are another strength mentioned by customers. The affordability of the services offered by the salon is appreciated by customers who are looking for high-quality hair braiding at a reasonable cost. This could be a significant factor in attracting and retaining customers, especially in a competitive market.
The convenience of walk-ins and the efficiency of the braiders are also strengths of Aicha Hair Braiding place. Several customers mentioned that no appointments were necessary, and they were able to get their hair done quickly. This convenience allows customers to fit their hair braiding appointments into their busy schedules without having to plan too far in advance.
Another strength of the business is the variety of braiding styles offered. Customers mentioned different types of braids such as Knotless braids, Senegalese twists, tree braids, and goddess braids, indicating that Aicha Hair Braiding place caters to a diverse range of customer preferences.
Despite the positive comments, there are also some areas of improvement that can be considered weaknesses for Aicha Hair Braiding place. One customer mentioned that the price quoted over the phone differed from the actual price in-store, causing a sense of disappointment. Clear communication regarding pricing is essential to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure customer satisfaction.
Inconsistency in the quality of service is another weakness mentioned in the comments. While some customers praised the braiders for their professionalism and skill, there were also complaints about specific braiders. In particular, a customer strongly advised against having Edna braid their hair, citing her slow braiding, poor customer service, and disruptive behavior. Inconsistency in the competence and behavior of braiders can negatively impact the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.
There is also a mention of limited options in the hair provided for tree braids. This suggests that Aicha Hair Braiding place may have room for improvement in expanding the range of hair options available for different types of braids.
In conclusion, Aicha Hair Braiding place has several strengths, including skilled braiders, affordable prices, convenience, and a variety of braiding styles. However, there are areas of improvement related to consistent pricing, clear communication, braider selection, and hair options. Addressing these weaknesses can help enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction at Aicha Hair Braiding place.

Best AGS Reviews

Only have been here twice. Once two years ago. Both times the braiders that styled my hair did a great job. Will probably be back. They have really affordable prices.
I tried this salon for the 1st time for Knotless braidsGG c. They Were fast and painless. Love them and will definitely go again. No appt. necessary....walk ins are welcome. I went in on a Thurs. Morning at 8am and was out just before noon. They supply the braiding hair or you can bring your own.
I was told over the phone that senegalese twists cost 160. When I got to the shop the price 180. So, I went with a different style. My hair was braided quickly and looked nice. However, it started to unravel a day later. I called and was told to come back to the shop. It was corrected I just want them to honor the price quoted over the phone.
While they're better at regular braids I wouldn't recommend tree braids the hair that they provide is limited to either pony or wet and wavy and my braids are showing through the hair in the back and they're bigger than I expected
They braid very well, but make sure you communicate clearly or show a picture of what you want so there is no confusion.
I enjoyed my braided, she was friendly & professional
Mrs. H was so professional and im very pleased with my goddess braids. One of my coworkers referred her to me. They have about 20 braiders all very fast and efficient. All styles includes the hair. Love this place!
Only giving 3 stars because I love my hair per usual BUT DO NOT LET EDNA BRAID YOUR HAIR. She is loud, slow with braiding, and her customer service is absolutely horrendous. I’ve been coming here for 14 years and never have I had a braider act the way she did. She stopped every few seconds, literally having the biggest argument of life in front of customers, and the list goes on. I would highly recover you guys see Aicha, Fatimah, the sisters……anybody but Edna!

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