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1st Class Nails & Spa

+1 330-899-9910
3939 Massillon Rd, Uniontown, OH 44685 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About 1st Class Nails & Spa

1. Excellent service: The comments consistently mention the amazing job done by the nail technicians. Customers praise their skills and attention to detail, highlighting specific services such as gel French manicures, sugar scrub pedicures, and special designs. The quality of work and the flawless results contribute to the strength of 1st Class Nails & Spa.
2. Friendly and personable staff: Multiple comments mention the friendly and welcoming nature of the nail technicians and the owner, Angie. Customers appreciate how the staff remembers them and engages in personal conversation, making them feel valued and important. This creates a positive and comfortable environment for customers.
3. Long-standing customer loyalty: One comment mentions being a customer for 10 years, while others indicate multiple years of patronage. This loyalty demonstrates the consistent satisfaction and positive experiences customers have had at 1st Class Nails & Spa. Building long-term relationships with customers is a strength for the business, as it establishes trust and reliability.
4. Diverse nail services and expertise: Customers appreciate the variety of nail services offered by 1st Class Nails & Spa. From gel manicures to dip manis and special designs, the salon provides options to cater to different preferences and styles. The technicians' expertise and ability to deliver these services to a high standard contribute to the salon's strengths.
5. Relaxing atmosphere: Customers mention the relaxing ambiance of 1st Class Nails & Spa. The comfortable massage chairs with armrests, along with engaging conversations with the technicians, make the experience enjoyable and stress-free. This creates a positive association with the salon and encourages customers to return.
1. Location: One comment mentions driving 25 minutes from home to reach the salon. While this indicates that customers are willing to make the journey, it may be a drawback for potential customers who prefer convenience and proximity. Expanding the reach of the salon and considering a more centralized location could be beneficial.
2. Limited availability: Although one comment mentions that the salon is open late, the availability of appointments could still be a weakness for 1st Class Nails & Spa. If the demand surpasses the capacity to accommodate customers at convenient times, it may lead to dissatisfaction or the need to seek alternatives. Addressing this issue through increased staffing or extended hours could improve customer satisfaction.
3. Price point: None of the comments specifically mention the prices of services at 1st Class Nails & Spa. This lack of information suggests that the salon's pricing may not be a strong selling point. It is important for the salon to ensure that its prices are competitive within the market while still reflecting the quality of service provided.
4. Lack of mention regarding cleanliness and hygiene: While the comments highlight the skills and friendliness of the staff, there is no direct mention of the salon's cleanliness or adherence to hygiene practices. Given the current climate of the pandemic, it is crucial for nail salons to prioritize and emphasize their commitment to maintaining a clean and safe environment. Ensuring that customers are aware of the salon's cleanliness protocols would be beneficial.
5. Limited online presence and customer reviews: The comments do not mention any online platforms or customer review websites where potential customers can find more information about 1st Class Nails & Spa. Establishing a strong online presence, including positive customer reviews and engagement with online communities, can help attract new customers and build credibility.

Best AGS Reviews

Candida & Shelby were great! Candida did an amazing job with my gel French Manicure and Shelby with my Sugar Scrub Pedicure! The massage chair, with arm rests, made the hour plus so relaxing, as well as talking with both technicians! As always Angie, Manager, and Nina made me laugh. I have been coming to first class nails for 10 years, and will continue to do so because the people, the message chairs, make the 1-2 hours enjoyable and relaxing!
All of the nail techs are so friendly as is the owner Angie. They always remember me and ask about my kids. I love the environment and my nails are always flawless. I started going here because my mom liked it and went to 1st class regularly. When my mom passed away tragically in November many of the girls that work here live streamed her funeral. This touched my heart more than words can express. They are great people and they do incredible work. Best service of any place I have ever been. Lexi does an amazing job with special designs. My pedicures are always incredible and my dip mani’s last forever! Love these girls and this place.
Mia did amazing. Showed an inspiration photo and she made it even better. Love them so much. I will be back for Fill and wedding!
Love 1st class nails and spa. Its very personable there. Ive been going there for many years now and i always leave satisfied. I love how they all know what they are doing there i can have any one of the girls do my nails there and my nails always make me feel beautiful!
Love this nail salon! I drive about 25 minutes from home to go here because they’re so good! They’re super friendly, do amazing work, amazing nail art and they’re open late so I can go after work! Just got my Easter nails done today. Loveeee them!!
Always in love with my nails! The girls make it so fun and I'm always impressed with my nails and toes. Mai is wonderful! Would definitelty recommend!
I’ve been a client for a multitude of years. I keep coming back for the attention to detail, the honest care and concern for all of their clients, as well as their continually striving to provide the best quality services and products, and cutting edge, high quality new products and techniques.
I absolutely love this place and the ladies who work here! I found them close to my workplace but even while working from home during the pandemic, I would come across town for their services. I am always treated with the utmost respect and service is top notch! I always receive compliments on my nails. Sometimes I am so relaxed while getting a Pedicure I even take a nap. I feel refreshed when I leave! Worth the drive and I highly recommend.

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1st Class Nails & Spa Info


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Saturday 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Sunday Closed

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