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17 Hair Studio

+1 773-274-6885
1612 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60660 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About 17 Hair Studio

Strengths: 1. Skilled and Talented Stylists: Multiple customers have praised the stylists at 17 Hair Studio for their exceptional skills and talent. They are described as knowing exactly what the customers want and being able to manage various hair types effectively.
2. Customer Service: Many reviewers have mentioned the friendly and nice staff at the salon. They provide excellent service and make the customers feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit.
3. Reasonable Prices: The salon is said to have very reasonable prices for their services. This is seen as a positive aspect, especially when combined with the quality of the haircuts provided.
4. No Frills Salon: The salon is described as no-frills, meaning it does not have unnecessary frills or fancy decorations. This can be seen as an advantage for customers who prefer a simple and straightforward salon experience.
5. Walk-ins Welcome: Customers appreciate the fact that the salon accepts walk-ins. This allows for flexibility and convenience for those who may not have made an appointment in advance.
6. Consistency: One reviewer mentions that they have been going to 17 Hair Studio for years, implying that the salon maintains a level of consistency in its services.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent Experience: While the majority of comments are positive, one reviewer had a negative experience, stating that their hairline was messed up and they felt gaslighted. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided.
2. Limited Feedback: The comments provided are limited in number, making it difficult to gauge the overall strengths and weaknesses of the salon accurately. A larger sample size would provide a more comprehensive understanding of customer experiences.
3. Lack of Variety: While the comments praise the stylists and their skills, there is no mention of any additional services offered at the salon apart from haircuts. This may limit the options available to customers who are looking for a more extensive range of services.
4. Limited Information on Stylists: The comments do not provide specific information about the individual stylists at the salon, such as their training, experience, or specialization. This may make it challenging for potential customers to choose a stylist that aligns with their specific needs and preferences.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, 17 Hair Studio appears to have strengths in terms of skilled stylists, good customer service, reasonable prices, and a no-frills approach. However, there are some weaknesses, including inconsistent experiences, limited feedback, a lack of variety in services, and limited information on the stylists. It is important to consider these factors when deciding whether to visit 17 Hair Studio.

Best AGS Reviews

Nina is the best hair master In Chicago! It was my first time today and i will definitely go back. Thank you so much and I am totally recommend her ????
All the stylist here are exceptional and quick. I have used many barbers including barbers in NYC. These guys are professional and great. They know what you want and are straight forward. For those who do not like stylist that are straight forward look else where but these guys are professional and exceptional. Why go to a hairstylist if you think you know better than them. Go cut your own hair if you know better.
The attention to every detail was impeccable yet in a relaxed, super professional way that was really enjoyable. Talent runs rampant here, I was impressed. I cannot recommend enough.
NINA is the best! She knew exactly how to manage my hair even after not seeing her in a few months! I love in the South Loop now, but I always come back for her! She is a gem. Thank you Nina!
No frills hair salon with very nice staff, decent haircuts, and very reasonable prices. Walk ins welcome.
I've been going to this place for years. I like to see Rita when I go. She does an amazing job and I always make sure to tip well.
I hated my experience here. Messed up my hairline then proceeded to gaslight me wont be returning. go to one of the many other barbers in the area.
I use this barbing saloon a lot and they always exceed my exoectations. I love ❤️ Studio 17.

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